Thursday, December 30, 2010

friday dec 31 .....

Hippie , tomorow is a public holiday :) ....PM announced it after Msia won the AFF suzuki cup. If I remembered correctly, the last time we had such holiday was from the Thomas cup many many years ago. Anyway, this come super handy , last day of the year, getting ready to wind up things and welcome the new year....I looking forward to the days.

Happy Blessed New Year !

Monday, December 13, 2010

new projects ....

Bahija tried to source for more contracts / projects ..... one of them tendered, should know the result very soon. Tomorrow 2:30pm , Bahija will be meeting a new customer and business partners, I have to do a sales pitch to convince customer and partners why they should hire me. Luckily dah 'rejuvenated' a bit with some retail therapy treatment in Singapore last weekend, had a short getaway to the Sin-island, buang some duit, got some motivation to work harder now .... Hopefully I could do well in my presentation tomorrow, able to secure a short term contract on my table. gementar a bit juga , hope the customer and partners appreciate my little expertise here ...wish me luck !!!

my first contra

Bahija's sister works in a security firm, this firm has friends and family package ...thus we are enjoying slightly cheaper brokerage rate (when we perform an online e-trading). I started to learn how to 'play' this game last year .... not an expert, not an active player, not interested to read the market reseach, not keen to study company's profile etc etc , basically, I am just a casual player , like casual drinker , hahaha.... Today, marked the day where I performed my first contra .... at 9:30am, I bought a share, at 2:30 pm, I sold it .... untung hanya $46 sahaja, very happy liow, sound good , but indeed a very risky business, entah-entah contra life pula it for small fun once a while, suppose it is ok, don't get hook to it deeply !

Monday, December 06, 2010

past is past ....

A friend of mine said that his wife doesn't korek the old stories, if something happened in the past, she doesn't like to dig back and argue or talk about it , because what is past is past, can't do anything and not good to keep harping on it. I find that thinking or behaviour very, I also told my mother that things / decisions we made in the past, let's just let go and no points of looking back and brought them out again.... we shall move forward and hope for the best ma :)

durian cheesecake

Tonight Bahija ter-met a friend at Lot 10. She walked with me to Ferenheit, then she insisted I must try the durian cheesecake from Su's bakery. I tried, for those who love durian, this is indeed a very yummy's $8 per piece, it is an online srore, and now having a booth at Ferenheit time if you are around that corner, give a try !

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Contented Living

  • Health enough to make work a pleasure
  • Wealth enough to support your needs
  • Strength enough to battle with difficulties and overcome them
  • Grace enough to confess your sins and forsake them
  • Patience enough to toil until some good is accomplished
  • Charity enough to see some good in your neighbour
  • Love enough to move you to be useful and helpful to others
  • Faith enough to make real the things of God
  • Hope enough to remove all anxious fears concerning the future

~ Goethe ~

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Bahija went for Starbie today... after the payment, the cashier gave me a receipt and asked me to logon and do a survey, for that effort, I received a code , next time can go starbie and claim one complimentary tall beverage .....HaHaHa...I get to enjoy the christmas flavour for 3 times FOC .... I hope my readers will also get this survey offer ....

last week, 3 banks engaged a marketing company to conduct survey for them, they called me and I was so super kind to them, did the survey for them for 15 minutes using my handphone ( while hands working on my notebook , not ergo at all) , came to a point, I was so fed up and irritated, as I dislike talking on the handphone for so long....then they quickly rapped up and said thank you, hang up.... ALAMAK, at least give me some goodie la. Next time , I think I'll say not free and my turn to hang up .... one of the survey asked me 'does the bank give me better rate for being their loyal good customer ? ' - I straight away rated LOUSY , coz so far , none of the banks call me and offer me a better interest rates....

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dec 4 .....

Counting down , 5 more days :) ...Dec 4 is my last day of class ( it's my exam day ) and the day to submit the last assignment. As of now, I am still sitting in front of my computer, brain dead, no ideas how to analyze my 'client' , don't know how to councel the 'client' and present them in my's kind of tuff. But thinking of ending the class, really motivate me A LOT. I suppose I'm not fit to study liow la , so sien doing homework, doing paper and preparing for exam , hahaha. Nevertheless, it's 5 more days nia .... Jia Yu !

2011 First Lepak Destination ....

Oct 29, Bahija attended her first AGM ( as a shareholder lah ) ...Nov 30 - I reached home opened a registered letter, opened it and viola promised by the big boss - whoever who attended the AGM , gets complimentary 3D2N stay with breakfast for 2 at : Tioman or Langkawi or Bkt Tinggi or Penang .... offer expire April 2011. For Bahija , I still think that is a good deal and not a bad 'investment' for me leh , I only bought such a small amount of shares ( main aim was to get starbie vouchers ma ) ...and now got this free stay. I choose Tioman - that is an island I always wanted to explore.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Bahija had a wonderful weekend with some good old friends. We missed the fun time that we used to have back in the old days :) .... One of the 'influencer' asked us to watch 'so cial net work' , and we blindly went for midnight movie at 11:50 pm ( betul-betul kena 'jampi' by this influencer )... well, we enjoyed it. After the movie, some of us went home wikipedia la, image googled la - trying to find out more, and to verify which part is fiction and which part is true story etc etc, I am still 'kek-poying'. I wonder if this is the human nature of suka 'kekpoh' ? why am I so interested to find out about their real faces, their true story etc etc ? I reckon these are 'healthy behaviours' , to find out how those smart genious can be so successful, as well to find out how the deals went sour .... macam learning from history la. I salute fb, started 2004, within such a short time, it is so 'in' and almost everyone is in this network, it change the history of networking.. so that is the trigger point motivating me to want to know more ( healthy punya ) ....Anyway, those of you who haven't seen this wayang gambar, go check it out. I think whoever who ada fb account will find it interesting lor...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

a real life issue for counseling .....

Bahija is actively googling, reading, reseaching on the various counseling techniques - namely Person-centered theory, Gestalt theory, Cognitive Behaviour theory etc etc etc .... Yea- DEC 4- that's the FreeDom Day ( the end of my class !! ) - I happily plan for celebration activities :) - can't wait ,haha. Till then, I have to suffer a little bit now , to get my paper and to sit for the oral counseling exam. The truth is, we are using these different techniques in our lives, for example, according to Cognitive Behaviour theory, human nature has both rational and irrational thoughts, our own thoughts and the way we interpret the thoughts determined our behaviour and emotions. The technique here is to change the irrational thoughts into positive rational thoughts, for example, "when my colleague got her promotion", if my thought is irrational, I would be jealous, then my behaviour could be 'saying harsh words about her' ... Likewise, if I am rational, I should congratulate her and go enjoy a free meal - muahaha. I believe most of us are applying these 'self' thingy on our daily life , self-acceptance, self-awareness, self-improvement etc etc ..... My exam is on Dec 4, I need to think of a topic or scenario for my counseling.....hmmm - i am thinking 'Why am I not exercising to reduce my weight issues ? why why why ? ( this is real issue la , Bahija is so MALAS , expanded to XL size already , still MALAS to exercise, how la ) .... what's my underlying issue ? lack of discipline ? lack of motivation ? lack of time - this is a BS though I love to say it .... why why why ?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

banks being 'bad'

Thesesay, I always received letters from bank , when I opened the envelopes, I'll be getting cheques with my name and IC no , and the amounts were $5000, $10000, yesterday was $32500, scary nya .... all I need to do is just cash in the cheques, then I'll have the huge amount of money, and owe the bank lots of money too ... Aiyuh , I dislike this technique.... I hate the banks pushing the cheques to me, rather I dislike banks sending things to me when I myself didn't ask or apply for it. That is not right. Doing this, a lot of consumers may not understand the consequenses of using the cheques, super high interests......these action could 'kill' a lot of consumers and got them into debts leh. Should I report to Bank Negara ?

Friday, October 29, 2010


Bahija purposely bought share B, with the goal to attend the AGM, and to receive all the goodies....come year end, it's a tradition for me to enjoy starbie coffee...muahaha, this year, I have 2 vouchers liow. It's lots of hard work la -woke up 7:30am, left house at 8:30 am, reached the AGM place at 9:20 am, queued for registration at 9:30 am, collected freebies at 10am. Here's my vouchers , hehe... My first experience attending an AGM, hmm, wasn't that bad, I got to know how the companies are progressing in future, their plans as well as insider tips.... the sad part was that many old folks rushed, pushed at the registration queue, some of them fell, some very kat cheong , while walking up the stairs, they hurt themselves. aiiii - why la , it's just registration only, plus only getting some food vouchers, not getting gold or cash, even so - does it worth to sacrifice the safety of oneself ? I really no 'eye see' , aiiiiiiii.....on the brighter side, a lot of the elders are very market savy, they questioned the company portpolio, profits etc.... The chairman was kind enough to announce 'bonus' for all those who attended the AGM - a free 2D1N with breakfast package at all their hotels or resorts - WOW, now that made my days :) , I hope to receive the goody in mail soon ....Perhaps next year, I may consider attend again , hehe

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Halo !!! some friends sudah marah Bahija for not updating this blog ...sorry eh :) ...
Bahija is good, as posted in my previous post, Bahija also a part-time housewife now .... cooking takes a lot of time, and I don't have a domestic helper to assist me. Anyway, Bahija passed the previous exam - Child Psychology, now taking the last module which is Counseling, this December, when I sit for the exam, I have to be 'the counselor', pretend to be an authentic counselor, all these new terms making me crazy - hahaha. Time flies , it's 20102010 today. Good numbers. 2010 almost done , aiyuh, so fast, and the same old things still apply - for me, there are still many things or tasks to be completed, but belum habis. Theseday, I spend a lot of time at home, besides work, I usually go back home and prepare dinner ( average 3 hours leh ) , then wash up and relax or work a bit, then tidur lor....Note to you guys out there, please don't stop calling me, emailing me or updating me, K. We must make effort to keep in touch with each other. I'm happy that I'll start to meet with friends soon ....and those long distance, please drop me emails or notes about yourselves. tata .....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a housewife lifestyle .....

Bahija is promoted to be the 'woman' of the house. I go to bed early, wake up early....prepare breakfast, get things ready , then wake up Teddy Bear, measure his glucose level using the glucose test kit, then gives him breakfast, then get him to exercise for 5 mins ( hopefully ), then prepare to go to work , then get off from work earlier, go home , prepare dinner , dinner at 6:30 pm or 7pm...again pre dinner - do glucose test, repeat the test 2 hours after the meal, exercise 5 mins again, wash up , get ready for next day , watch a bit of TV, read newspaper - then time to sleep. That is my typical day schedule now , this will continue for a while until I master the diet plan. Teddy Bear is diagnosed with diabetes ( beginning stage). He's on medication, yea - besides his dozen of epilepsy medication, now adding diabetes as well. A few log books for him, tracking : his weigh , his blood pressure , his glucose level before and after meal, his fits frequency, his abnormal observation. Bahija is learning to buy, prepare heathier food at home, have to share with my mummy, and encourage her to cook the same. Mum only know the traditional chinese cooking, now I am introducing simplier, easier , healther way of preparing the food. It's a lot of work, I dozed off easily by 11 pm :). I am learning to grill 2 dishes in an oven, cook rice plus steam another dish in the rice cooker , so in total , I have 3 dishes with brown rice. Yesteday started to use the glucose test kit , scared to poke the sharp needle, yeeeeee... but then, I have done 6 times liow - sudah immuned, so practice makes perfect. My take is, once I get the process in placed, when I know what diet works for Teddy Bear, when mum can help to monitor and learn to prepare healthier food, when things settling down a bit, it's time to get a domestic helper. Hope I can employ a good helper :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

2D movie ?

My nephew from LA is back in town for a visit, now that he's a teenager , he is more particular on things to do more I say go here, he'll follow :( - that time 'was' over. Now , need to seek his agreenment on what food to order for him, what clothes to buy for him etc etc ....well, this is the teenager stage, he is in the 'identity' stage. Anyway, 6 things that make him very happy :-
1. eating beef /steak
2. good movie
3. starbuck caramel frappucino
4. maggie mee curry flavour
5. coke
6. McD

This week, we went for 3 movies ( what a luxury treat for me ), watched Inception, Salt and Toy Story 3D.... when I bought tickets online for Salt, it keeps promoting 2D ...I was curious why 2D ? how can it be 2D ? coz the normal movie we watch is memang 2D already , then how and why there is new category 2D ni ??? .....being curious and rushing, I didn't find out more , just paid for the ticket and watched. Hmmm , if u ask me, I think it's a 'cheating' , it's the same as normal movie ....normal movie at MV is $12, 2D version is $14 ....I think I paid more for nothing. Next round, I'll just stick to the normal version ...
My american nephew who is only 14 yrs old loves Inception, he said it's a cool movie and smart people understand this movie , for those of you who watch this , perhaps I can do a liite test on you :P

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happier taxpayers ....

Thesesdays , a lot of my friends will come to me, told me 'Bahija, I'm happy that I received a letter and cheque from tax refund' , I'm happy for all of my friends. I see some good improvement in the tax system too..... this week, I'm doing health check on their system, my data showed that all the tax refund tables have increased in sizes, some even increased by > 110% - mean double growth leh. From system point of view , I would like to think that the application is coding well, capturing the right data in the right way, so that this growth is a positive growth which reflect same direction as the business growth, in this case, more tax refunds data because more people is getting the refunds. Bahija must closely monitor these 'huge' objects, ensuring they have ample room to grow yea :) .... my team mates have done great work , to tune the system, to tune the problematic issues - thesedays the CPU is good, can execute more tax transactions , hopefully can make more taxpayers happier ...
Those of you who think you may have tax refunds , but haven't receive any notification .... you may call or pay a personal visit , may be that can speed up your refund :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ah Long

Today at work , a muscular indian man, dressed well , speaked well, smelled well too - pakai perfume, stepped into my customer office. I opened the door and asked 'nak jumpa siapa ?'. The person he wanted to meet wasn't in the office, thus he left his business card and a small note. Right there, my instinct told me that he's a high class 'Ah Long' .....true enough, after he left, I looked at his business card - it says 'xxxx bank , senior executive , 'Field Collector' ..... it's the first time Bahija met with Ah Long ma, so I thought that is interesting to see a well dressed Ah Long. Wonder if he couldn't recover the debt , would he be gentleman, well speaking and smelling good ah ? hmmm , for my customer who is having financial issues now , I wish he and family can sort things out la .....

rich resources land .....

come to think about my country , it's a lovely place actually .... it has lots of sunlight, lots of rain and no serious 'disasters' such as earthquake, tornado yet. I received a filter reminder note today , reminding me to change my kitchen filter, yea , every year , I gets this same reminder , and it started since 20 years ago , amazing - isn't it. For a company to continuously send reminder to me, remembering me - a small customer who bought a kitchen filter system ( BTW, the filters are made and from England still , not china made punya ...) For this 'B' company , I salute them & give them a thumbs up.... ok, in the reminder letter, they also share other products, I saw their latest 'Rain Water Harvesting system'. Then I googled and checked on it.... apparently , in Johor, a local professor published a good paper on this topic. For them , to get all the things ready for Rain Harvest System is only less than RM2000. ( exclude labor charges)..... 'B' filter company also offer their products, they even partnered pilot projects in Sime Darby homes ...that is so wonderful. For a country which has plenty of rain waters - it make sense for us to recycle rain water , channel them into home or commercial use, avoid flood , save water bill , save the earth .... Then conserve energy , use sunlights for electricity, build home which uses the sunlights well - bring lights into the home ....I am now dreaming of my 'GREEN dream home' - single storey with 5 rooms , 3 to 4 bathrooms , 1 dry kitchen, 1 wet kitchen , 1 TV room , 1 living room , 1 huge store room ....this dream home is using rainwater , natural sunlights plus other 'green' technology. How sad, only if Govn't knows how to use natural resources wisely, to reduce the rakyat's pain, make our pocket more 'kembang' yea. Why I say Govn't .... coz right now, anything to do with 'green' better technology - usually is very very pricy. If the policy makers can make all these transparent, and apply to more users - spread the costs out, make things cheaper for us to use. I always get questions from my mat salleh friends, how come Msia don't conserve energy ? don't use this , don't use that ..... I always said 'entah, I also wonder why .....'

Monday, July 19, 2010

An evening with Lea Salonga .........

How did I know about Lea Salonga ??? It started all the way when I attended my first musical 'Miss Saigon' in Singapore in the 90's. Miss Saigon musical was awesome !!! May 22, WauBulan and I went to her concert in KL Convention Center. I thoroughly enjoyed that evening, loved all her songs, simply mesmerizing, one of the best concert that I've attended. Her voice is really powerful. Besides her songs, I also enjoyed listening to her life experiences, she's an elegant woman, sweet, smart, kind, sincere. She dedicated some good messsages and songs to us - 10Q and I wish she's back to town again, this time, I'll go for the most expensive seat. HaHa...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Teddy Bear's first test ....

This morning Teddy Bear attended his sunday school. His teacher gave him a test, tested him if he could write / draw the straight lines - up down, right left or diagonal etc etc .... Teddy Bear didn't know how to do this when he first attended the class. His fine and gross motor skills are very weak. Today , he managed to pass his test flawlessly , as in he drew all the straights lines :) , that's a great work from this little old boy ( 44 yrs old liow la ) .... He'll get his reward - a McDonald treat this friday :) , his teacher is coming all the way from Subang to bring him out for his favourite food. The morale of the story is : even a mentally retarded person is learning to improve himself, he feels good about himself ( that's social status - haha) , thus for the rest of us , we have no reason for stopping to learn , we have to keep on learning, keep on enhancing our lives :) , life is a life long learning journey !! I'm proud of my Teddy Bear ....

I am FAT :(

I stopped all my cardio exercises, as well as yoga since January ....because I went for bones treatment. Now, I am such a big fat woman , gosh ..... always feel tired, working pants tight :( S.O.S , Bahija has to start moving again and shed off the fats. Wish me luck !!

OKU allowance

Yahoo ! Teddy Bear FINALLY has his FIRST bank account at the age of 44 :) , not only that , he also has money allowances. Last year June, we applied for the non-working OKU allowance. It was rejected because we over-qualified - household income high. 2 mths ago, miracle happened, I received a letter asking us to go JKM ( Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat ) to receive the monthly allowances. Viola , I count this as durian-runtuh lor , as I haven't appeal nor re-submit the 2nd application, rezeki sudah datang .....The requirement states that so long the person is OKU and not fit to work, he/she can get the allowance , so by right - we shouldn't have to be interviewed on one long list of 'assets', 'cars', 'household incomes' etc etc .... All my family members are taxpayers, we pay the taxes , and we also have to support our OKU brother, so if Goven't allocated some subsidy for them, it is his right to apply for it ....we are saving that money for his medical expenses.
The other thing I wish another miracle will happen - which is the tax deduction for one of the family member who is taking care of OKU folk. Msia tax law is that only father / mother of the OKU can claim the handicap deduction. My case is father tak ada liow, mother not working, the siblings are the one helping to take care of him, yet none of us entitle for any tax deduction. The only way to go about is one of us has to adopt Teddy Bear as our son , which is ridiculas leh ...aiiii
** if any of you want to help other OKU folks to apply for this allowance and don't know how to go about , please ping me ....

Saturday, July 03, 2010

positive emotion

In class, my professor asked us to list down 'emotion'. We gave her the list - happy, sad, stress, envy, jealous, angry, nervous.... Then professor asked us, in the list , how many was positive emotion ??? the answer was ONE only ( Happy ). Then she told us that reseach showed that the positive vs negative emotion is always 1:3, means among 4 emotion list , 1 is positive, the rest 3 is negative. She reminded us the power of being positive. Usually, most people naturally thinks of negative emotion , or negative things, and we emphasize less on positive emotion or positive behaviours....she reminded us that being a teacher , we need to be more careful, teacher ought to be more observant and praise the children /students when they've done positive behaviours or tasks. Eg when a student has long hair , we may commented negatively on his/her long hair , likewise, when he/she has short hair - did we ever comment the short hair - which could be a better hairstyle ??? sometimes , kids just have to do the negative things to get our attention .... hmm, becareful... start by saying good things about others , OK :)

Parenting ....

In my little world, I used to think that the most difficult job in the world is people managing job. I dislike to be a people manager, as I find it tough to manage human being, everyone is different and have different needs , style and etc etc etc .... that is why I try to remain in the technical career path..... Since I've started my diploma class, now I will rephrased, I think the most difficult job in the world is wanting to be a good parent. Parenting is really not easy at all. No one has a manual to learn the right or wrong, or to go to school to learn how to be parent, everyone learn from the real life experience, that is also why parent is to make mistake , and the child should forgive the parents too. Today in my class, we leart that when parent decides to have babies, they really need to be serious and must take time to spend time with the baby from the day he/she is born. From baby to infant ( 1 to 2 yrs old ) - they develop this 'attachment' - there are 4 types of attachement - 'secure' ( positive attachment) - the baby feels safe and like to be with the parent , or the caretakers ( those whom he/she trust ) , 'avoidance' , 'resistant', 'disorganized' attachment ( all these 3 are negative attachment ), as parent , when you have babies, your job is to make sure you give them verbal , non verbal responses, listen to them , as well as present physically for them, they need to be touched, hugged, loved for. If the babies developed the 'secure' attachment - eg - at age of 1 to 2, when the baby just want to cling on to the mother, when others want to carry the baby , he/she cries ---> this is very positive, the baby has develop a 'secure' bonding with the caretaker. This baby will grow up positively.
Psychological study showed that most countries has > 60% of babies growing up having the secure attachment. To all the parents out there , SYABAS , WORK HARDER !!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

homemade italian meatball spagetti

This year March, I hosted a mat salleh friend from Oregan. He sent his 'secret' Italian meatball spagetti' to me, tonight I tasted so well , awesome .... most important , it's so easy to prepare. Put all in slow cooker , then masak aje. I like it.

Today in office , my customer said to me, she wants to introduce mat salleh to me. Then she stopped and repeated "Mat Salleh ni nama dia Mat Salleh, bukan 'mat salleh' orang asing tu' .....gosh, I had a good laugh about this..... hmm, now I realize 'Mat Salleh' is a legitimate bahasa name eh... Malay version nickname the caucasion mat salleh, the chinese labelled them 'ang mou' which literally means 'bulu merah'. The other day , someone also told me a chinese who doesn't speak/know chinese is labelled as 'banana' ....Then an indian who doesn't know how to speak indian is labelled 'coconut' as in the old coconut - brown color outside, inside white :P

Monday, June 28, 2010

Practical training @ NASOM

NASOM stands for National Autism Society of Malaysia. My diploma requires the practical training with the special chilren centers, which is a good idea, I get to visit the various centers and observe the different children. Today , went to kuchai lama's NASOM center. The teachers are dedicated, kind and nice. It is a vocational center - means the autism children ( young adults ) > 14 years old attend the vocational class from 8am to 3pm. They can do simple work such as inserting the packets of ketchup and chili sauce, tissue into the KFC plastic bag, seal them. Each of them have their table , their work system setup in order from left to right. The kids know the tasks in sequence, they can perform their tasks well. I took a picture of them. I pray that more and more companies will reach out and give them the work, let them have the chance to earn a small living. CSR (Corporate Social Responsiblities) is very important here, wish more kind hearted, generous businessman/woman will come forward and help the needed folks....

20s, 30s, 40s .....

Bahija is learning psychology now , quite interesting, but confusing and blur as well with all those terminology and theories , too deep for me... today's topic is on more on the 'financial' side.. when I was in the 20s , graduated from Uni , paid car instalments, paid taxes , gradually accumulated the savings .... worked very hard. Then I set a personal goal for myself , sth I need to achieve when I reach 30. I achieved it. After crossing 30s, I slowed down tremendously on my wealth accumulation. I shifted my focus on other things which are not related to 'finance' - Praise God !... in my early 30s, I always wanted to aim for 'debt-free' ..... now reaching 40s, I guess if I set a goal of 'debt-free', I may be able to achieve that easily. But at this stage now, my personal review is that I need to correct the statement, it's not 'debt-free', it should be 'financially-independent' - it's a huge differences betweeen the 2. Last time, I always dumped my extra cash into housing loan ( some said I'm a steady low risk conventioner investor la - the nicer term). Looking back , at the rate of inflation, at the rate of increased cost of living, at the rate of my age and the remaining active years - 'financial independent' is a dream :) - how much is needed, that is very subjective , depends on the individual's need and desires. All I can say now is that , it is quite 'cool' relaxing to be debt-free too .... perhaps , I can slowly acquire more skills and work on the dream goal la.... no worry !

blessed dinner ....

Mah Lou is back in town, tonite NLK organized a dinner, I went - thinking would it turn out boring for me 'again' ???? We went to a seafood restaurant, just 4 of us , with Bootidelicious as well. To my surprise, we had good time getting updates from each other, followed by many parenting discussions and tips. It's multi-ways communications , every one participate - cool ! Oh , on top of that, I really treasure the blessing , something that I've not received for many many many years .... Si Mah Lou received his little increment today and he belanja us the yummy seafood dinner , till we couldn't finish the dishes and wasted food - bad la ... What I missed is not the 'free meal' , I miss the joy of having friends makan together, 'help' celebrate the increment or promotion aje :) .... I said to Mah Lou - May he continues to receive more increments or promotions !!! Ringgit missed the fun and free meal :P ...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

hi hi hi ....

Howdee , my exam was over 2 weeks ago :) , the first week after exam , I took time off for a movie, a body massage then a facial ..... super duper 'song' , time for my own pampering ma. Started another new course, it is child pyschology, very interesting in I am learning the different theories, will blog about them later. Besides classes, assignments and practical training ( I have to go to the assigned special kid center for hads on training ). My work is also getting busy but it's fun, I enjoy doing my technical work, exploring new features, test or play with them, then share and teach the customers. I don't have to participate in office politics :) .....I'm just a simple small guli ....

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

exam this sat :(

I have assignment and exam this sat - may 8 .... at my age, I find it hard to concentrate on memorizing the terminology , the theories ya de dah, ya de deeee.....aiiii. Anyway, no choice , must study well and get a reasonable grade la , else wasted. May I have the force to study and prepare well !!!

Tuesday night dinner ......

last tueday , I prepared tumeric rice with rendang chicken ..... tumeric rice ( nasi kunyit ) was yummy , healthy - all fresh ingredients. Rendang chicken , I ordered from a cafe :) .... tonight, I prepared bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, devil's egg and tuna pasta ... yummy !

Friday, April 16, 2010

TAR in Msia ....

Tonight I switched on TV, terus saw the current season of TAR - The Amazing Race...they went to Penang, from Sg Nibong bus station, boarded buses to KL , then took KTM train from KL to Singapore.... hmm, all of them complained that our KTM beds were dirty , they wiped the beds and it was 'dirty, dark dark ....' , haaaa. All of them were impressed with Singapore - it's clean. Too bad, I missed last week session on Penang , aiii... anyone watched Penang session ?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14

April 14 - guess it's not an 'ong' day for me ...the numbers itself if read in cantonese meant 'mati sure mati'. Today I suggested to customer to make some changes in the production database - thinking to speed up the process, so that more things can be done within the batch window. That was in a way a 'stupid' suggestion , I ended up fixing the issues this whole night, plus I also rocked the customer batch windows... April is not the month to screw up with my customer database, as this month is super busy for the whole malaysian taxpayers :( ...

when I reached home , I was walking to the kitchen in the dark , 'blirk' - switched on lights, gosh - first time in my life , I terpijak the thing that I hate most or rather fear most - I terpijak a coakroach lah , aiyuhhhhhhhhh.....

what a bad day for me ....

Friday, April 02, 2010


I got off from work earlier , went home at 3pm. That the bathing time for teddy bear, so I offered to bath him. I found out that there is a huge 'tumor' like thingy behind his head. For the past few weeks, I was trying to figure out why he refused to walk sometimes, he insisted 2 person walked side by side him, he put his hands on our shoulders, when he sits on the floor , he refused to stand up , instead he uses his butt to move around while sitting on the floor - these behaviours were abnormal to me. Last monday , sent him for blood test, mum suspected he could be having high uric acid which caused his leg pain ...blood test result uric acid reading was very good, only high cholesterol and high glukose. Now, seeing his 'tumor' , I am in panick mode, worrying about him ...... I really hope it's a false alarm. Teddy bear has suffers a lot from his seizures, please don't add more suffers onto him. In my mind, I started to think of all the nonsense , negative thoughts, made myself more worrying and cried and cried , gosh , that is not doing any good to me, have to stay positive , pray for him, to get to the right doctor and get to diagnose him asap....those of you who read this blog , please pray for me , pray for my brother Kim Chuan , pray that he is OK

Thursday, April 01, 2010

anniversary ....

April Fool day is meaningful for me's the day I entered into the long hectic non-fun working life :) .... today mark my 14th anniversary :) , greatful that I am still able to earn a living , have a job to support my needs. Happy 14th Anniversary to Bahija , may I continue to march forward and continue to learn, to be excited of new things which come along my life !

Saturday, March 27, 2010


End of Jan, I went to Hangzhou , China by Air Asia ( AA). AA doesn't fly to Shanghai airport, the nearest is Hangzhou ( HZ ) - which is 1 hour away from Shanghai (SH) by bus without traffic jam. The reality is usually with traffic jam , and it takes > 3.5 hours. There is a speed train from HZ to SH which takes about 45 mins.

AA lands in HZ Xiaoshan International Airport, AA links with the local bus operator, they setup a buse service for all AA passenger directly from that airport, we can buy the bus ticket from the AA flight attendants. The ticket is Rm45 or RMB 100 / one way. It stops at Shanghai Huangpu Bus Station. Taking this bus, we don't have to worry much, as this bus will depart 45 mins after AA flight is landed. So if AA delays , the bus also wait ... the cons is bus will take > 3.5 hours to reach SH. When we arrive at SH Huangpu Bus station, just walk out of the station - there is a small quiet lane ( at of Jan 30, there is no signboard which said 'metro station' - so ask the people around for the entrance of metro station ) which lead us to the metro station undergroud, go in - grab the metro ticket - and we can travel to wherever we need to go in SH.

AA bus schedule fr HZ to SH :-
Mon, Wed, Fri - 2:15 pm , Tue, Sat - 11:10 pm

AA bus schedule fr SH to HZ :-
Mon, Wed, Fri - 8:15 am , Tue , Sat - 7:15 pm

** the bus schedule works hand in hand with AA flights , so schedule will change if the flight time is changed ..

Likewise, if you want to take speed train to SH, then you need to take a cab to HZ downtown train station to board the train, there is a cab fees involved ( I am not sure how much is that ).


lately, my spy always smsed and updated me on sth ... apa tu ?? a trade secret ? a secret affair ??? none of the above ...just the euro currency exchange rate :) .... 2008 June, I went to Europe - that was the most expensive trip that I've sacrificed in my record. Firstly, I used 2 weeks of my annual leaves , if I didn't use those leaves, those days could be converted into thousands of ringgit cash when I left In-Kei. I also bought last minute full priced air ticket from KL to Amsterdam. On top of that , the Euro rate was at 5.10 - 5.20 - Gosh ...almost all the items I shopped from Europe that time was pricy and some of the items were cheaper if I were to buy in Msia, coz my exchange rate was very high. Then again, the sayings of no pain - no gain , seize the opportunity when it comes are true, I experienced the last chance of contiki trip with sanguine, thoroughly enjoyed the fun moments we had together. Looking forward, I doubt we could ever do this again.....

back to currecy exchange, for the past 1 week , euro exchage rate was 4.57 , 4.56, 4.55, 4.52 today the cheapest rate so far was 4.50 , it had dropped to 10 mths record low. The pound is also dropping to 5.06 today.

After the pain of 5.10 - 5.20 in 2008 , In 2010 - Bahija practising kiasu-ism, I keep changing the euro at the lower prices ... eg some at 4.63, some at 4.57 etc etc , I average the risk - hahaha. Now knowing pound is close to 5, I am going to get some pounds too , as London is always one of the place I wanted to visit - planned 3 times, didn't make it as it's way too expensive - plus wrong timing .... Can I sapu London this year ? Hmm, very unlikely - but who knows , anything can happen , just a bit of 'kiasu' mentality - guess I can Just Do It ! muahahaha....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

my sweety turned 100k ...

March 18, 2010 at 11:10 pm, right when I arrived home , my sweety car mileage meter turned from 99,999 kilometers to 100,000 kilometers. Congrats and Bravo to my sweety , for serving me well so far, I celebrated with her tonight....very 'kiew' , I have been monitoring the meter for this week , kept my camera inside my car, just to capture that moment when it turned to 6 digits.... and that moment actually happened when I arrived on the dot at home :) , see la, my sweety is such an adorable servant. She's born 2003 , when I bought her in 2008 end Sept, she had 56,750 kilometers. Average she only put on 11,350 kilometers yearly. From end of sept 2008 to march 2010 , that's only 16 mths, I've already drove > 40,000 kilometers ...... I'm a slave driver yeah :)

Monday, March 15, 2010


Thailand has its own pandas. the baby panda was born last year. The picture here is the adult panda , they live like king, with many servants taking care of them. Their home is like a huge stadium , covered with air-condition. Being a panda is not a bad idea lah. This picture here showed that the panda was sitting on the wooden chair and eating , enjoying the bamboo .... very cute. When I saw him, I just thought of my teddy bear back home...haaaa
The ChiangMai zoo and acquarium is worth a visit - they are far better than ours .....

family trip to ChiangMai

Bahija went for a family trip to ChiangMai last weekend .... ChiangMai is quite an interesting place to visit. We went to Golden Triangle - crossed boarder to Laos and Burma . We also visited the different tribes from Myammar, Burma or Laos they stayed in Thailand as they are the tourists 'hunting items' .... about 30 mins drive from the city of ChiangMai , the Thai government relocated a small group of Karen tribe aka the long neck tribe , from Thai boarder to this place , it's just a super duper small village with a few bamboo houses .... the karen tribes stayed there , they are to show face themselves, selling some tourist products. We, the tourists paid entrance fees to visit them, then we get to take photos with them , and in return, most of them will asked us to buy things from them .... I actually spent quite some money on different souvenirs from them ( which was way overly priced ) ....the young girl at the age of 2 started to wear the heavy brass ring , the rings will be increased as they age .... they sleep , shower, live with the rings....they are super heavy. very kelian to see them wearing the heavy rings around their neck , they cannot turn their neck nor can they nod their heads.... interesting !!
As usual, the Lord blesses me with good favor, I didn't receive any escalation on work issues during my vacation overseas. The next day when I arrived home until today - I was busy solving various issues, happy that I've enjoyed the trip peacefully :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

dinner with friends

my friend organized a blind date for me , so I went and met the candidate.....I enjoyed the dinner, the company...then the friends left us , tinggal me and him, oh oh - I panicked , what to talk leh, luckily it's late , the restaurant started to switch off one light, so we had good excuse to go home :P ..... I guess a lot of my friends will say that I am way too picky, I want to say no , and I hope I am right lor. Those who found the other half and happily married, are those super lucky folks lor... some how Bahija hasn't receive that kind of luck yet ... for this new friend, he is very elder than I am , his era is different than mine. I don't know if we will click or not, right now, I also don't know what to do .... soon , friends will knock on my door chasing for updates and feedback, may be the new friend will also follow up .... at this moment, I am sort of 'fan' , I am not in 'sweet moment' hoping that he will call and ask him out lor ....aiiii , life is complicated eh ....

p/s : may be I need to go attend relationship counseling :(

Hyperactive .....

We always read about the bad things , the horrible things done by the mat rempit....rupa-rupanya all of them are with ADHD. What is ADHD ? ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The experts said sometimes it is very hard to differentiate the normal children and the ADHD children , as thesedays, normal children also can be very's challenging to diagnose and confirm a kid with ADHD. We see the result of the ADHD children who weren't intervened, when they become adult, they are like mat rempit, did things wrong yet they didn't realized, do not know about the bad consequences etc etc .... my lecturer feels sad for them.
Bahija is now clue-less liow, learnt many theories , many diff types of learning disabilities ...theory is always theory .... when we are to deal with the children , everyone is different and every time with them is different too , don't know what to expert out of them. Teacher has to be creative in teaching , gosh , that 'creativity' is something I don't really have lor - heeee.... okie la , gtg zzzz, tomorrow kena wake up early go special kid ministry ...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Holidays & Xin Nian Kuai Ler !!

Hi Hi all ..... hipppie , it's TGIF and we are off for Chinese New Year :) .... I am so looking forward to the break. Mum and sister will be going to Egypt, I will stay home one week to take care of teddy bear....that will be a great time for me to catch up with sleep, rest, class assignment and reseach, closing of my ledger and accounting etc etc .... see, one week break - still tak cukup punya , nevertheless, better than none.

This year, I received my first Tiger ang pow from a tiger leh, hehehe...Sanguine Queen gave me an angpow. I also wanted to thank Sanguine Queen for the free shipment of my windows 7. During the CNY break, I also need to upgrade my PC from vista to windows 7 , and test the customer tools , if all OK , then I can safely migrate my notebook , I'm not vista fan la , vista really kuku one ...aiii , asyik closed my windows - gila betul !

Oh, a friend from US came back with 2 kids , I can't wait to meet them.
To all my readers, Safe journey to wherever you are going , Happy Holidays , Happy Blessed Healthy Tiger Year :) ...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

entrepreneur experience ....

Last 2 days , went to attend entrepreneur training. It's interesting as in learning new things, being entrepreneur is very different than being in a 9 to 5 corporate job. It's a lot a lot a lot of work , a lot a lot of hard work too, not easy to be one. Bahija is happy that she has the opportunity to attend the classes, to learn something new from the industry folks .... all these are made possible because of my sanguine queen :) , sanguine queen is a dynamic, futuristic person, her active brain is very business minded. To me , she is destined to be a good entrepreneur. I tag along with her , learning happily ...hope we'll make it a fruitful journey.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

the best color for a classroom or school

Hi Hi .... today I am going to share with you the best color to motivate students or someone to focus on study, that means this color is best for classroom or school or study room .... any guesses ? I guessed green and salah. My teacher said the research done revealed that 'Peach' or 'Pink' color are the color which motivate and encourage positive learning.... No wonder la , these days the public schools in Msia - most of them are painted in pink. Even one of the NASOM center ( NASOM is the center for Autism children ) is painted in pink.

Fellow readers, if you are thinking how to encourage and motivate your children to study more, to be able to focus more - then try paint the room in peach or pink yea :)

Saturday, February 06, 2010

my early primary school era....

I was born in the 70's .... early 70s - could be the era of kindergarden being introduced in my country. My parent didn't send me to kindergarden , no money and mum didn't know too ... When I went to standard one , all I could remembered was - teacher kept scolding me, every day I never failed standing in front of the classroom - hands carried the textbook - it's like a punishment for not knowing things or not doing the homework. One time, my standard one teacher met my mother, I was standing next to mum... that time I was 7 yrs old, today I'm 37 yrs old , yet I could rememberd her statement well : "Mrs, your daughter is hopelss, very stupid" ..... wah lau eh , that was such a harsh statement on me , a young little girl leh. standard 1 to 3 , I remained 'stupid' , every nite cried at home when sisters all forced me to study , or helped revised my homeworks .... I cried a lot back then , until my first brother in law nicknamed me 'ham pou chin' ( in cantonese ). Then entah what happened, suddenly standard 4 - I got transferred into the 'A' class - hipppie , at least tukar kulit liow , upgraded to the 'not stupid' class , haaa. I think the reason I was not able to catch up was that I didn't attend kindergarden whereas other students did. In standard one, while I was just started to learn A, B, C - most of the rest already learned this , and teacher also expected that I knew A, B, C .....
talking about being left out and being labelled as 'stupid'. Today, if the family is poor and the children cannot attend kindergardens, I could imagine their early primary school lives could be the same as mine, very the poor thing hor ...

The role of a teacher is very significant, he or she ought to be sensitive to the students. Plus a teacher should not labelled and used the word 'stupid' , everyone is different , everyone has his or her gifts and no one is 'stupid' ..... aiiiii

Dyslexia - the hidden learning disability

Dyslexia is one of the most common disabilities. Children with dyslexia have problem learning because they have trouble understanding words, sentences and paragraphs, thus not able to spell or read as well. Let me share with you who has this disabily too :-

Leonardo da Vinci - artist, scientiest
Thomas Edison - inventor
Lee Kuan Yew - Singapore Minister Mentor
Albert Einstein - scientist
Muhammad Ali - boxing champion
Cher - singer
Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, Orlando Bloom - actor
Steven Spielberg - film director and producer
Walt Disney - film producer
Agatha Christie - writer

Wow, those folks are so successful , aren't they ? When these children go to school, the teachers need to introduce intervention programmes to teach them. Their brain cannot recognize words, thus use pictures. If we need to teach them 'apple' - show them physical apple or a picture of apple - their brain will register apple. The next time when they see the word 'apple' , they actually imagine the fruit apple , and that is how they comprehend and start to learn and speak...

Likewise, if the teacher is not sensitive or aware , force the dyslexia child to read the words or paragraphs, these children will be lost , at the end, teacher will think that they are 'stupid' , 'slow' ....then the children develops low self-esteem and eventually many more problems along the way. Dyslexia children are more artistic , they are usually good in drawing , imagination - thus you can see the celebraties list above - it's unusual to find dyslexia child being an accountant :). To me, among all the disabilities, this is one of the easiest to intervene , meaning a dyslexia child if is being diagnozed early and intervention programme is introduced early, the child can overcome and be a very successful creative joy to the family and society.

Sadly, in our country - the study found that most of the people who are in jail today - most of them are with dyslexia and they were not brought up 'properly' from young , they could have been labelled 'stupid' , 'slow' , 'hopeless' for the rest of their lives and ended up in jail. Padahal, those group of folks could have been another Msia Boleh 'Steven Spielberg' .....

being poor ....

Today, my classmate who used to be working in the corporate world, she was a Project Manager in one of the big insurance company, quits and be a special kid teacher in Mont Kiara. Today, she kept pouring out her 'pain', being a teacher is very low pay, after months into this line, now, she seriously feel the pain and being in a 'poor' stage. She said being noble is one thing, but being able to go thru life with money is one thing, right now, she needs to look into giving tuitions , to earn extra pocket money... Aiii, I know what she meant. I salute her courage , at least she took the step forward and doing it.

My class is filled with many good hearted folks from all walks of life , I can see that they are passionate and compassion , and really want to make a difference being a special kid teacher. Imagine if our education system or public schools are filled with passionate teacher like them , that would be so wonderful. But I need to stress is - with better paycheck of course.

I have this dream of running a special kid center, it is still a dream now as it is NATO - No Action Talk Only, today , I still cannot quit my secular job being an IT consultant, and jump right into caring community work - reason is I cannot survive the 'poorer' lifestyle yet. Having said that , if I keep saying I cannot I cannot , then it will end with 'I cannot' .... for now, at least I have started to lay some foundations eg property investments as my passive income, getting help and organize my own household issue, try to stay healthy so that I can do more , spending less time in secular world and trying to increase more time in community work, trying to adapt to a simplier lifestyle - such as less starbucks , more 3 in 1 coffee or mamak coffee , less branded shopping and more F.O.S shopping, know where to get good bargain , cook and eat more at home .... reflect back on my life journey so far , I think I have changed quite a bit and slowly adapting, the Lord has slowly opens the right doors and guiding me towards the right path. All this takes time and preparation, I don't know where I'll be landed, plan can change instantly , but for now, I am just going to enjoy the blessing and the ups and downs journey ! If I don't try , I'd never know the outcome ....

Child Development - tips

Many of my friends asked me about my class. Instead of repeating the answers, guess I use this channel to answer, hopefully it is more efficient for me and for my readers :) ...

Bahija completed her first module with A+ , I am on 2nd module. 2nd module is a reseach paper on various types of Learning Disabilities such as Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD ( Hyperactive )...followed by a written exam on the various teaching techniques. This module is interesting as this is the core of the class , where I get to learn the various disabilities, and how we can introduce the intervention programmes for the special kids , with the goal to help them live a better life.

My lectures are the various specialists such as education specialist, Occupational Therapist, Special Learning teacher, councellor and etc etc. They shared many interesting tips with us.... some of them are applicable to normal child as well .... so I'll share some here too :)

Tip No 1 :
young baby - caretaker spoon feed the baby with food , when there is some leftover food beside the baby's mouth , NEVER EVER use the spoon to scoop the food. It is a proven reseach that this action may caused damage to the muscles around the mouth... young babies, they are growing every day , their muscle, their brain - everything is growing for a young baby - there are muscle around the mouth, it is sensitive, and we shouldn't use hard object to spoil it...
( my mum always did this to me and all my siblings last time - luckily we turned out OK eh -hehe ) .... The reseach said that for some special kids with speech problem , this is a NO NO action. But then, none of us are aware mah , so damage could have been done lor ...
Parent, next time when you are feeding your young baby , spoon is to put food into the baby's mouth, to clean the baby's mouth, use a napkin or handkerchief and wipe SOFTLY , be gentle

Tip No 2 :
Early sign of detection for a special kid .... from 3rd mths onwards, a baby should develop eye contact , so when you are pointing to a direction, the baby's eyes should follow your hand .... and not the head. If the baby keeps moving the head , instead of moving the eye balls , be alert...

Lastly, we should be extremely blessed and happy that our babies are healthy and growing up happily and hope that one day , the baby turn into an useful adult - a great leader, a great contributor to the society. However, in the event that the baby is a special child, the role of the parent is not to be in denial and hopeless... today, there are so many successful special kids who have overcomed, and they are well known, living in a normal or even better life then you and me , contributing to the society. So what is the difference here ??? the difference is the parent is supportive and start to introduce early intervention programmes for the special child, and that intervention programme starts as early as from baby age .....

February liow

geee, as I mature in life, the year seem to pass by faster and faster and faster lah..... felt like I just celebrated my bday, went for turkey trip , new year ..... zooomed, January already gone, today is Feb 6 , CNY is next week .... then for all we know, Feb coming to an end too....

so many things to do .... heee, well, that is a good sign actually, life filled with tasks to accomplish is better than an idle boring life , so Bahija just has to plan and work on things accordingly...

End of Jan, I went to Shanghai and Hangzhou - it's a fantastic experience coz that was my FIRST BACKPACKING trip , as in no luxury coach, no luggage with wheels - everything on my own , carried backpack on my shoulder , walked and expected the unexpected :) ....thoroughly enjoyed the good company and fabulous trip....will blog about it when I have time and mood la,hee

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


For the past few weeks, working closely with my customers on evaluating a third party product. The tool is a good and super expensive tool, installed for many many many mths, no action that the license is going to expire .....customer asked me to help and feedback. So I tested, and discovered a long list of tasks , questions, messages, issues for the support folk. During this period also, I find that my EQ level is low ... tends to 'mang chang' fast .... hmm, got to go to cave, hibernate and meditate a bit ....must jaga EQ and image sikit :)

The reason I so mang chang is - I expect people to work at a faster speed and deliver better testing reports ... when others are not at the same page as me , I some how tak sabar ......hmmm. I'll have to slow down , let go and sabar a bit :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3rd tuesday dinner ...

Today I left office at 3:30 pm, rushed for grocery , reached home 4:30 pm ... started to prepare for dinner at 5pm, busy busy busy and sweat a lot - haaa - all finished at 7 pm ...then after makan , need to wash , cleanup leh, so finally all completed at 8pm, hmm, spent 4 hrs 30 mins for a dinner , that's a lot of time la, haaaa ......nvm , I'll improve and try other easier recipe next time. tonight , we had javanese dinner - sudanese karedok ( salad ) , Padang chicken dry curry, taufoo eggs with sauce, kangkong and stir fry salmon ....verdict, not so tasty la ..heee

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2nd tuesday night - hainanese chinese rice

Today rushed home at 5 pm , then went straight to the kitchen and cooked the hainanese chicken rice , hmmm, yummy yummy yummy ! here is our dinner tonight ........

Monday, January 11, 2010

good halal local food at DU

last friday lunch, went to Damansara Uptown with ex-colleagues. We ate at Village Park restaurant. It is operated by a chinese-muslim couple. The business is good, the food is good too.. I ordered their famous dish - nasi lemak with ayam goreng for RM 6.80. The santan rice sedap and wangi. fried chicken tender and cripsy .... we were very happy with the food. Will re-visit. The restaurant is same row as HSBC , the address is 5, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama.

free treats ..

Some of my friends very pandai , they bought a few counters from Berjaya last year Oct - they received a few vouchers. They bought me free lunch on sunday at Kenny Rogers. Next, one of them blessed me with these 2 vouchers , Ringgit - u owe me a starbie , and I can use this buy 1 free 1 - deal ? heeee. I thought my starbie luxury indulgence was over last year Dec...tapi looks like I get to sample a few more cups :) so when I am stress later and need a place to chill out , I'll use it

This year, I must monitor the counters and pick up a few , so that by year end, I myself receive the vouchers in my mailbox :)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tuesday night dinner ....

This year , I want to improve myself , as well as reward my mummy - giving her a break on tuesday night. She doesn't have to cook , but to appoint or promote me to assistant chef - hehehe.... the first tuesday night of 2010 - here's the dinner I cooked , roasted rosemary chicken, olive oil garlic roasted pasta, vegetables and egg mayo mashed potatoes. The new recipe I leart tonight is mashed potatoes ... tasted ok :)

If you have any good , simple, healthy and easy recipe - share with me , I need to think for next tuesday night deee .....

** my sis and new bro-in-law enjoying the dinner, they submitted the request for next tuesday ---> Hainanese Chicken Rice - hoo hoooo !!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

blurrrrr new year ...

Unbelievable .... this was how I started my 2010 :-

Dec 31 night - I ffk and skipped a countdown party with friends coz I was too tired from my Turkey trip

Jan 1 morning - church sunrise service at 6am, I was late for 1 hour ...arrived at 7 am

Jan 1 night - again , late 1 hour for my friend's gathering party

Jan 2 - slept until 1 pm , woke up blurred lagi , dreaming ..... then read a sms from classmate - AIYUH , I totally forgot about my 12 pm class ....gosh , rushed for class at 1:30 pm, the class ended at 2:30 pm , somemore dare to said 'Ah, so fast over liow ' classmate who sat next to me said 'coz u came in at 1:30 , miss ' - opsssssss

Jan 3 , Jan 4 and so on - Bahija IS NOT GOING to repeat this same pattern - no way ....jetlag is goin to be over and I am going to be back to my normal routine , aim gonna to be late for another time !

mask or no mask ??

My mum and I both brought along many mouth masks during our Turkey trip ....we were prepared to wear it throughout the whole traveling journey - only from airport to airport. But when we arrived at KLIA , no one wore the mask ....kind of weird if we both pakai , padahal the whole travel group - 31 of them not wearing leh .... so we waited till boarding time in the plane , same thing , I didn't see anyone wearing mask .... like that - ok la - save the hassle, we didn't wear the mask to /from Turkey :) .....

Guess people start to pay less attention on this H1N1 flu .... however - I think we still practise hygiene - wash hands before meals , wear mask if we are having flu , and avoid going out to the crowd if we are not feeling well

Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 family project

This year , my family will start the big project - to start planning and sourcing , hiring a domestic helper - aka a maid , to help take care of teddy bear , also to help mum with some house chores.... at the gathering tonight , Ringgit asked the gang "will it bring out the worst of us when we have a maid ?" .....Bootidelicious said yes, her maid drives she and her husband to super boiling temperature. Heard so many horrible stories about maids , about them lari , about them abusing the kids , or being slow and dumb ....likewise, also read many bad owners who abused the maids too , so there are 2 sides of a story....

I am actually very takut to start this project , it's an additional task , responsibility to keep an eye on a maid in the house, by default , I think I will be paranoid and afraid to have her too....a lot of What If ??? aiii, got to spend time to prepare myself on this, to be called 'mum' or 'ibu' - goshhhhhhh :(

Happy Blessed New Year !!

Howdeeeeee, Bahija is back from Turkey :) , it's a wonderful trip, I am now little bit jetlag , plus missing Turkey a lot actually. An eye opening trip for me, as it is a 99% muslim country, yet I don't feel that I am in a muslim country. Everyone is friendly and modern looking , turkish folks very leng cai and leng lui, they are very liberal ..... how I wish my country is like them .....

will take some time to tidy up things, then share the photos ....
my mum and I did the hotair balloon - that was very fun :)

Arrived at KLIA on Dec 31 , 7 am. 2009 was a great year for me - accomplished few things , life was busy and fruitful. Hmmm, for 2010 - I will aim to be SEXY :)

S - Simplicity - live a simple life , need to focus more to enhance this skill
E - Exercise more for healthier lifestyle
X - Cross, mean spending more quiet time with God, continue to improve my knowledge
Y - Young - want to feel young, youthful and having young mindset - energetic

Happy Blessed New Year to all my readers , may we all have a healthier happier 2010....