Friday, March 23, 2007

March 23 ...

2 of my friends celebrate birthday today .... Wau Bulan and Big Brother A. Both of them have left in-kei liow. Now, added baby N into today's list, he's born around 2 pm i think, I'll be seeing him and his proud parent in 2 weeks time. hippieeeee

Monday, March 19, 2007

comfort ...

Ever wonder how Great is our Lord ? I was slightly upset over the weekend, one was related to family matters, one was related to Teddy Bear - he fell and knocked his head, received 6 stitches. Hmm, I wasn't happy and didn't share with anyone. Sunday went for altar call - prayed for Miracle on teddy bear, I wish I could or able to do something extra-ordinary for him. Today , my angel Ringgit sent me an email which talked about the things in my heart, and he also ended our chat with this word 'victorious' - Haaa, that's how Great is my Lord - He sent his angel to drop hints onto me, to comfort me, to uphold me, to raise me up :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

a wiser decision

Bahija thought for the whole night , and made the decision - spent approximately $700+ on just one thing....aiiii , temptation - I'm a failure ! Here this link brings you to World Vision - a christian organization dedicated to help the poor in the world regardless of religion , ethnicity or gender. For RM600 , $50 mthly - one can sponsor a child, and help the child to have a better future. Bahija would be happier if I channel my $700++ to sponsor a child ... To my readers, if you have the heart to help the needing folks, please check out this site ...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

a visit to DPC

Years ago, Bahija and Ringgit visited SPK Dmansara show house - my air liur mengalir-alir - the 2 1/2 storey house is spacious and well designed and built, equipped with 2 master bedrooms - which make sense, as many couples stay with their parents - so couple one master bedroom, their parent also have one master bedroom, the location is good and strategic. Aiii - we only get to dream about it. The other big impressive project is Desa Park City. Tonight, I drove past the area - saw the shops, the houses and condominiums - wow .....niceeeeeeeeee. This whole area indeed has developed well, and sure benefited one of my friend who stay nearby. He shld be laughing out loud, smart investment - can dream dream to upgrade to bigger house later ....

The other high class area is call Sierramas and Valencia. Sierramas project should be started may be 10 years ago - back then, out of no where , situated at Sg Buluh, facing a lot of rumah setinggan, and not so nice neighboorhood - the developer Tan & Tan which initiated this project was very smart. Knowing that BU, Dsara, PJ area already quite fully developed - thus developed this area to be super high end - catering to the rich and famous group.... I am just curious how did T&T manage to promote this area to the rich folks - getting them to purchase and move to a not so happening place back then, plus only one exit via Sg Buluh NKVE exit .... what was the magic ? Now, most people know where are Sierramas and Valencia , there are many i-kei fellows staying there too - hmmm, can someone invite Bahija to these 2 housing areas , plssssss - i want to go there and dream dream ,mengalirkan air liur ....

Next, one of my relative bought a condominium under T&T for > RM 350K. During CNY , T&T sent her a very nice new year prosperity plant - delivered all the way to her house....pandai nya to buat customer happy eh ... kan baik if can give ang pow - less a few thousand on the sales price eh, heeee

speed limit

Tonight , Bahija drove along NKVE from Shah Alam to Sg Buluh - i think the distance is about 30 KM. I wanted to check the speed limit. I paid attention to all the road signs along the way .... 'out of sight, out of mind' is a very valid statement. During my whole destination - I only managed to see one pethatic speed limit sign 110 km/j - which is located North bound after Damansara toll exit, before Kota Damansara exit. Only one speed limit sign ....hmm, when i was driving in CA - I was constantly reminded on the speed limit , as there were plenty of signs along the road - some on the left , some on the middle of the road - so the driver usually cannot NOT see the speed limit lor .... hmm, just wondering, is it better to have more reminder on the speed limit ?

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Today, after church service, Bahija rushed back to mum's house. I took Jln Damansara - then the link road to Hartamas, Mont Kiara - passed by Science center. On highway, my usual driving speed is 110 km/hr, as usual, I cruised along nicely on this scenic full of greens link road lah, then cars started to slow down - hmm, saw the road block, of course Bahija kena la ...parked next to whole bunch of BMWs, Mertz, SUVs, nice nice cars the most low-yah one - heee

My last stop was about 8 years ago at Hartamas too - for not using handphone hands-free kit. that time - my wallet only had RM5 , he pun took my last piece of cash ....

Anyway, today - when i kena stopped , I was prepared to get my saman - not worried at all ( geee - didn't know what have I eaten or done la, I calmly accepted my saman nia ) , the truth is I did speed - so I salah lah. He told me the speed limit is 80 km/hr and i was goin at 110, asked for my license - i passed to him, then turned my head away from him and listened to radio....then he shouted very loud 'cik - nak i tolong or nak saman' - I turned and stared at him - then said very calmly 'i want saman, please' .... wow - geee - what happened to me liow ? heeee. Again, i turned my head and listened to song waiting for him to capture details and pass me the saman slip la , at the same time, my brain reminded me to observe his ID & name - as I want to report this ( to support my PM punya vision mah - berhentikan or mengkurangkan corruption ) ... after a while , he knocked on my window, returned my license and said 'i let you go' .... another geeee - i supposed that was a surprise to me, that i took my license and then drove away - without saying anything to him , not even a 'terima kasih' .... not sure TQ was appropriate

My key learning is that it's a sign sent to me - reminded me to drive safely & obey speed limit - it's a good reminder - TQ