Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Firm

my company In-kei sponsoring this local version of 'The Apprentice' - it's call 'The Firm' , every sunday 9 pm @ ntv7 ... check it out , u get to see the in-kei latest 'multiply' C2D commercials .... It's interesting to compare the US and the local version. Local version - at the first 'fire' session, 3 out of 4 team members already cried, and when they had to nominate who to be fired , they didn't maintain eye-contacts - so pai sek to give the name , and said 'sorry here, sorry there' .....whereas the US version - most of the players were strong, muka tebal, argued and fight till the end. Difference in culture eh .... Tonight 's episode, I strongly think that Anrie was a good creative team leader, she's good. It's nice of her to take the blame and volunteered to be fired...yet , I also agree with the GM comment - she should have admitted her lack of experience, learned the lessons, and continue the battle to prove her ability. As a team leader, I think she knows well who is the weaker player or non performer lor ( the audiences can tell easily). In this corporate game, she shouldn't gave up so easily, at least not this round - I am sad to see her gone, wasted ...remember - check this show next sunday yea

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Last year 06-06-06 around 6 am, Bahija had a little accident at my office's carpark :) , I've fixed my sweety, given her a new paint & new bodyworks - she's looking cool now. 07-07-07 is Ronnie wedding day, he's my american brother ( my american host family) . Hey Ronnie - Congratulations - it's a nice date. 07-07-07 also known as Live Earth day -to create global warming awareness. 07-07-07 , the new 7 wonders of the world will be named - hope Bahija completed 50% of the new 7 wonders list eh .... for me - I want to make a difference on someone's life , and decided 07-07-07 - to sponsor a child .... Hope one day, I get to visit the child personally .....ciao

Monday, July 02, 2007

July 2 ....

Bahija has 3 friends who celebrate birthday today ... it's easy to ingat dee
just want to briefly describe them ....
one is goin thru a change thingy and starting the next chapter of life
one went thru challanges but still rock solid, enabled her to do things she has never thought of ..
one got her wish granted, found the treasure ....

Happy Birthday friends !