Friday, June 09, 2006

world cup - 4 yrs ago .....

World Cup 2006 starting soon at midnite.....I just teringat - 4 yrs ago - a bunch of us were at a restaurant @ Hartamas - I was wearing my blue batik dress. The company were Emily, Monica, Ross, Chandler, NLK & hubby, OFK ...not sure about Joey though. We were having dinner , and the conversation involved world cup as well .... NLK and hubby were big fan back then .....this whole scene flashed back into my memory :) because that night was my farewell dinner. I received a very nice blue colored scarf ( prepared by NLK leh ) ...... My last day at I-kei was so so sad. I even cried at the earlier department lunch. hehehe - sudah 4 years liow - so fast. Soon, I'll hv to blog about my anniversary at In-Kei .....hoo hoooooo

**** Updated July 6 - my mistake - RotiTelur was there that night too :)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


some said 666 is auspicious, some said it is the devil's date or sign ..... so what happened to me leh ? June 6, 2006 - was in office at 5:30 am, aiiii - it's my own fault la, careless - too many car parks to choose from, being greedy - drove around looking for the best carpark ( this is padam muka - call kiasu mentality ) .... when I finally decided one nice spot - could be still sleepy, tired - careless was the keyword - terlanggar the wall on my left pula , my sweety 'kemek' - so kek sim - so at 6-6-6 6 am - I was sitting at my office desk - feeling so kek sim , and mad at myself for the carelessness ........ I would want to treat this incident as a reminder to me, Bahija - drive carefully, be alert on the road - if body too tired, then plan well, plan ahead, adjust my schedule :)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

my first diving experience ......

June 6, 2004 - Bahija spent her valuable time at Mt KK's summit watching sunrise - it was such a memorable and rewarding trip ( though very 'sin kor' ) - 10 of us went thru the journey :) . I have mentioned a few times that 06-06-06)- I wish to spend my time at the summit again eating my breakfast and drinking coke.....oh well, the plan tak jadi, but June 4 , 2006 - I managed to try another new thing ....i did the introductory dives. At first was very scared- kiasi. The dive master gave me a brief training - theory. When I jumped into the sea - and started my dives, wau - the pressure caused pain in my ears - so amazing how God created us - human, we have all the ways to adjust our body :) Langkawi is not a good place for snorkeling or diving - that is a fact my readers - lain kali no need to waste $ and time doing diving there yeah ..... However, as my first experience - I was indeed greatful - managed to see a lot of wonderful creatures down under the sea. Life is so great - there are so many things around for us to appreciate , to explore .....

Saturday, June 03, 2006

one of the top 10 beach

June 3 - 5 .... Bahija took a mini vacation or visit to this place - it is listed as one of the top 10 beaches in the world ( rated by Travel channel ). The relaxing time was very nice. But to spend that high price on this place, as a local, I rated this as not worth it. In my humble opinion, the sand , the beach , the coral, the sea environemt in Redang is better. This place is purely targeting Europeans, everything is super expensive. Plus, it is a place for honeymoon or couple thingy lah ... It is zero chance to meet a single guy - alamak - hahaha.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Dumpling ....

Last week, I helped mum balut the dumplings ( in hokkien we call it 'chang' ). It is nice to learn from mum how to prepare this, a tradition. The picture was taken using my mobile phone (quality not too bad eh ) ... looking at the 'chang' - so hodoh, can tell siapa punya masterpieces :)

Kancil - u so far far away, miss this or not ? yummyyyyy .....