Tuesday, November 28, 2006

human relationship

Sometimes , we hear so and so not a good daughter-in-law , so and so not a good son-in-law bla bla bla ....Some cases, we do have very difficult people (eg parent, in-laws, siblings, colleagues) to live with or to work with. But generally , I think it takes 2 hands to clap. Both parties have to work on a relationship.

Eg , Ms World is a caring daughter. She puts herself in the elders' shoes, and look at things from their end. She knew 'the parents era' - they watched the famous James Bond movie. So now, as she's deeply in loved and dating this guy. She's planning to bring her own parent, as well as her BF's parent to enjoy the movie separately - treat it as family outings....

The point here is that - when a boy meets a girl, falls in love - have their own cycle of life - the boy's or girl's parent suddenly feel left out - they may feel that they are losing one child, as the child is no longer spending time, focusing on them. If there is more of this Ms World, who is thoughful and also include the loved ones into her new relationship - everyone feel loved, feel appreciated - and that's the best strategy to win the hearts. It's a form of respect to the elders too ..... we live in a society consist of 'human beings' - like it or not - human relationship is important - a good positive relationship will cultivate positive energy, 'chi', brings joys and good support along the way ...........

funding expenses

One of my friend is planning on his wedding. During the conversation - he mentioned that he won't left Bahija and Wau Bulan out , as he needs us, our angpow to fund his expenses ..... hmm, Bahija is against this statement, that's wrong.

Wau Bulan replied to me :
That’s why my dad always against big wedding ceremonies for his kids (THANK GOD!!) coz for us - and I think generally any religions & races – the ceremony is to mark the occasion and sharing the joy, happiness, food etc. If u had big weddings, u grumbled coz u spent a lot of $$ and also expect people to give u $$. So it defeats all the good purposes & intentions of the ceremonies. U don’t get the ‘merit points’ for giving people the food etc, coz it wasn’t really ‘sincere’ – it was done to show off ur wealth & u expect something ($) in return

I'm same wavelength as Wau Bulan ...

Monday, November 27, 2006

getting sun tan ...

For this past 2 days and today, I purposely parked my sweety outside - so that she could get some sun tan :) .... I tinted my car ( finally - after so many many years ). Now , when friends heard about the tinted car, orang ingat I ada kereta baru ..... aiyuh, pai sek. She's still the same old car , which has been serving me faithfully for > 10 yrs. Oh, i love the tinted effect, betul2 dumb for not using this earlier. The weather is getting so hot , i beh tahan driving under the hot sun ... now it's much better, I'm so happy.....

Thursday, November 23, 2006

TAR Asia repeats

Hi Hi - some readers asking when is the repeat .... TW show time is different eh :)
For Mal, first run is on AXN - Thursday 9 pm, repeats on :-

Friday 12:30 am
Friday 12 noon
Saturday 10 am
Sunday 8 pm
Tuesday 8 pm
Wednesday 5 pm
Thursday 12 am

Friday, November 17, 2006

prayer meeting ....

Lately, Bahija is slightly 'upset' with the things happening in the country .... this morning, read the article about 'Mal Bodoh' instead of 'Mal Boleh'. Tonight, I was suppose to meet a new friend from Vietnam, be her tour guide. But last minute, she decided to fly home earlier - thus my friday night was free. After stucked in the jam for 1.5 hours - I decided to drag my tired body and mind to the prayer meeting .....surprised loh, rupa-rupanya pastor also read the same article, he also brought up some points and shared with us. This week UM is hving general meeting - some of the leaders are getting slightly arrogant liow (as the group is growing), this may not do us any good. Anyway, I feel much better after prayer meeting .... hey, stood for 1.5 hours prayed prayed prayed and sang this -

Heal the nation / Mal
Heal the nation / Mal
Heal the nation / Mal
Pour out your spirit onto this land


Docker's pant passed this link to me ... to my fellow 'kakis' who care or who are still stepping on this soil - this is a good article to read , to me, makes real sense :( The global market is so competitive, yet we are rocking our own boats internally - cari pasal. I felt like Mal is losing control, I dun feel happy with the annoucement on bigger newer palace and other things too. I wish to be happy reading some of the annoucements which will benefit majority of the normal citizens ...

Last sunday - pastor preached on 'prayer for nation' - he also commented there are many nonsense folks doing nonsense things ....eg mat salleh couple caught 'kawat' , Datuk Z and a few more cases, stupid comments from various folks... and triggered people to initiate migration plans :) [ sound familiar, my readers ?? ] We ended the service with a song 'Oh Lord, bless us' - pastor changed it to 'Oh Lord, bless Mal' - may we , as a nation , has the wisdom, intelligence , strength to do the right things for all ...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

TAR Asia

Hey Hey Hey ...remember to watch TAR Asia this Thursday 9 pm on AXN ....
The teams will be flagged off at our Dataran Merdeka lah . So wonderful , this thursday, I hv no cell meeting , so I get to stay at home and enjoy the first episode :) hehehehe

Saturday, November 04, 2006

fun evening at TR and shopping ...

Ross, Chandler, Monica and Phoebe went to Tony Roma's tonight .... it's been a very long time since we last met for dinner ( it's hard to get full attendance - missing Joey and Racheal ). We ordered the signature appetizer TR full onion loaf, beef ribs, TR's salad , caesar salad with salmon - yum yum - dinner was great , too much for 4 of us. Our waiter was good & polite , managed to win our hearts to tip her. One thing dissappointed - this TR is halal one - no pork served , Bahija not a beef-kaki, aiiii - that means still need to go overseas to sample the juicy tender succulent pork ribs lah ....
Tonight was meaningful - it will be 'Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah' - glad to be there :) - I'll blog about this later .....

Friday, November 03, 2006

baby sitting ..

Mum and little sis are visiting India Golden Triangle now ....my boss allowed me to work from home so that I can babysit Teddy Bear. Nice eh - I reckon it's very hard to find a boss like him , so supportive and understanding. Today, Bahija very bad ...after lunch, I was suppose to give medication to Teddy Bear, yet when I received escalation on the db issues, I ditched him alone, and focus only on my work ....so much so that I totally forgot about his medication ....aiyuh. I only realized at 5 pm ( when I've settled my issues ). At 7 pm, he should be taking the dinner medication lah - so sorry T.B, for screwing up , bad bear sitter :P

Then, mum in India ... she sms-ed beh tahan the smell, hotel, water , food all ada smell, couldn't sleep at night because of the smell...aiyuh, Anti-Ringgit - that bad ker ? I'm afraid that mummy will belasah me for recommending India to her la , hmmmm .... God - please please give them some peace of mind, peace of heart , that they could enjoy their visit there lah

2nd important thing ...

I can't live without my sweety ( first on my list ) ... 2nd on my list should be internet broadband access :) - banking, concert tickets, online chats, online shopping, goggling to solve work related issues, vpn to work from home or anywhere ....

Thursday, November 02, 2006

tinted glass

on my personal belonging list, the most important thing that I can't live without - is my sweety car. Just the other day - in the morning, when my sweety broke down - I was in chaotic, couldn't go anywhere nor do anything ..... felt so helpless. I can't locked myself at home for 1 day lah, lunch and dinner also ada masalah if I dun hv car :) hehehe

See la, how important is my sweety to me ...hmm, so I should have given her a good treat by installing the tinted glass la .... aiyuh , my mind entah brain apa , I could spend hundreds on make-up, on perfumes - but neglecting this little important thing , protecting me from UV and sun tan wor .... my to do list , to give 'her' a treat pretty soon ( can u imagine, sudah 11 yrs , still belum tinted - aiyuh )

Asian T.A.R episode 10

howdeeee....my readers who like TAR, we've watched many episodes, the coming one is the Asian version, premier is on Nov 9 evening on AXN. Those tak ada , sorry eh - tunggu 8tv nanti. Let's get ready and check out the Asian teams :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Iceberg ...

The Titanic received five iceberg warnings just before it went down. When the sixth message came during the wee hours of the morning: "Look out for icebergs," the operator wired back "Shut-up! I'm busy!" Thirty minutes later the great 'unsinkable' vessel was sinking fast. What happened? They forgot the truth about icebergs. What they saw above the water couldn't have sunk the great ship. But unfortunately most of an iceberg is below the water. Do you know what? That iceberg represents your life! The 10% above the water is your reputation; the 90% below is your character. And it's what's below the surface that sinks your ship.

What is character?
(a) Self-discipline - the ability to do what's right, even when you don't feel like it.
(b) Core values - principles you live by in spite of the pressures around you.
(c) Sense of identity - a self-image based on who God, not others, says you are.
(d) Emotional security - the capacity to be emotionally stable and consistent. Your life's greatest impact doesn't come from what you own, but from what you are....The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart"

Whatever's happening today on the outside of your life comes from what's happening on the inside. God puts "being" before "doing." He prioritises taking care of the inside (your heart) because that will determine what takes place on the outside (your behaviour).

A few things that I hate to read about, how we wish there are more people out there have better characters :-
a) U Kay area always have landslides , we hv had very serious cases whereby many people lost their lives ... yet this landslides continue to happe, and projects are being approved , new properties are being built - wonder Y ? when bad things happen - the popular statement like tis ' a committee is setup to study and prepare the report' - aiyuh , after so many tragedies - we are still doing study and preparing report - then dissappeared ...

b) Klang Z cases, today we found out 2 more cases .... isn't it obvious that those folks within their group knows about all this 'no approval' thingy - just a matter of covering and you watch my back, i watch your back , not a surprise to me ....sakit hati-nya my tax money

c) Unethincal pig farmers - talking short cut , greed, feeding pigs with drugs - we eat - bad for us ...

c) the topic of marginalization - aiiii , 9MP and so on

I've been trying to keep myself positive - to continue to have some 'hope' on this land that i am staying .... my lunch kakies now asking this Q 'shld we migrate ?' ... I am telling them tat everywhere is the same, there is some pros and cons no matter where we are - I'm not sure how long I can keep this statement