Sunday, December 25, 2005


Bahija's first 'real christmas' ..... the parties started 2 weeks before - lots of makan :) Stuffed Turkey with cranberry sauce was so yummy. I had this > 12 yrs ago in States when I was celebrating my white christmas with Louise and Gary at Jefferson City. This year, Emily and Benji didn't come back from LA, I only have local family members with me. I cooked nasi lemak , curry chicken as my family christmas dinner. Everyone agree that for 2006 - I should prepare the turkey and gift exchange program - Bahija is so pleased that my family is with me - remembering Father.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

sweet day

This week is nice, after work hours fully booked. Bahija is kind of lepaking, slow down a lot, dun really have mood to work liow - hehehe. Previous years, this day, this time, this week - usually Bahija was on leave on vacation. This year entah what happened, I didn't think of taking leave wor. I'm done with christmas shopping, done with christmas dinners preparation. Now is waiting for the time to enjoy the flow & the events :)

Anyway, THANK YOU to all my sweeties who have sent me SMSes, emails, phonecalls from around the world. It's nice to receive Hello, wishes from those who remembered me despite your busy schedule :) - so kam tong ...serious !

Tonight, a group of my old friends ajak I dinner with them. I cherish and treasure my gathering - as always - it'll be in my memory book too ...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

customer service

Bahija just completed her christmas shopping, setup her christmas tree last weekend - now I started to have the festival mood liow. Last Monday was a public holiday for Selangor, Bahija rushed to post office in Ikano, unfortunately I forgot it's located in Selangor, so it was closed. But there is a vending machine outside the post office, thus I bought the pos laju envelope and stamps. Things were working great - I put my letters and all into the pos laju envelope, wrote the address, sealed ....then I was stucked obvious, my brain is single threaded, I processed 1 thing at 1 time.... until the last step - when i need to drop the pos laju letter ( which guarantee next day delivery) - then realized there is no yellow color pos laju drop box ...aiiii - incomplete transaction, they should have thought of this little yellow drop box :) ... i didn't find any comment box either - else I would have dropped in a little note - 'please provide the yellow drop box next to the vending machine'..

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

missing the point ......

The 2 weeks, the hit news topic is 'chinese woman mis-treated' ...we, as public, read the news, felt ashame of things like this happening. Kancil is in China now, pity him, this news just spread there this week, now started to broadcast. When Kancil introduced himself from this country, people at the back commented on this case liow. Malu or not ? Put yourself in this shoe now, can you imagine how you could introduce yourself from Msia ?

Our PM asked for private investigation and if need to, if we are wrong - go apologize, do something to remedy this issue. However, the police force officer insisted to find out who was the culprit who took the short movie and passed around..he is more interested, angry to find out this culprit, then to do his internal investigation to find out the truth , the tudung lady etc ..My pastor commented - he is missing the point. Gee, he is either missing the points here or he is trying to cover up the real truth, the shame - sometimes I feel like nak 'cekik' those folks who are high power, yet buat and talk nonsense...

A comment posted on 'The Star' which was related to this topic - said that 'we are now like Americans'. Hmm, Americans treated Iraqi badly, Iraqi is their enermy - so treat them bad still make sense.... but we pula doing this to our visitors, humiliated our visitors - so we are not like Americans, we are worst than Americans leh. Next, tudung lady - a law enforcer - suppose to be a religion worshiper - what was in her mind to have done such an act ? where is the basic human sense ?

Friday, November 25, 2005


:) last year - Bahija gila 'Phantom of the Opera' , especially December - went to watch the movie version many times. This few days - suddenly hor - I'm surrounded with musical information , hehe

November(this weekend), a lot of my friends are watching 'Snow Wolf Lake' musical from Hong Kong casts.

December - 'Perhaps Love' is a another Hong Kong/chinese musical movie version - this one local cinema ada - so Bahija cheap2 will go try see see look look ..

'RENT' musical - Karen Mok is playing lead role in this musical, kat Singapore - I 'boh lui' lah ..

Then, AR told me 'Producer' is out on Movie version too ...I hope this movie is shown here locally , checked Gsc upcoming future movie lists - tak ada 'Producer' yet ...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

woman and flowers

Today is my eldest sister's bday. Eldest bro-in-law aka her hubby is away on business trip to Switzeland ( yah, he called home and said this "life is not complete without visiting Switzeland" ) My sister mentioned many times that buying flowers, sending flower bonquets are a waste of money. Today, I gave her a surprise -sent her '16 delicious Ferrero Rocher Chocolates arranged into a Hand Bouquet together with peacocks & statice' ...she's thrilled....her colleagues envied her - thought that her hubby so sweet, so 'romantis' sent her flowers :) HaHaHa...she smiled happy mood whole day.

Moral of this story and proven result, we - female or venus somehow like flowers lah, even though some women may say that buying flowers seem like a waste of money bla bla bla , but you know - when a woman receive flowers - I'm sure her heart is flooded with sweet blood - the feeling is cool :)

Today I broke record la, bro-in-law never send her flowers leh , aiyah - I ter-jumped queue. Personally, I dun agree in over-doing this, yes, this pleasing gimmick is expensive (money can be well spent in other better way)- but sometimes - this is what I call 情趣 to have this once a while , to spice up the life mah

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Bahija punya Msian niece #1 scored 7As for her UPSR 2 yrs ago. Today, niece #2 also scored 7As. WOW , pandai hor ! I sudah 5 mths ++ didn't go to movie theatre :( this is not a good sign leh. This saturday, celebration for nieces - all of us are watching HP4 Chicken Little , hey, my fav movie kakies - where are you ???

Next year niece #3 will sit for UPSR - I think she'll be under tremendous pressure trying to keep up with the good record. Hope she is the easy going, do her best and doesn't stress herself too much type of kid lah

Saturday, November 12, 2005

my jp trip

Firstly, big thank you to Anti-Ringgit - for his 'Insight Guide to Tokyo' and a few brochures, and Sanguine - for websites and emails...

Day 1 - Oct 31, arrived Tokyo Narita airport at 7:30pm Monday night. Both of my phones not working in JP, luckily cellphone rental is not expensive - found ABC rental at airport having 50% promotion - 250 yen (RM9) per day, the costly part was the call charges - 200 yen per min for both local and international calls. Then, paid 3000 yen ( RM 110 ) to board airport limosine bus to tokyo Ikebukuro. It's 2 hours travel time. When the bus passed by Roppongi , I saw I-kei building :) Though it's 9pm at night, I still could see a lot of people working late in the offices, meeting rooms still packed with people, attending round table meetings. My airport bus stopped at Metropolitan Hotel. I paid 650 yen (RM 11 ) for 0.5 kilometer of cab ride to my motel ... mahalnya.... I did it bcoz it was dark at night, I didn't want to spend time dragging a luggage wandering on the street looking for the motel. Cab in Japan - no need to open or close the door - it opens automatically. I stayed in Ryokan Kimi in Ikebukuro- the cheapest I could find within Tokyo, 18,000 yen for 4 nights ( RM 610 ). Ryokan is traditional Japanese style motel - a super small room with tatami mat( - the place was clean, simple, strategic location, reasonable price. I like the tatami bamboo smell whenI entered the room - but I didn't find the staffs friendly at all. Oh, this place has curfew hours ....close and door lock from 1 am to 7 am ..aiii, Bahija couldn't visit Tsukiji Fish Market at 5 am - to see the tuna fish bidding and trading fun time.

Ryokan room, bought sushi and sappora beer from Family-Mart ( like 7-11 store ) . Hot green tea is free from ryokan

Day 2 - woke up early, thought of locating In-kei to dial in for meeting, In-kei is somewhere in Marunouchi, but I knew I cannot locate this office it was Deepavali holiday - people should be cuti back I happily rushed to join Grey Line Tokyo Day Tour. First visited Tokyo Tower, then Meiji Shrine ( Nov 3 was Culture Day - lucky loh, managed to see their traditional way of praying and some other unique offerings), Akasaka Guest House, passed by National DIET Building ( their House of Parliment ), then enjoyed a pleasant walk through East Garden of the Imperial Palace. On the way, passed by I-Kei again - funny, I-Kei logo on the building is black and silver background. The logo on the front entrance is white on red background - what happen to the brand logo blue and white ? Then had yummy 2000 yen lunch at Ginza. Ginza is the most expensive business district. Japanese businessmen usually bring their customers to Ginza for high end expensive food, then adjourn to entertainment area Ginza. After lunch, I enjoyed a nice 30 mins boat ride to Asakasa on Sumida River, here - could see the blend of old and new Tokyo. Reached Asakusa Kannon Temple - famous temple in Tokyo, crowded with people and stalls. There are 2 major religions in JP, Shintoism and Buddhism. Shintoism doesn't has a praying object - it believe that everything has a spirit, eg Mount Fuji is a holy mountain. Buddhism like what we have here, chinese culture, temple. Most japanese are not strong in religion, they are usually bi-religions - celebrate whatever , then on Dec 25 - all japanese turn into Christians, as they celebrate Christmas in a big deal ( this was the joke told by my petite tour guide). After Asakusa, passed by Nakamise, Harajuku, Kappa Bashi, Akihabara. Bahija end the tour at Ueno - went to Ueno night market.

Day 3 - Boarded bus to Mt Fuji - 3 hours from Tokyo. We can only go to Station 5 of Mount Fuji - 2400 meters. The trekking trail starts from here. Nice panaromic view driving up there.

Mt Fuji

Next, drove to a nearby city - Hakone - this is a famous hot springs resort area. Again, passed by I-Kei - impressed leh, I-Kei has an office in this small resort area. Took Hakone Sky Gondola to enjoy the view of volcanic Hakone Mountain ..niceeeee. Then, we went to Owakudani Valley ( the valley of Hell) - here we saw steam escaping from the rugged mountains of Owakudani, sulphur smell as well. This is the place where we tried Onsen Tamago (an egg boiled in hot spring water). Next, took pirate boat cruise on Lake Ashi. Relaxing :) I took the Shinkansen (bullet train) return to Tokyo (30 mins). It's amazing watching the high speed bullet train passing by - zzzzooommmmm. yet, when I sat in the shinkansen, it was so comfortable and stable , felt like the speed of 100/km only leh ...padahal it was running at 400/km ...Arrived Tokyo, I went to Shibuya. Shibuya has a lot of shopping places. Sanguine suggested Shibuya 109 mall, I went in - hmm, felt so bad, felt so ulu, so kampung girl. Those japanese girls who shopped in this mall - their dressing and hairdo were so 'IN' , I obviuosly couldn't fit in :)

Day 4 - It's a holiday in JP - Culture Day - a lot of folks praying in Meiji Shrine. I saw quite a number of women wearing kimono. I like their kimono culture - make the woman in kimono very lemah-lembut, neat. Bahija didn't want to spend RM 500 on train ticket to Kyoto - thus decided to just lepak in Tokyo, so walked around Shinjuku and did some shopping. So, I went to Kinokuniya, Takashimaya, Isetan, Seibu, Tobu .... hmmm, things are way too expensive for me. Only saw one small 100 yen shop - bought some food to bring home. Everywhere was jam-packed with people - crowded. I didn't enjoy those heavy crowd - made me pening - loss appetite ( old liow ) completed my tokyo trip by 5 pm and went back to Ryokan to rest, and packed for home sweet home. I was so eager to go home liow

Tokyo is too crowded, just another big cosmopolitan. Subway is full of all walks of people at any time ... during peak hours - sandwich trains - people running around, some quite rude. Genereally they bow heads a lot, some quite polite too...Japan population is 120 million, 10% 12 million in Tokyo. 6000 homeless folks ( this I dun understand, 6000 is a small number, yet the authority didn't take care of this social issue - we can see the homeless sleeping on the garden opposite Imperial Palace). Average commute time to work is 1 hour subway/train one way. Property is way too high, a couple usually get married at 28 - 30, then at age 35 - buy a property outside Tokyo. Office worker average income is USD 45 - 50K annually, 20% income tax. Fried rice KL standard is 500 yen there ....Toyota is always no 1, whereas no 2 or 3 cars are either Nissan or Honda. Favourite car is Toyota Corolla - USD 15k. But their challenge is parking space. To own a car, must have car park first. Suicide cases is increasing, 34k cases last year, 2 yrs ago was 30k - victims were young executives - they couldn't handle the situation after being fired or lost a job - 'face' issue - felt shamed....aiiii - given up valuable life just because kena buang kerja ( stressnya this society )... japanese also spend a lot of in wedding ( USD 20 - 30 K ) , they prefer ang pow USD 300 for one, USD 500 for 2 person. I definitely don't want to attend any japanese wedding - pok kai. Japanese diet is very healthy - breakfast sushi rolls, lunch sushi or noodles, dinner same , drink a lot of green tea. Life expectancy is longer now - men is 78 yrs old, women is 85 yrs old - there is a proposal to extend the retirement age. This society also facing a big issue - higher silver-hair population which needs more maintenance funds... Overall, it's a fruitful trip to see, to learn about a new country, frankly, I wouldn't want to stay in Tokyo. The positive side of this trip is that - Bahija enjoys her traffic jam back home now - at least traffic jam also - I can sit in the car listen to music, read newspaper without sandwich with others - better, cozier....Do you know what is the nickname of Japan Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi ????

Japan Richard Gere .....

Changgih toilet service from 'TOTO' - the manufacturer of this toilet seat. I say Innovative. During winter / autumn time, when you sit on the seat - it's warm ... felt so good warming your buttock. Then urine also malu suara loud, there is a music button, while urine, push that music button for music ( so that others cannot hear the urine sound), after complete the business, choose the cleaning method- water flush out to wash, then to air massage kind of feeling -hehe. Aiyuh, I can tell you, my first trial, I spent > 5 mins inside the loo , hehe. I wish we can deploy this kind of toilet seats in MY - then our toilets won't be so dirty. Hmm, may be I should go talk to TOTO for distribution rights ...

Friday, November 11, 2005

come - holy spirit

I just logged on to check my emails ... first email popped up - 'welcoming the holy spirit' - WOW. Tonight, I attended prayer meeting - because I need to pray for strength, family protection and wisdom, plus church mega Hebron project. Prayer title was 'Come Holy Spirit' - so I closed my eyes prayed and prayed, Come, Holy Spirit, I need You; Come, sweet Spirit, I pray; Come in Your strength and Your power; Come in Your own special way , after quite some time of focused praying...... then entah how, I spoke in tongue's still a shock to me as I'm blogging , I'm not sure if I really can speak in tongue now or some other illusion .... need to clarify this with my mentors later ..... but so kiew , as I was driving home , thinking hard, worrying , confused - here I am, received the word of the day in my mail box 'welcoming the holy spirit' :)


Thesedays, colleagues around me kept pouring out their frustration on work, especially on the role of project manager. Their PM play 'tai-chi', not accoutable for their own job roles ....Now, I myself is one of the victim here. Personally, PM is not an easy job, one has to be able to oversee the whole project, able to control within the project, good in managing, documenting, people management, build relationship, making sure the project is profitable or successful, also must know how to escalate. My coming project, consider as 2nd class key player and a free volunteer, yet don't know the project status. Asked for updates, info come piece by piece, sien. What is the role of the PM ? The PM never keep me in the loop of the overall project status, there could be a project status meeting or checkpoint or something - I dunno as I didn't get invited or there could be none may be. Working along - there are many many components missing, not in place, kelam-kabut .... for a simple project implementation chart and timeline - I also didn't see them being published. This worry me that my company is challenging us to move to xx million revenue company, aiiii - an obvious gap - people are not utilizing their best skills / resources. Here I am ada free time to blog, coz I'm sien and dunno when can I start my setup, and for 2 days, my project team members all Missing In Action ....

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


So Kiew, tonight TAR Family edition were in Grand Canyon :) they were boating in Colorado River to Lake Powell ... nice to view GC. If I ever get ample time next round, I would go for a camping trip at the canyon or water-rafting trip along Colorado River, or other national parks. Friends told me there are many more nicer canyons such as Bryce, Zion canyons up north at Utah ...There are 7 forgotten modern wonders :-
1. Gateway Arc
2. Aswan High Dam
3. Mt Rushmore National Memorial
4. Petronas twin towers
5. Hoover Dam
6. Clock Tower ( Big Ben )
7. Eiffel Tower

Being Msian, we automatically covered one liow , I've completed 1 to 5. Next year targeting 6, hopefully 7 as well. There is an Eiffel Tower hotel in LV, the tower is half of the actual size ... built with USD 30 million. The cost was breakeven after 3 years just by selling visitor ticket at USD 12. After breakeven, the ticket is reduced to USD 9 up to now .... hmm, I wonder if this scenario will happen in my country ? so far, I've seen prices going up, have not experience the discounted price yet ...

Little Tze Xuan

Last Saturday night, Bahija spent fun time with this little baby ....Little Tze Xuan is my high school girl friend CC's baby. He mirror his daddy 100%, very cute - on his fullmoon night - he happily let everyone carried him. Bahija 'shok yow' him a lot lah -Hope to see him often ....haha

I envy baby's life - stress free, makan , tidur, main, cry :)

Yaya, HT - sorry for not calling u 2 weeks ago :)

Monday, November 07, 2005


Bahija made it to Grand Canyon :) ... I've mentioned GC a few times - finally - visited this world wonder - it is indeed huge and great - billions years of history.
This is where I wish Ringgit is traveling with me, he is a great scriber with super strong memory - one who can described everything, everywhere he visited. Bahija has bad memory, let me list down whatever I can remember before dissappear from my memories :P - this also serve as my mini travelogue ...

My short trip started from Phoenix, on highway 17, detoured to Montezuma's Castle National Monument, visited the cave house built by ancient Sinagua tribes, then the Montezuma's well.

Montezuma's Castle
Next, passed thru various scenic routes to Sedona - saw the red rocks, visited Chapel of The Holy Cross - this chapel was built on the red rocks - kind of cool ....and now Robert Redford is building his giant mansion opposite this chapel - blocking the nice feng sui. Then, stopped for rest in Flagstaff, had mexican dinner then head to Lowell Observatory - Flagstaff is a nice dark city - when we looked up on the sky - we saw many many many stars :) the view was so great - dark sky with brilliant 'diamonds', I'm amazed, thankful for that spectacular brightly night - diamonds all over my head :) There was a briefing on galaxy and various planets - pluto, mars, sun, earth, moon etc etc ... I learned another pollution - 'light pollution' - we hardly can see stars in big cities - simply because too much light been reflected into the skyzone. Over in Flagstaff, it is listed in US as one of the best place to research and view stars ....Bahija enjoyed the whole night outing, from the moment I stepped out from my car and looked up to the sky - the sky was so pretty :) best time to sing 'twinkle twinkle little stars, how I wonder what you are'...that night, I used the giant telescope to see M15 stars. Then we could see Venus and Mars, sagitarius and many other stars. I went to bed with sweet dreams thinking of the diamonds :)

Next morning, drove to Grand Canyon - hahaha. First went to watch GC Imax movie .... then entered South Rim of GC , went to a few scenic spots to see the magnificient canyons. The only thing I regret is not able to try mules ride to Plateau Point ( there is only 1 mule trip each day, starts at 7:30 am ). That would be cool to hike down at the Canyon, soaking my legs on the Colorado River .....

South Rim of GC - Mather Point
Next, rushed to Nevada state. It was about 3.5 hrs drive. At 5 pm, I crossed Hoover Dam - Bahija watched 'Fools Rushed In' many times by Salma Hayek and Mathew Perry - been hoping to visit Hoover Dam ...well, wish granted, I did it - crossed the line, but too bad again - didn't have time to go for the tour. Then drove another 30 mins and entered the famous gambling city of the world - Las Vegas. The night before, I had so much fun enjoying the dark sky without any light pollution. Then now - it's the opposite, from far driving down the mountain - could see the whole bright city - full of lights. I visited LV a few times ( > 10 yrs ago). Back then, I enjoyed the walk on the strip - walked in to every hotel and checked out the nice decorations - and kaki tak sakit, tak tired, very energetic, very fun, very excited. Now, when I re-visited LV, the feeling was different already. I recalled 2 years ago - I happily asked Ringgit and Roti Telur to visit LV - that it's a great fun place ...hmmm, you know - I wouldn't say the same thing now. Age change my taste, my liking - to me, LV is just another big city full of hotels, entertainment, casinos, chapels and restaurants, drinks and lights. Given me a choice now, I enjoy watching red color Mars on the sky while sipping a cup of hot tea during this nice autumn time ...非常写意

Saturday, November 05, 2005

my S45

I dropped my canon baby while I was eating my lunch in Seattle. Back home, Canon has a repair center near Subang old airport. Very good service - center open until 8 pm. Always keep customer up to date with repair status and cost via sms. I have 2 batteries, 3 memory cards for my S45. Back then, it costed me a bomb to own him. Thus, decided to dump RM500 to fix it - repaired the LCD and changed the new casing. As I travel - I truly value 'travel light' concept - I'm not good in this area at all ( people who have travelled with me sure faham this, almost everyone commented on my heavy luggages - hahaha ... but I'm getting better and better now - still have plenty of room for improvement. When it is mid day, my shoulder sakit - i wonder what I carried in my sling bag of the contributor is my camera, it's kind of bulky and heavy ( like the dinasour mainframe loh ) , including the charger and converter all in ONE = heavy :P , aiiiii - guess I shouldn't have fix it, shld hv bought myself the slim keychain type light camera ......

Friday, October 28, 2005

Ergo thingy

Back in I-kei , I had to be based in various working sites, provided by customers. Sometimes the working environment was terrible , no proper chair, broken tables etc etc , worked late long hours typed on the notebook keypads... Gradually after about 4 to 5 yrs in I-kei, I sort of had finger pain ( joint issue) , stiff shoulder, back then, a lot of my ex-colleagues visited various chiropractors, asked them who's who , they can easily tell where / whom to go to, and paid high prices on those chiro treatments. Back then, it never ever occured to me that - office ergonomics is important. When I left, I left with painful joint problem. Then, joined In-kei, here, emphasis on ergonomics is extremely high, not only I get notebook stand, external mouse, for some folks, foot rest also given... I also had 2 power cords - one to be used at home, so no need to carry the heavy cord ( so to speak). There is yearly refreshment course which is mandatory for all employees to attend. I can also engage an ergo specialist to come review, access my work cubicle. This is one of the thing I truly treasure , kudo I-kei for paying so much focus on this area. See, chronic ergonomics issues are the dangerous deseases, joint issues, shoulder, back bones etc etc. I have recovered my finger joint issues .... how ? now, I use ergo chair, use external mouse, use external keyboard, sitting properly, frequent stratching time - and that cured the issue. Saved me lots of money & hassle - which most important - my health. Some folks around commented that those classes were hassle, bla bla bla. For me, my 2 cents are In-kei spending a lot of time, resources and money on this investment - why - for the benefit of their employees - to remind them that company care , and we should appreciate what we are getting :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

last year this time ....

Received a sms from an uncle - first time smsed me :) Apparently Oct 17 last year, Bahija, AR, R & Ms Peace were in the magnificent mysterious Egypt. Uncle smsed me to remind me of this special day. It just occurs to me that, of all the tours that I've joined. This Egypt tour is really unique, it is the only one which some of us still keep in touch with, where we still talk about it , where we still meet up once a while , where we still laugh thinking about EGYPT, plus we celebrated 1st yr anniversary somemore - siow leh ! Today, a surprise sms from Uncle O ... i am truly shock :) Bahija miss Habibi - I miss his fun stories, his loud voice when he yelled 'Habibi, habibi..yalla yalla' , his pronounciation on 'break fast', his arrogant cheeky look when he knew he's winning a battle or he's smarter .... viola - this is him

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Voip ...

Wow .... I'm chatting with Yaya from mid west of USA, HT from west coast, Janice from Taiwan. Gee, we crossed a few thousand miles, and can chit chat sekali - so cool..... HAHAHA. Big problem liow - takut porridge too much, not enough sleep. I'm very satisfied. Gtalk not so clear lah. We ended up using Skype. hoo hoo hoo ..... unfortunately, my end was the slowest :(

Monday, October 17, 2005

Tuesday with Morrie

hehehe, I'm happy ....friends have been asking me to pinjam books for them to read :) - this is good - sharing good books are fun - motivate each other to read, to learn, to enjoy !! Just between Sunday and today, friends around me kept mentioning this book 'Tuesday with Morrie'. On my hand, I have 'Joy Luck Club' and 'The opposite of Fate' , when I am done, I will read Tuesday with Morrie. Actually, I have seen the movie version - very touching story - i liked the movie , so I'm sure reading the book will be great. Besides this , another good book by Mitch Albom is 'The 5 people you meet in heaven' ...

Hey, I want to set up a Joy Luck Club among my good friends ? any taker ?

p/s : Dockers' pant - thank you so much for the book :)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

joy of reading .....part II

After the tired long working hours days and nights - I just dun have the mood to open & read the certification books - to prepare for my certification ( due date end of the year ). It is so obvious to me that certification isn't the 'important thing' in my list .... though it is on my boss's list. Instead, I use my valuable time and enjoy reading, this is good news as I dun read. Now, I find the joy of reading, entah which hormone changes which trigger me to venture into reading... I have been skipping sleep, catching up with the stories. AR recommended 'Memoirs of geisha', I bought the book last November, finally opened it last week, and finished this book this morning. I asked AR semalam if I can stop by and visit the Geisha in 2 weeks time. He laughed -Geisha's performance is very expensive - so, guess I'll watch movie lah .. wait for next year January ....Today, I rushed to MPH for another new book liow :) 加油 !

Friday, October 07, 2005


今天 是 九月初 五 , 是 母亲 的 生日. 母亲 七十岁了... 70 years old - think about it - such a big number. Tonight has to spend great time dinner with her. This Sunday is Teddy Bear 39th birthday pula. Wishing them in good health and be happy. Bahija is still hoping that we can stay together soon :) - there is still hope ! The joy of going home - hug by a huge giant baby who has IQ of 3 yrs old, sit together having dinner, chit chat, watching TV - one happy family .....

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

amazon is so so cool.....

last time, Ringgit punya shipment delayed, Amazon gave him free deal - then durian runtuh - Bahija dapat 1 set of F.r.i.e.n.d.s dvd , hahhaha. I bought a book from Amazon months ago, tapi tak sampai-sampai, dapat 1 email that it'll be refunded , yey - cool

Monday, October 03, 2005

FFK ms dragon

Ms Dragon is getting marry soon, when she was proposed, she booked me as her bridemaid. In my opinion, I didn't recall she asked if I wanted to be her bridemaid, it was more like she informed and I just had to take it. I sat on this for months, last Thursday - I formally emailed her, politely asked her to find another alternative. Thesedays, Bahija dislike being called on stage to be bridemaid, MC of the nite or any limelight superstar me those are not fun at all, given a choice, leave me alone....counting my friendship with Ms Dragon, I dun mind helping her with some of her wedding preparations, but being a bridemaid is a NO NO. She even told me what dresses, gowns to prepare etc ....hearing those also I takut liow. I suppose she may not be happy reading my FFK email. Until today, still hasn't receive a reply from her, but then as usual, she doesn't care to reply my emails most of the times.... see, sometimes , i wonder - a simple little email also doesn't bother to reply, why should I 'force' myself doing things I dun like to do leh ..... sorry dudedess, say I selfish or whatever lah, but I do need to make sure Bahija is happy also ... next, i wonder if I ever get her invitation card then .... fellow kakies who know her, pls pls help add some sweet words for me if this topic is brought up yeah :) It's better to see a smiling Bahija than a grumpy Bahija lah :)

dun worry ....stop getting upset !

Lately, Bahija seem to be upset easily with work related things....things that beyond my control, beyong my circle of influence, just got 'kek sim' sometimes ....then, received this message on time - better use of my time on valuable tasks which benefit me than being kek sim or geram :)

Stop Getting Upset! Don't worry about anything. - Philippians 4:6 NLT

Forty percent of what we worry about never happens. Thirty percent has already happened. Twelve percent focuses on opinions or situations we can't change. Ten percent is about our health, which only worsens it. Eight percent concerns real problems we can influence. Think: ninety-two percent of our worries are needless!

joy of reading .....

Despite ridiculous work schedule, I'm glad that I started to call up my friends, slowly meeting them one by one :) And on top on that, I went to kinokuniya - dah lama tak stepped into this store, bought this book last week, and viola - finished liow. Thanks Mystic_Grey for this great recommendation. I like this book. Some scenarios described were so so so true, happening around me too ..hehehe.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

finding special kid day care center ....

2 weeks ago, my work site organized a community service project. We visited old folk home. So kiew, Bahija visited this same home when I was in standard six, back then the home was in bad condition. Now it is so much better. My standard - this home is independent, in dirt good condition :)
Anyway, I am looking for a special children day care center. It should be a place where the family can send the special kid to this center in the morning, and pick up after work. If any of you hear / know of such center ( regardless of the locations - up north, south or anywhere ) , please let me know. Any contact will be valuable. I just need to start from somewhere. After a feasible study, getting a domestic maid is not a good idea yet ..

Friday, September 23, 2005


11:30 pm, bro-in-law called, asked me if I met or heard anything from my eldest sister. I said nope...He then said he failed to contact her throughout the whole night, handphones not reachable. Usually, she's the one who calls home often, or call to check on others. Bro-in-law asked if I have her office number. Bahija quickly called her office, no answered. Then our heart betul-betul dropped - the worrying punya feeling wasn't fun, like a portion of the heart missing, like a heavy stone sinking in the water ...we called everyone at home, no one had any idea where she would be. Desperato, bro-in-law drove to her office, wanted to check and talk to the security guard. Bahija staying at home, the mind started wandering, thinking about all the nonsense - got so worried, at the end, I just prayed....At 11:50pm, Lalalililatappong FINALLY managed to get hold of her. Rupa-rupanya she's attending a party @ Hilton. ALAMAK - entah apa hal this time, she forgot to tell ...I was so relief knowing she's OK, no kidding. Besok, kena lecture/tease her sikit, I'm glad she's OK though. The key learning tonight :- we must have her colleagues /subordinate contact numbers, her hubby shld know her office number, we should always keep others informed of the whereabout - 吓死我 ...a great reminder to us to always pay attention to security, to appreciate people we love. I can sleep well now. Thank God !

saman 50% discount

Besides mega sales, police also offer saman sales ... 50% discount until end of this month. My fellow readers, if you have not check , please do so - simple nia

Just SMS text 'Polis Saman XXX1234 Semua' where xxx1234 is your car plate. Then send this sms to DAPAT ( 32728). A report will be sent to you.

I have been a good girl, I paid all my samans. Yet, still have 1 outstanding dated 16/6/2000 - nasib baik $30 nia ( semalam I betul2 pulled out my old documents folder - tried to check if I've paid this saman tak )

Bad news I just checked online - 50% hanya applicable for fines > $40 and above , apa lah - anyway, we can pay online as well.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

parallelism ...

Tonight my QT will be a longer one...there are a few not so good news happening on friends and their families. Mum's friends called - most of them now having various kinds of diseases - she gathered a lot of the old aged stories, I view it positively now - that she has to prepare herself more towards ageing process, live a simple life and enjoy evey moment she has...she came to her children, hinted she wants her overseas trips liow ( my mum pandai one). It is so obvious when one reaches 70 years old, the ageing process speed up a lot. My earlier blogs mentioned I was too afraid to face that, and wish for wisdom to channel fear into positive energy - guess it's working quite well now :) - I'm thankful.

Besok, Beckam is doing sinus procedure. My friend's dad is hospitalized. Another friend's dad went thru surgery 2 weeks ago ....A good reminder to all, is that, as we mature in life, as baby is growing up, as we busy building our career, setting our own family, our dear parents also growing old in parallel...end with 'treasure whoever is/are important to you' :)

mysterious ....

AR and Bahija were walking - checking out travel information from various booths at m.a.t.t.a fair ....then suddenly - Ms Artificial & hubby walking towards us, then next to us was Ms Sexy pula. Aiyuh yuh - nah, that was 'Kiew' or not ? We 4 of us so excited, stood at that spot, talked and talked , laughed and laughed ... amazing eh - there were 4 different exhibition halls and full with people, yet - we got to meet sekali at the same time :) - ini lah sync from Egypt. After 1 year - we still remembered the trip so so well. Speaking of this, 1st yr anniversary party is coming soon, my fellow Egypt kakies - get ready @ the usual place :) Theme of the night - of course lah pakai the Egyptian customes we bought at the cruise :P

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

High water pressure ....

Tonight, the water pressure around my residential area suddenly shoot up ...the reading now is at 550 kPA. Geee, suddenly it's so great /shiock taking bath :) , unfortunately, a lot of houses /neighbour punya external water filters or water pipes burst - cannot sustain the high pressure, so before I go to bed - need to walk outside to close the main water input source - coz I taknak wake up besok in a flooded house :P

Sunday, September 18, 2005

my consultants ...

Last Saturday, while Bahija was watching s.t.o.m.p - I realized that I've 3 good musical consultants around me. What a lucky girl - from now on, before I buy an expensive ticket - I'll make 3 calls, this will guarantee I get the best deal :) - best R.O.I ,hehe. Some friends asked me how was s.t.o.m.p - hmm, I enjoyed the performance, quite interesting - performance not as noisy as I thought - simple stage design for small group of performers. Bahija just 'kek sim' for spending so much on this 'tong sampah music' ....on the same day - bahija spent $350 on a water heater which will last around 10 years vs 2 hours of tong sampah music for slightly less than water heater cost ...hmm, have to learn some Money Sense lah ....cari makan susah, especially petrol cost raising up - inflation up, up, up , up :(

Friday, September 16, 2005

Having what it takes .....

Read this article from the star....reminded me of Teddy Bear. Teddy Bear and mum are with me this weekend. Last month Teddy Bear was at 118 Kg. Tonight he is at 115 Kg. Last year this time he was 125 Kg. When I came back in August and bathed him, so obvious he shed off a lot of fat liow. At this point, we don't know if this is a positive indicator or reverse. We control Teddy Bear's meal, swap to brown rice, less sugar, no nasi lemak, curry laksa, eat healtier food. On top of this, he's also dignosed with diabetes - taking extra pills...actually now - the best name to describe him is Garfield, he always has sleepy eyes...a diabetic person may lose weight easily - this is not good. We were brought up in Rainbow neighbourhood ... my siblings - we usually stayed in the house, watched TV, no gossips with others. Anything happened outside our house, we were the last one to know .. stayed in that place for many many many years. 3 years ago, one neighbour told us that Teddy Bear is very famous. A lot of people knows him and my mum ...we were shocked - we bukan celebraties leh. Apparently - a lot of people have been gossiping behind us, passing negative comments - some said Teddy Bear was dangerous, garang, bad boy , etc etc - Aiiii, when my mum heard those invalid comments, she must be sakit hati. She used to be very sensitive on what others' think about Teddy Bear. Luckily, she's cool now, care less about what others have to say or their weird eye looks. I agree with the author of the article, it is never easy to take care of a special child.

new blogger

Today, I'm so happy - a friend of mine started blogging - hehehehe , sort of inspired by me wor , cool-nya. Another cucu so to speak :) Plus, some of my quiet readers also actively giving me comments now - showing support , hehehe ....

Friday, September 09, 2005

house hopping ....

When I was young, growing up, I never spent time slept over at friend's house, or lepak, or main-main in their houses. Mum only locked me up in the Rainbow house. Thus, I'm not used to staying overnight at someone's house, and if need to , I try not to trouble anyone .... I rather be a lone ranger :)
Now, things change liow for me. Just like this week - I spent a night at Docker's Pant house. 2 nights at Fish's house. Asked friends to fetch me - bring me to various places. Initially I felt uneasy - the 'asking favor' mentality just troubled me so much. Now, as I'm blogging, I'm feeling great, glad for this arrangement, coz I know my friends better, got to spend time meeting their family members as well :) - in other words, the concept of 'fellowship' is good. Thesedays, hectic life, we don't spend enough time growing our relationship, so this is best time for me to catch up with them :) - I just want to express my gratitute to all my friends who have hosted me so far ( including Roseburg, TaiPoh, Yaya, RotiTelur ) ...cheers !!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Feeling uncomfortable ....

I received an invitation to attend a meeting next month. First thought came to me - of course happy and glad. Then second thought - also felt uneasy. Initiated a dialog session to clarify. Somehow, to me - my personal viewpoint, may be a rotation could be a better choice here. On the other side, it's a new place, a place I wanted to go for many times ...I sincerely 'pai sek' and didn't know how to share with 2 lovely girls. Keep thing simple - I accepted and planning for the trip. It's an opportunity indeed.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

traffic jam

Monday night, when I left office at 7pm, right after the first toll - stucked in traffic jam liow, bumper to bumper, extremely slow moving. That was serious as the jam started right after the toll plaza. My colleagues who left office since 5 pm, also faced the same problem. Those left at 9pm also kena. We were talking about LDP highway, a very busy imagined from 5 to 9 pm - thousands of cars passing that stretch of roads, and all sacrificed their valuable time in the car - why why why ? The answer is here 'King Cobra Charms Thousands'

There's this cobra appeared in this Indian temple, and people all kpc wanted to see the holy cobra, simply parked their cars by the highway - this had great impact on the motorists - traffic jam from Puchong all the way to CJ - to me, this is ridiculas, very the geram.....selfish folks doing things on the expense of others :( Why can't they park their cars nicely ? where were the traffic policemen - why didn't they tow away those stupid cars, or give them summons ... aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii - betul2 BODOH

Sometimes I am sad for staying here in this country :(

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Back to Normal ....

Overseas siblings went home liow, my house suddenly so quiet, party over. House is messy and dirty. I missed those fun times sleeping with my nieces and nephews ...they are so adorable, innocent and cute - took me some effort to be close with them. Aii, too bad, next round when we meet again, we are back to stranger. Those little folks commented that I have a lot of I-kei towels and T-shirts, and a few In-kei mugs :), good observation. BTW, HT is joining I-Kei on mid Sept - wishing her the best, I-kei is not a bad place to work :)


This morning I brought a new friend, Ewok to visit my church. He is Docker Pant's friend. Bringing visitor to church is a very common thing. But today - I felt funny. After the service, 5 pakcik came to see me - told me ewok is a nice decent man. That's the first time Bahija encountered a comment on a guy from 5 pakcik sekali gus - all strongly said he's good. I wonder what magic has he done to impress them :) Well, I agree he is a decent person. Too bad, ewok is too young and attached liow , hahaha :P

Thursday, September 01, 2005

1st anniversary soon ...

Aug 30 - My spy reminded me that matta fair is on sept 16 - 18. Hmm, brought me back to my 2004 Oct trip ---- the mysterious Egypt trip with my fav kakies , next - Habibi of course. Yuh, last sms was 3 months ago :P Too bad Kancil cancelled his Egypt trip, else Bahija would have a good excuse to contact Habibi liow ....

Aug 31 - Ms Artificial called me, I busy - missed her call ...

Hmm, reminders kut :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

friendly reminder

Yesterday, someone mentioned about TAR, my eyes blinked hard, shocked - thought the new season of TAR started already and I have missed it, hehe
Last time, Ringgit alwaz reminded me of TAR. Now, Docker's Pant always remind me of DHW ( Desperate Housewives ). I still dun have the 'kat cheong' mood to catch this DHW series lah. BTW TAR season 8 is goin on air Sept 27 in US. Got to watch out for local version. It's been 3 mths since season 7 ended. Season 8 is different - 4 person in a team, consist of family members. And this time, my house will be the TAR house, my sister, my colleague will come and watch with me. Wow - I have a kakies to chat instantly then :) - that shld be fun , hehe - imagine watching football with friends, sitting on sofa and eating popcorns :P

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Tonight, all of us sat down, had a wonderful reunion dinner - filled with joy and laughs. Mum was thrilled - she's so 'kam tong' & surprised. HeHeHe. Sometimes we thought Teddy Bear mentally retarded, geee - never overlook his capability - he knew about this surprise party, yesterday - he told my other sister that such and such coming back for Saturday dinner - we were so shocked - created some havoc moment among us ( the organizers ) betul-betul felt ter-main by him loh :), we thought secret ter-bocor liow. Teddy Bear so smart, he listened to our conversations, jigsaw puzzled the story. Next time, we definitely stay away from him liow :) Here is the 'sow toh' - representing longevity - Mom, '多福多壽 - 生日快乐' !!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

White Hair ........

I just came back from washroom, when I washed my hand and looked up on the mirror ....
ALAMAK, white hair lah .....aiyuh, my first self discovery of white hair , errrrrrr , so sad :(
Question - does having white hair = getting old ?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

no title

Started today happy ....then went into emotional imbalance situation - something wrong. Firstly, haze problem is getting so serious - no more fresh air - my cool company made a special effort from HQ, gave each of the employee 5 masks yesterday, for us to bring back and share with family. When we walked to food court, we had to wear the mask, the air is so so so smelly, smoky, dirty - horrible. Secondly, I'm trapped into this 'Langkawi' curse again. A very sweet friend of mine, went all out to help me secure hotel booking (during the peak season) - but at the end - i rejected her booking. I was so sad making that decision. I knew I upset her in a way, I didn't know what to say to her right now ( let me zzzz, refresh my mind then think harder) .... back to the curse ...everytime when I wanted to go to this place, something drastic happened. Like today, even though I managed to get the 5 star hotel rooms as per my preferred dates - good price (this hotel is fully booked - travel agents and internet bookings no way can get thru liow), YET, when I was at the airline website - my hand shaked, my heart beat increased - I had 2 bad experiences whenever I wanted to go Langkawi (SARS, Tsunami), my brain just poped out this Q 'Are you sure ? what if Haze problem getting more serious ? another disaster leh' - aiiii , dunno what / how to say this , I just felt I'm no good in planning trip , in this area , too last minutes, a bit upset with something ....and now , i am emotionally sad liow , dissappointed , tired , hopeless ...... aiiiii - I need a good rest now - bye

Friday, August 05, 2005


Hmm, first day of the trip – I was at the Starbucks – processing my mind …read here. Last day of my trip, again, I was at the Starbucks counter – buy or not to buy ....This time, it’s for Anti-Ringgit. I kept analyzing will he use it or not …will it be a white elephant or not – wasted my ‘sam kei’ then. So, up and down – stood at the counter for quite a long time – End result, I still decided not to buy loh :P – Bahija has no more strength to carry this fragile item for AR lah. Instead – I captured it and put it here – so u can see it anytime, no matter where you are – better hor ! hehehe . AR - this is dedicated for you :P

An old dream ...

This trip Bahija is happy. Just amazed that at any point of time, there were people around me to keep me company. No time to feel lonely at all. Plus the timing also excellent, one after another, no conflict leh… hehe. Life is so blissful. The world is just so small loh. Okra was my high school friend. We lost touched for many years. When I came here, she’s home for vacation, thru friends – she found out I quit I-kei , then next day, she met with her good Uni buddy – this buddy is my PG colleague pula – small world leh, one connect to another – apparently , Okra is only 30 mins away from where I am…on my last night here, we met for Vietnamese dinner. So great to keep in touch again. Okra will be my first friend who carry the Dr title ..she’s completing her PHD – her expertise is public health – so keng hor. I visited her Uni – U.C.Davis. During the drive, my mind flashed back to my Uni time, campus life was so fun. Just like what Okra is doing now ….She works as Research Assistance – this help to sponsor her tuition expenses. From the conversation, I recalled this little dream I used to have – to enroll for full time master – be a Graduate or Teaching Assistance. Moons ago – in my Uni – I qualified as the Graduate Assistance – to me, back then this was such a great deal, USD 500 mthly salary to cover living expenses, graduate school tuition fees all covered by Uni ….memang good deal loh. I didn’t opt for that offer back then, because I wanted to have some real life working experiences before taking my master. Zooommmmm, I seem to totally forget about this idea liow , until I met Okra. Hmmm, then today – I arrived kat LA at 3pm. So early, nothing to do, so bored waiting in LAX, so I took a bus ride to U.C.L.A. Wah, ini Uni betul2 besar, full of rich kids leh – saw a lot of nice cars. Good campuses with neat facilities – famous U memang famous – glamour. I walked around the campus, went to the campus store as well – aii, this whole experience just brought me back to my old fun uni time , hehehehe. My first business trip here – I found out that I didn’t like to stay here. Now, entah why, this trip I changed my mind – I’m keeping this migration option open again – entah someday – this plan may jalan :) , guess I fall in love with Oregan liow ....

Monday, August 01, 2005

Aug is here ....finally

Bahija & family gang planned for a surprise birthday party for mom since last year ....1 yr + liow, finally it is here ...end of August, everyone is coming home to surprise her. We plan to bring her to a private function room for a normal makan, then all her overseas kids & grand-kids knock on the door , walk in to surprise her :) It's her 70th birthday , we just tot this is a great time for family reunion & family potrait. The last family photo was 8 years ago ...a year after daddy's tragedy. Speaking of this, last thursday Teddy Bear had a fit, and fainted again, this time, he fell and ter-hit my little mum, kelian her. She injured her leg....aiiii, here I am - malu to call her last weekend, shamed on me - that I didn't even know she hurt herself until monday night. My view on this - it's another sync to alert us that - we need to think of a solution or alternative - if we leave this as status quo, there could be another same tradegy , just like what had happened to daddy loh .... Personally, I have had 2 mths + of freedom here, no need to think of family commitment or running around for them, I'm thankful for this break, ready to be home liow to continue my duties, not forgetting being depress for a while :(

Friday, July 29, 2005

Little Elmo

Bahija learned about Elmo from my new litte friend, Little Elmo. Elmo is the red toy from Sesame Street. Little Elmo is 2 years old, he's HT son. Little Elmo has dark brown eyes ...such a sweetie, adorable boy, we clicked so well (may be because I brought him his favourite toy - elmo- hahaha). OH, my heart melted when he came to me, hugged me, kissed me, held my hand, walked along with me, allowed me to put him to sleep, read bedtime stories to me... Saturday & Sunday, Bahija is pinjam-ing his mum for a short sightseeing tour to Florence, Hillsboro & Portland....too bad, I can't bring Little Elmo along - as we only have limited time to cover a few places. Thank you JT - for taking care of Little Elmo, so that HT can go with me , and enjoy our ladies days /nights out !

Thursday, July 28, 2005

wkend getaway

Bahija taking 1 day off, goin OR besok, to visit HT. This trip was cancelled weeks ago bcoz I kena oncall .... I'm just so pleased that I still can make it :) My boss is kind of 'animated' , I can easily tell from his facial expression if he agree / dun agree / happy / angry etc ... When I brought this topic to him, somehow he didn't seem happy about this. Before I left office today, I seeked to understand more - then he told me that he's worrying about me, I told him I'm OLD lah, no need to worry. Then he talked to me as if like my daddy ....ambui, treated me like a small little girl. I do understand he is hosting me as visitor, so he doesn't want anything tak bagus happen to his visitors la. Oh well, our final decision was - I have to call him when I arrive in major cities daily. There were once, he was checking on me and my other friend, to make sure we weren't pick up by mat sallehs ....aiyuh! Hmm, long time tak being treated like a small girl :) Speaking of which, something happened between Bahija and her mum .... I have yet to call her - I guess I dunno how to start the conversation liow - malu kuah. Last night, AGAIN, at the red traffic light, there's a super duper old lady in the car next to me ( she's in passenger seat). She super slow turned her head, looked at me - showed her pity face - all wrinkled and looked suffering....geee , i takut !!

ipod vs cheapor one

Aiii, I helped 3 friends achieved their ipods dream (imported ipod balik kampung).... but I myself still kosong :( . Visited Cost-co, Best-Beli, Tar-get .... kat sini, ipod betul2 laku ...unlike back home, so many many many different brands to choose pretty much monopoly ...those places I mentioned, solely jual ipod aje - somemore in huge load. Friends told me there is a cheaper version, just get the mp3 adapter which plug into the car lighter spot, and one end connect to the thumbdrive - viola - can dengar mp3 songs liow, cheap solution hanya $20. Challenge is the market here all bombarded with ipod accessories ( mahal leh - ipod icar adapter $80). I'm still searching high low for my cheap solution ...

Monday, July 25, 2005

spa treatment ....

First thing I want to do when I'm out of here - is to rush into a spa center for 5 hours treatment, 2 hrs for complete facial , 1 hour hair care treatment, 2 hours body massages and scrup ..... this time, I dun care if it is 'luxury' or wasting money or what liow lah .....beh tahan liow. I must have all this in HK soooonnnnn ...... before that, i need to suffer 30 hours of traveling time, takutnya, but never mind - 5 hours of indulgence - i can dream of this now !!!! zzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, July 24, 2005

7 deadly sins

When I return home this time, there is one more thing or place which I will miss a lot :( ...... Glad that I've been there - completed the whole series. Challenge is of course to put into action - make myself a better person with a healthy soul , lovely heart , hehehe ...

Christianity and the Dark Side ...........
June 5 - Pride
June 12 - Lust
June 19 - Gluttony
June 26 - Greed
July 3 - Envy
July 10 - Anger
July 17 - Sloth

I figured if I were to stay here long enough, I would volunteered my time to babysit the kiddies/babies - they are so so so adorable, chabby & cute :)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sungai Kucing !

Geeee, cuaca here really really PANAS - siow ! yesterday & today 36 - 38 degree (extremely HOT) , super dry as well... walking under the sun from car to the store - just a short distance also - i felt the pain - i kesian my delicate skin - this hot cuaca made me pening kepala (like tekanan too strong inside my head) - very bad leh....aiyuh, I'm on my second bottle of sun block now, I look like a orang melayu liow lah .... errrrrr :(
Despite the unbearable cuaca, I still decided to watch my first baseball game @ Padang Raley. The host was 'Sungai Kucing' ( translate from Malay to English ). Bahija tentu bought the shaded ticket lah, finally I sweat :) How's the first baseball game experience ? hmm hmm, I liked the experience, but the game is a bit too slow , not as kat cheong loh .... tried satu kali - cukup liow !!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Congrats to Yaya

My Rubber Trees - Yaya GOT IT was indeed a FULL STOP. Today shall be the history and another memory for her ..... Sweetie, I'm so SO SO HAPPY, thrilled for you - Congratulations ! I just want to say this out loud - FINALLY !

hectic training

I should say it is indeed a privilege to be trained one on one by the software developer. You know the guru behind who write the codes - one who sort of knows everything, anything on a particular product he/she created ! - made me such a little tiny small ant. I've had many other opportunities to work with the i-kei's lab folks - those I called them the geniuos ....met one of them personally back home as well - he is exactly like Eistein - rambut putih, kelam-kabut, talk really really technical and everything related to the baby he owned la. Those days were me taking all sort of dumps - then late nights or early calls - then ftp over to the lab folks for analysis and debugging or product enhancement. This round pula, it's interesting - the subject matter expert stays with me 9 - 5 pm, monday to friday, including lunches .... pretty much stuck with me - just me alone leh. I shall have a memory leak pretty soon, there are so so much new information need to be stored. He sat next to me, very sabar teach me what to do, what command to type etc etc - but the frustration part was I don't even have the min OS knowledge - eg unix Vi editor - aiyuh, this to me is like taking typing class 101, not only type slow, a lot of time frustrated entah what i did , the command screwed up etc etc etc this experienced guru - I also pity him, he is spending his valuable 5 days here with me, ajar me slowly how to Esc K, $, unix slash, dos slash, cw, w , diff, ps -ef , grep etc etc ...hahahaha - kind of cacat to have such an experienced guru doing this leh .... Salute his kesabaran, and professionalism - to prepare me - get me ready for whatever new tasks I need to do ..... Hmm, at this moment, I'm thankful that I've him - a good guru to teach me the basic highlevel things ...there are many other underlying things which I don't know, and yet to discover - but this 5 days - been a very fruitful days - coz I learned a lot, see some underlying codes / steps where one cannot find from reading manuals lah .... the challenge now is that hope Bahija betul2 commited all the 'transactions' in the memory - and can recall next time. Mr JW, terima kasih for being here for me this week. Yesterday he asked me to recommend a non-travel book about my country - he said he's sitting next to me, couldn't strike useful conversation because he doens't know my country well ? oh oh , so pai sek, I have no good answer for him ..... seached mph, kinnokuniya, popular - hmm, can't find a really good one leh readers, u guys ada suggestions ?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fear of 'this' part II .........

This happened to me since early this year, Bahija is afraid of 'old woman'. The definition of old woman here is one who is very old , face, hand kedut, hunchback, gigi-less, white or no hair kind of old old woman. Back home, I think this group of woman should be 65 and above ... first occurance, I met this old lady in church, I sinned the day before, so to me, it was a sign smack right in front of me - to teach me a lesson ... i was shocked, i was ashamed of myself, I was gulity, deep in my heart - I gementar. Followed by a couple of times whenever I met old ladies, every time, I just felt weird, my mood changed to low key, I felt uneasy, at certain point - i felt hopeless, fear, sakit hati seeing them growing so old's just so sorrow, grief loh. Recent experience was 2 weeks ago, I met my colleague's Korean mother. It was such a nice fun event visiting his big home - all the way smiling, laughing, suddenly when his old aged mother walked out to greet me - the whole thing turned upside down, my smiles dissappeared, my heart filled with sadness and fear. It was such a horrible feeling ..... on my way back home, I gave a serious thought, what is wrong with me ?? why am I reacted this way ? what am I fear of ?
I'm into this synchronocity lately, signs are around me ( sometimes ). I think those old ladies reminded me of my sweetest mother. She is changing physically into those old aged woman - she is shrinking, shorter now, face, hands all have more wrinkles now.... When I talked this out with AR, he correctly pointed out that I'm afraid of old woman, fear of them, simply because my mother has been seeing doctors more frequently now - those stress running around fetching her - seeing variuos doctors, plus seeing her touturing herself with all sorts of medicines - scared me. Frankly, I'm in fear. I'm so scared of losing her ..which that day is reaching as we mature in life .... everyday when i wake up brushing my teeth , getting ready for another new day, my mother is ageing for another moment ....She is my best best friend ( even though there are a lot of things she cannot comprehend when I shared with her ....) , but for comfort, for support, for unconditional love - no one on earth can I turn to except her.... she is the most important woman in my life. I'm very close with her, so the fear is natural, recognizing this fear is good. I prayed for wisdom to translate this fear into positive energy - reminded me that I've got to appreciate her more, make her happy, help her to fulfil her wishes, do more simple little things to put a smile on her face - while she's here alive. I simply cannot regret for the rest of my life for not doing things I should have done for her .... my family has different type of challenges, and I reckon my mother has sacrificed her whole life for her kids - I'm where I am now all because of my parent and my family, and of course a lot of good friends around me as well. As I walk along my life journey, collecting all sort of treasures ( sweet and bad memories ) - this is a great reminder to me that my actions/my loves to my mum can only be 'present tense' and not future or past or past perfect tenses .....

Dinner for me ......

This was the first dinner prepared by Dockers' Pant. Steamed fish & broccoli - a nice dinner. Bahija has a guest with me now - it is another set of experience having someone with me .....

We have many things planned, and it is indeed wonderful to have Dockers' Pant here. Last weekend, Bahija worked part time as SF tour guide. Initially, I was so so stress - y leh? coz I'm not local, I don't know the places & roads well leh, yet I was driving 3 person around town wor - since it's their vacation & first trip in SF, of coz I wanted their trip to be a memorable and fun one ..... Mission accomplished, I hoped they enjoyed their trip - On my end, I think I've done the best, and got myself so tired liow .... again, kena pampered my body and my soul , masuking to cave liow :) hehehe

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

May she has it ....

July 12 - 14th, Yaya is on vacation to somewhere - to handle some really important matters. I've heard about this for many years, I just want her to know that I'm praying for her, truly hope that this 'is it' with a fullstop ....the final - that she'll be granted that thing that she's been working extremely hard for :) - All the Best, my sweetie rubber tree !

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Memories are a treasure

Since I'm here, since I so thankful lately, so a lot of sweet memories flashed back into my mind....Memories should never be let go, because they let us relive moments in our lives. Every moment that passes, good or bad, becomes a piece of who I am. When I'm old and gray, the memories I have stored will keep me company. I think the real treasures in life aren't just in the doing and living of them, but in remembering and retelling the important parts, the precious parts, over and over again.

So here I am, I’m glad that I had the best of my 3 years so far here. It was that 3 years of Uni time – sort of learned to be independent, learned to cook, earned pocket money, total freedom – explored new environment, met people from all around the world…I've done many things in that short 3 years. It was college honeymoon to me. (Back home too many restrictions liow kuah - being here foreign land - as if nobody knows me - so in a way - it gave me freedom to try things ...haha). Susah-payah worked hard for 1 semester, then party, enjoyed the semester break. Being in this foreign country, had the opportunity to meet international friends – learned some of their culture, met good friends, met 2 nice american families, did cheap sightseeings around a few states, so thrilled first time saw snow (orang tengok tot we gila), experienced coldest weather until my ears, hands almost numb - so painful & cold that all I could do was cried (very cham), made snowman, tried snow boarding, snow skiing, water-skiing, water-tubing, jet-ski, fishing, horse riding in a ranch, pheasant hunting, boating, kayaking, Harley-Davidson’s ride, winter ice-fishing, exposure to church services, experience of being absolutely drunk & high & strengthless, tried and failed in smoking, tried marijuana once, first kiss, 21st birthday, datings, fell in love, bought my own car, numerous chats with leng chai policemen or traffic policemen, sat in the police car, naked walking around in sauna room felt extremely humiliated, visited chippendale, gay bar, nude bar, hooked to late nights parties, beer drinking, kick-stand, volka shots, heart broken, chicken pox on the first day of my final exam – I was quarantine from entering Uni – cried in front of the health doctor – because he refused to let me attend my graduation ceremony – then I decided to subside the virus ( not a good choice – but I was desperato – couldn’t afford to skip my graduation day (it's BIG day for me then) – plus my mum already on her way to my Uni ) – it was such a horrible terrible suffering experience - yet memorable. All in all – my valuable memories. I’m truly thankful to my family for supporting me – without them – I wouldn’t have had this 3 best years of my life so far. Wasn't doing bad things here, to me, they were just part of the life puzzles, tried things wisely - experience - learning - been there, done that kind of thing. If I ever have my next generation, I sure hope they have the opportunity to do something fun on their lives (but then at the back, may be I being parent - will be super kiasu, kiasi, sleepless, freak out - who knows what I would do then , hahaha :P ) .... my memories are my treasure !!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Attitude and Experience

By Ralph Marston

Perhaps you think that your attitude on any particular day depends on the things you experience that day. But actually it is the other way around.

The things you experience do not cause you to have a particular attitude. Instead , the quality and substance of your experiences are what reveal your attitude.

Your attitude is yours to choose. And by choosing your attitude, you can choose the kind of life you live.

Yes, there will be plenty of events coming along that are completely beyond the control of you or your attitude. Yet your attitude will most definitely determine how you experience each of those events.

If your attitude is negative and destructive, you'll find pain, disappointment and dismay in even the most wonderful circumstances. Yet when your attitude is positive, creative, thankful and joyful, you'll find real hope and valuable possibilities in even the most unfortunate events.

Rather than assuming that your attitude is dictated by events, choose to maintain a positive attitude no matter what may come along. By so doing, you'll be choosing a life of real value and meaning.


Lately, Bahija is joyful. I learned to appreciate things - be thankful for just a simple little thing. It truely is a wonderful experience ....slowing down, sitting down, taking time to be appreciative of anything and anyone who comes spice up my life - lighten up my spirit, put a smile on my round face :) I would like to associate this as God blessings .......and His Love !

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Why I takut hitam ?

Early this morning, a friend of mine told me that her sister was injured in a robbery @ work. She was shot ….aiyuh – luckily she’s ok now , being hospitalized. Prayer for her well being. Here I talked about me takut orang hitam. This is part II …I tell u why …..I’m not prejudice towards them ….just that bad experience made me takut them. Moons ago uni time, Ring Ring and myself joined our friends to KC for grocery in Chinese market. We only got to do this once in a while – we need to asked favor to tumpang orang (yeah, sometimes felt weak, felt pai sek, felt thick face - dun really like that - no choice) – so to both of us, this kind of opportunity was golden opportunity. One weekend, our friend Andrew drove us to KC, after the yummy dim sum and full load of groceries, we happily headed home loh. Tapi on the way, ter-sesat, Andrew made a wrong exit, we ended up in an hitam neighbourhood. From the look of the neighbourhood, one can easily tell that place was not safe …...of course we quickly wanted to leave that area ….then suddenly we heard gun shots – a few times …. Ring Ring, Grace and myself were sitting behind – we turned around – saw the car behind us shooting the car in front of us - we kena 'sandwiched'…..aiyuh ….we screamed and screamed, heads down – seluar may be wet if ‘kap’….scared. Adam and Andrew were in front. At that huru-hara moment, Andrew still drove his car, he also shocked, didn’t know what to do, only knew to keep on driving…..then after 2 blocks of shooting, the car in front made a fast right turn, and viola, the shooter followed. And we were out of the trap. We were all quiet , no one said anything at all, too frightened. Andrew continued to drive – made his way out to the freeway and a safe place. Then we stopped. Got out of the car, took a deep breathe – relaxed our stiff muscles – recovered our mind. Another time in Chicago, next to Chinatown was the hitam area again, friend parked his car along the road – went Chinatown makan yummy food. Balik, his car tyres sudah tak ada – aiiii. I scared when I was alone in SF near this kind of area … kidding. Now,I still could recalled well how fast - the fear while I wallop my burger – and got my tummy upset with me ….should have just left the restaurant – walked back to the theatre. I'm not saying that the theatre district or the places bahaya lah …just that I super takut this kind of people approaching me. Just scared the hell out of me. I just need to be extra careful and be alert, never want to be regretted for not paying attention on my personal safety.

24 series ...

Friend recommended a new TV series to me – called ’24 series’ – secret agent vs assassination kind of series….. The first episode - first thing showed KLCC – nice view leh. Actually hor – whenever I told people (outside of my workplace ) where I am from, they sure said ‘Oh, I know that – Entrapment – Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones – nice movie, she’s sexy, nice building’ …. Hmm, a Hollywood movie helped to explain my country – tak payah I susah-payah say much :)

nyamuk, lipas, cicak

I totally forgot about those insects I hate back home .....See, no wonder lah I enjoyed Fireworks so much here - no nyamuk - I sat on the field whole night - tak ada a single bite pun :) .... In the apt - no cicak and lipas also. Whereas back home, I always have to think of ways, buy ubat from China women - to get rid of those irritating insects ....aiii, got to face the reality pretty soon :P

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Auto parts shopping trips

I have this little assignment from bro-in-law, to help him find some parts. Today, took the time to wander around various towns doing this errant. Again, I fall in love with 'GPS' - aiyuh, without it, entah how I can go so many places - some weird places like recycle place leh..hehe

I just want to list down the places I went today, coz I don't do this thing punya - not my shopping list at all - new to me - and chances of forgeting them - FAST - so just list down here ( may be lain kali I use this list to negotiate with bro-in-law for his favors - haha ). I salute Amerincan, especially on the way they handle customers. When they cannot serve me in one store, they will suggest other alternatives, kindly direct me to their competitors. Some even helped me called up the yellow pages or the next store, helped to get the address or contact info .... geeee - back home - my experience was 'NO, sorry we don't sell this , end with FULL STOP'

1.Autozone @FM
2.Central 4Wheel Drive @RC
3.4Wheel parts @ Sac
4.Kragen Auto Part @ FM
5.Truckstuff @ Rville
6.Tognotti's @ Sac
7.Auto recycle streets @ RC ( I amazed loh - the street name is called recycle street - all the car dealers have their recycle stores along this road - isn't this wonderful - make consumer life so easy ) - recycle here means the 'tong chek fok' in cantonese - recycling used old junk cars or accident cars ....

Monday, July 04, 2005

July 4th & fireworks

Well, one of my wish came true , so to speak. I made it to July 4th Fireworks and celebration. The day before , drove up to a friend's house - which is located 3500 ft elevation up on the mountain - weather so so so nice, cool ....surrounded by cedar trees, pollock pines - the scenary just so wonderful, coupled with FRESH air - quiet - the perfect way of winding down, lepak with good company of friends, and BBQ. I should said I hate BBQ back home, too hot , too heaty makan those chicken wings and hotdogs. Yesterday, it is totally a different feeling - aiii, a nice cool weather do the trick ! Hey, I got some BBQ tips from the chef, lain kali - let's try this out - look at the picture - ada scallop, shrimp, teriyaki chicken, cocktail chicken - as compared to our version of chicken wings and hotdogs aje ( those that I know lah )

Then today, I did something stupid or kiasu .... u see, most places have sales on July 4th weekend. I realized that things that I bought a week ago, now most of them on sales - aiyuh. I gave a thought and a mini calculation, at the end, I decided to be kiasu, I re-visited the stores, bought another set of things ( this time most of them either USD 10 cheaper or 30% discount lah). I was also lucky, managed to find the same sizes - so there I was, first trip to buy, second trip to return last week's items .....hmmm, I know this is ridiculas, but hor , at the end of the whole troublesome tasks, I saved RM 200 wor ....tu a lot of money leh to me, it is 'dai' loh :P

After the hectic buy & return sessions, 7 pm - drove to Taman Hagan @ RC - wow - huge park - full of people - families, kids, old folks, handicapped folks as well - very riuh-rendah - there was also a carnival ( it's a neat way of spending the holiday with family or friends loh) ..... Here cuaca memang sedap , day time - panas ( which mat salleh suka so much), then by 7pm , the cuaca cools down a lot - super fast - people like Bahija need a jacket liow - so har, again, I said 'cool' weather do the trick, it was so nice sitting or laying on the field, watching, counting stars, listening to the concert, songs ...also smelled orang lain punya BBQ ( most families setup camps - and did their BBQ right at the park). I enjoyed the fireworks :) - I'm glad I made it ( after talking for so many times / years ) , not that I tak pernah seen fireworks, just that I'm longing for the experience loh. The first time I watched fireworks was with my Uni friends @ Disney World, Florida. Second time with Yaya & Chinamo @ DisneyLand, LA. Third time in KLCC @ Red House - with Dragon ( & her family) , AR, Ringgit and other friends from I-kei - that was new year eve was a nice evening - wonderful company, nice fireworks .... Tonight punya also nice , because it was accompanied by loud patriotic songs - when I watched the fireworks - and the songs played out loud - there is this 'patriotic' mode within my heart - it sunk in .....wait a min, I ter-salah liow ( cantonese say 'run dog) - mine shld be Aug 31 lah, hehe.

Well, earlier - I was a bit dissappointed that my Canada trip tak jadi, then Oregan trip also tak jadi - then I said 'things happen for reasons' - haha. It truly is - I spent time with friends, did what a typical American does on Independence Day - 1) Shopping 2) BBQ 3)Fireworks , blissful weekend - and dun forget - saved $200 leh ..... shld be joyful and thankful , kan :)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Maps vs GPS

When I was schooling here, I learned to read maps – it was so useful. US road system & signs are well maintained and systematic. Wherever I go, first thing first was to get a local map, then figure out the directions. I’m so used to a physical map. Now there is this GPS ( Global Positioning System) or Hertz calls it ‘Never Lost’ system. Last trip, I was too proud and sombong, I actually teased my colleagues who used GPS – I said they should use their brain to figure out the directions, wow – kind of harsh and sombong yeah …..hehe, apa lah, Bahija now gave in as well, I’m using GPS. Well, it is indeed a wonderful tool especially when one is traveling alone, when I’m on the road driving, observing traffics, making various turns, it’s just so cool to have GPS. It’s even best when I made the wrong turns, GPS automatically rerouted for me, tell me where to go, instead of me stopping my car, pull out the map, read and figure out , then hafal the road names and try to make my way right. The information is always up todate, can also search for hospital, gas station, restaurants…so it’s really cool - Hmm, tu lah, pride kabul-kan my mind, my eyes – I apologize to my fellow friends :) Now, people use GPS for hiking, cycling, boating - it is a neat gadget to bring along - more like a safety item liow - never get lost wor , haha

Saturday, July 02, 2005

July the Second !!

Part I -
The Art Of A Good Marriage
Happiness in marriage is not something that just happens.
A good marriage must be created.
In marriage the little things are the big things.
It is never being too old to hold hands.
It is remembering to say "I love you" at least once a day.
It is never going to sleep angry.
It is at no time taking the other for granted;
the courtship should not end with the honeymoon,
it should continue through the years.
It is having a mutual sense of values and common objectives.
It is standing together facing the world.
It is forming a circle of love that gathers the whole family.
It is doing things for each other, not in the attitude of duty or sacrifice,
but in the spirit of joy.
It is speaking words of appreciation and demonstrating gratitude in thoughtful ways.
It is not looking for perfection in each other.
It is cultivating flexibility, patience,understanding and a sense of humour.
It is having the capacity to forgive and forget.
It is giving each other an atmosphere in which each can grow old.
It is a common search for the good and the beautiful.
It is establishing a relationship in which the independence is equal, dependence is mutual and the obligation is reciprocal.
It is not only marrying the right partner, it is being the right partner.

~Wilferd A. Peterson

So far, I'm always there for my Rubber Trees' big days. This round, I truly dissappointed one of them - Janice. We've talked about this for a few times, I apologized many times , yet I know the 'sad' , 'kecewa' are there in her heart .....well - i just want to say this - it is the same in my heart as well. I couldn't imagine - after waited for this moment, finally - at this date - I'm far far away - not sharing the joy with you. I'm sure this will remain as a 'scare' or missing piece in her wedding memory ....aiii - betul-betul sorry .... let's try next one - may be I'll be with you welcoming the Little Janice :) Enjoy a fruitful marriage life !!!

Last year July 2 - I also FFK Joey's wedding, he didn't seem happy as well ....aiyuh !!

Part II
Yaya - 祝你 生日快乐 !!!! My best wishes for you - those I've IM-ed to you :) Now, Janice and Yaya both have 1 mutual date ...hehehe. Yaya, I found a kaki for you part III

Part III
Miss Sanguine - HapPy BiRtHday yeah - July 4th fireworks with you - I'm still hoping one day - we could do it together , kay !

Part IV
Last year same day now - I arrived here. Exciting moment - because for the first time ever - Kampung Girl got to fly Business Class - then then durian betul-betul runtuh - I also had the luxury of First Class ( long long distance flight - hoo hoo ) - truly a pampered trip - and I'm thankful :) Side effort hor - I started to complain Economy class now lah - so so sin kor - so 'pik', so uncomfortable - oh well - no choice - cost is too high , aiiiii - so accept the reality that I still get to travel yeah :) I didn't recall how I spent my July 4th holiday during my Uni time, was thinking hard - but totally blank. I haven't seen 4th of July Fireworks as well leh after so many years, so many times ..... viola - rusa - I get to watch as many as I want - hahaha ..... cioa !

A word to singles ....

As I'm reading Doktor Cinta's blog ..... this message came to me. Doktor Cinta - hmm, u may want to consider 'pastor-ing' - wuahahahaaha :P

A Word To Singles
Commit the Lord...and He will help you. - Psalm 37:5 NLT

When you meet that "someone special," here are 5 questions you should consider:

(1) Is the relationship based on honesty? The Bible speaks about, "Telling each other the truth" (Eph 4:25 CEV). Relationships thrive on openness and trust. When deceit creeps in, it's time to get truthful in a hurry, or call it quits.

(2) Can you be yourself? Paul writes, "Each of us is an original" (Ga 5:26 TM), and "Let' what we were made to be" (Ro 12:6 TM). If you feel like you constantly need to reinvent yourself or walk on your tiptoes, you're in the wrong relationship. Wise up! If they disapprove of you now, do you seriously think marriage will improve things?

(3) Is either of you possessive? The Bible says, "Love is...never jealous" (1 Co 13:4 CEV). If one of you can't make a move without the other's permission, it's a red flag, back off!

(4) Have you established physical boundaries? If the relationship ended today would you regret your level of involvement? You may know that the Bible says, "Run...from sexual sin" (1 Co 6:18 NLT), but do you understand why God says He made sex as a commitment specifically for marriage? And why it can otherwise leave you feeling "used?"

(5) Do you plan your time together? Without a specific plan it's easy to get more physically involved than you should. That's why it's good to agree up front as to your boundaries. Listen: "Commit the Lord...He will help you." Lasting relationships always put God first - always!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Not my day ............

Today just isn’t my day – whole day nothing seem to work well for me … new team member FFK me for an important meeting– lunch partner FFK me, whole day troubleshooting this network problem – still at stage one ( I memang hate networking – my brain auto shut down whenever I have to deal with network thingy ….aiiii ) …besok dunno how to face it. Anyway, I’m so glad that I watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S just now - laughing out loud. Tonight episode was on Dr Monkey – Chandler and Ross both fighting on who thought of the Dr Monkey’s joke first, hillarious lah sebab I teringat someone – he has Dr title , recently blog dia laku ….hmm hmm, then his nickname also Mah Lou - LOL.

Sometimes ‘waktu siang don’t talk about other people’ - --> AR and myself were chatting on this T, suddenly he pop up. Purposely created IM account – coz I never log on to Yahoo punya. This is an example of why I find certain people irritating.

T: eh, can I have your address ?
B: y ?
T: I want to buy things, send to your place, wat’s ur address ?
B: wat r u buying ?
T: Dunno yet …no time check ebay yet

Hmmm, he memang caught me at the wrong time liow lah …..

B: wat lah u ! u r 2 much leh
B: dunno wat to buy, yet want me to bring back 4 u , never even tell me wat things
B: then u buy n buy n buy – all ship to me …..
B: sorry, limited luggage space

T: wat u bought ?
T: y no space ?
T: wat u bought leh ?
T: u bought dbx books , iz it ?

Hmmm, wait a minute, who is asking for favor ? do I owe him an answer of what I bought ? Does he needs to grant me permission ?

B: sorry dude, can’t help you
T : yuh

B: bye

Frankly, I may be able to find ways to help if I wanted to , the choices are mine. Friends who know me, I will do my best if I can, if things don’t get into my way – sometimes to me, it is just ‘soon pin’ on the way kind of thing – and I’m more than happy to help. This trip, many friends politely asked me if I mind helping them ….. and so far – the answers were all yes. Average I go to Post Office 2 times a week – to collect all sort of items. This case today, Bahija may be sensitive, but I just don’t feel being respected. I just think he should nicely ask me if I can help him, instead of taking my address, reversed - ini 'push' strategy ..... sorry dude - Bahija is not keen in 'push' strategy - It irritated me. Am I rude ?

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fear of 'this' .....

Last Sunday, the church I'm visiting had a Baptism ceremony. And it was my first experience witnessing the water baptism thingy. I'm happy for those who participated. However, the whole exercise put me into 'fear'..... I don't know why - but I do know I'm not ready yet - I've QT with Father Lord that he has got to work with me on this. I takut pastor come ask me to attend class - and do it loh - which I'm goin to tell pastor - I can't do this yet ................

some pictures ....

This was taken during last Sunday cycling trip along American River ..... nice kan ?

This is the Rainbow Bridge - and my partner bikey :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Good usage of IM

Sometimes, I do feel good - flattered with some special attention ( from guys ) lah ...personally, I also know very well - relationship is something I never ever should play a fool with - simply because I don't want to hurt anyone or may be myself .....heart broken is damn 'siong' one. Tonight - there is this fan of mine - persistently expressing his affection on me. Well, like i said - as a normal woman, it is indeed sweet - but I'm also uneasy - coz truly I dun want to give any hope , or to have him think of any hope - so , Deboss helped to compose the message and I took the courage to say what I need to say - a long and clear messages - and diplomatic i think ....oh, the beauty of IM - make my life so much easier - and not so 'kam kai' loh....

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Dreams .....

When I was in U, my dear friend Ring Ring and myself went to Wal-Mart- spent USD 130 bought a pink mountain bike each. Back then, we cycled 15 mins to Wal-Mart to do our groceries - Bahija wasn't a good biker, I learned , I was slow, I was afraid of the tiny and bumpy roads ..... I also lost control of the bike easily - in other words hor - I selalu jatuh - then the veges or groceries all also jatuh ....hahaha - pengsan :) - there was once - I tak sempat break while goin downhill , so I went all the way to the middle of the road - and that really scared the hell out of the drivers ...... I know - I was so bad girl , that was safety violation, and I could caused accidents. After that, I didn't cycle much, sold my pink bike to my junior when I graduated. Last Sunday, I had this golden opportunity to try cycling. This time, I was lucky, I had a professional biker - he taught me how to use the variuos gears - FINALLY, after so many years - I learned to cycle properly, now goin uphill - tak susah liow loh - haha - the experience was wonderful, knowing how to cycle right - really ease the effort - and cultivate the interests :) - I took the American River trail - passed by wonderful scenic route across a historic bridge and lovely American River so cantik - mother nature is so magnificent... Tomorrow, Bahija is cycling again - this time I want to see sunset ( only problem - I'm hitam manis now - tan - aiii )
Tonight - I did 3 movies marathon - 7pm ( Sleepless in Seattle ) , 9pm (You've Got Mail) and 11 pm (Fools Rush In) - Hahaha - all lovey dovey movies yeah. Well, I think this is woman thingy, woman tends to enjoy watching romantic movies ....right ? This 3 movies are my favourite, seen them many times liow, yet still suka. 'Fools Rush In' talked about 'Signs are everywhere" - hehehe - I love signs :) - I've got synchronicities in my life. It also showed Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Nevada and Arizona stateline ---> the places I wish to visit - and if I make it to the stateline, I also want to be like Izabel - throw a wishing coin :) hehe !

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Forensic Security

Okie, kampung girl just learned about this Forensic Security .... hehehe. I spent half day here - reading the backend components - rupa2 nya Bahija punya new role is to support the security databases...... wow. Kalau macam ini - I have high chance of getting my connection - to learn more on the security from user application side yeah - eg, how to detect hacker, stop intrusion - may be I can be a Forensic Security Officer one of this day ..... hmmm, kena tengok more C.S.I series liow ....