Monday, November 30, 2009

the grant

Today , Sanguine and I went to MDEC , we signed our Letter of Offer :) , the grant is RM150k , hoo hooooooo.....we managed to justified for the full amount , very happy. Next 20 days , have to register a company , so we are CEO, COO soon ....

Last friday , a call came - good opportunity to bid for a tender .....that is for 2010 work. If all fall into place , gosh , entah how to fully utilise my 24 hours a day liow...

Tak kisah la - worry that next year , I am on holiday mood liow , sis wedding this wkend, tonite dinner with Sanguine and her friends , celebrating her last day of being single , tomorrow it's her R.O.M

it's Nov 30 - last day of Nov is 11:40 pm .... another 20 mins - Dec 1 liow - last mth for 2009 , sooooo fast, scary !!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

a new born baby ....

My eldest brother-in-law performed his water-baptism today whole family and his family members went to my church and witnessed the ceremony. Hehehe, brother-in-law is a new born baby, I hope he continues to walk his spiritual life well, strengthen his personal relationship with the Almighty God.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

left 'Lan' right 'Lee'

This year, didn't watch any musical .....thus I decided to follow my friends - go for a concert. My last concert was very long time ago - back then , didn't quite enjoy the concert, thus stopped going ...tonight I went with my 3 other friends , it's a good gathering for us... Sandy Lam was having her concert in the indoor stadium. I went to Alan and Hakken's concert at the outdoor stadium. It rained just before the concert, so turned out it was a great night for concert, the weather is cooling , I enjoyed the concert. Guess I grew up with Alan and some of Hakken's songs, they sang well....I thoroughly enjoyed their concert, so my verdict is - Bahija is still OK to go concert, I 'still haven't felt 'old' yet - hahahaha....

The power of compliment !!

Bahija is a sole proprietor now , I worked for myself , I am my own boss - that mean I scold myself or my customer can scold me , other then that, no one else can scold me ...haha, that is the same as saying good things about me .... my customer only say 'thank you' to me, they didn't or haven't said 'good job' to me yet .... I have been on this current job for 17 months ... Oh boy , there is one thing I missed hearing : "excellent, good job , well done ' ...

Today , Bahija rushed for class....after class - sat for the oral exam ..... it's a very short less than 5 mins conversation with my instructor.... so I walked in , did the oral test.... my instructor with smiley face said 'Execellent' - over on my side, I was so happy to hear that, it's like in cloud nine lor .. for one simple word - it made my days :) ..... see la , no one said good words to me thesedays , until I sooooo deprive of it , hahahaha

Monday, November 23, 2009

preparing for oral exam ....

This Saturday is my first oral exam, 2 weeks from now is my first written exam liow....gosh, lacking brain juices :) .... got to work harder & play smarter to pass the exam. Started my class on Sept 28 .. so fast, first module finished, this sat is revision and oral exam....One good thing which keep me excited is that NOW , when I open the dictionary, I should know how to pronounce a word better , based on the phonetic alphabets :) , for example : ŋ ð ʃ ʒ

I am enjoying myself in this class, now I always receive various emails on job openings .....for those who is free and don't know how to 'waste' their time , come see me, I have plenty of things to recommend ..... besides charity work, now we have job which pays quite well .....and time well spent ...okie , gtg zzzzzzzz tata !!!

my chinese writing ....

Tomorow is my sister ' 过 大 礼' , the groom's parent will send us some traditional chinese cookies, and some other items for the wedding ceremony..this is like the 'bersanding' thingy lah..... tomorrow, my mum will start to send the invitation cards to her friends. Tonight I helped her write the names on the cards.... my sister said my chinese writing looks good :) hehehe, proud a bit. After soooo many many years, my writing still boleh tahan ... on the card , ada 2 patung image , they are the groom and the bride :) , both of them are in the designing line, so of course, they spent time designed all sort of cards, their wedding photo session also a bit fun and different. Bahija cannot upload the wedding photo yet la, kena wait till after the date - baru can bocor secret- hehehe.... later la !

Friday, November 13, 2009

Starbie vourcher

It's the time again , gosh mad at myself ....story goes like this ... For many years , Ringgit blessed me with Starbuck's coffee voucher. It's actually his mother's vouchers, the aunties are very smart, they invested in Berjaya stocks, as shareholders who attended the AGM, they received many goodies eg KennyRoger's vouchers, Starbuck's vouchers.... This time last year, Ringgit , Mystic_Grey and myself had dinner at Hartamas. Ringgit used his Kenny Roger's vouchers, gave me Starbuck's voucher. For many years, Bahija got to enjoy the Christmas flavours FOC. I told myself I must invest in Berjaya stocks , so that I myself get the free vouchers ....aii, 2009 is going to end soon, today , I am NOT a shareholder , so no freebies :( , kek seeeeee..... hint hint hint hint - anyone giving me vouchers :P

Likewise, I invested in Genting and other counters....Genting sent me many vouchers, some free stay , free food , some discounted price :) , hmmm, perhaps I should target those consumer counters, so that I get dividens as well as vouchers which I can use for myself :)

Nov - Dec , Bahija likes to sip the Starbie christmas coffees la ....this day, I kena minum the decaf version , gosh - they taste sooo different , I shld say 'tasteless' lor , thus waste of money nia , so expensive yet tasteless and I'm not satisfy and happy leh ....aiii, so I need to go drink early in the morning. Oh, last year ZE gave me a starbie mug as 'green' birthday present, when I use the mug , I get $1 off .....good deal to jimat !

Monday, November 09, 2009


Just realized today's date is 09-11-09 - looks good en :) ..... I want to tell a secret - hehe. Years ago, I was invited to be maid of honor. I suppose that time my self-respect was low , or I didn't like my own fat body , or for some ridiculas reason la .... I wasn't prepared to be a bridemaid. I wasn't in peace with myself , so one fine day , I emailed my dear friend and rejected the offer. years have gone by , I've never asked her what she thought of me, never brought up this matter with my friend....but for me, I actually felt guilty, regreted for my 'selfish' decision back then.... that was not bridesmaid , it's maid of honor leh. On and off , I do feel bad for myself , perhaps one fine day, I need to openly seek forgiveness from her - face to face. aiiiii

Tonight , Sangueen Queen asked me to be her bridesmaid , this time I happily agreed ( though I may still struggle within myself - never know when the evil Bahaja will show up and screw things up ..) Right now , I am committed to just be there for her ....serve her, make her the most happiest , sweetest bride of the day

preparing for the busy mths ....

mid Nov - traveling to PG , to meet with my american ex-boss from In-Kei

end Nov - Hacken Lee & Alan Tam concert , I haven't attended any concert for long time....not sure if this is still my cup of tea, since all my chee muis are going , and to make it a point to meet with them , I'm goin ....

end Nov - my eldest brother in law water-baptism ceremony , hehehe.....this is a great day , great moment for celebration's also near to my Eldest sis and bro in law birthdays , so sekali go makan big big la .....I ordered a Garmin GPS , as their birthday gift :)

early Dec - Sanguine Queen marriage registration - helping out a bit ..

early Dec - youngest sis wedding , finally - after many months of preparation, the day is coming closer, I can see sis and future bro-in-law very stress with various activities....

mid Dec - my first written and oral exam - GOSH , as of now, I am totally lost with the phonics , looking at all the weird signs , I am just so confused to transribe :( .... I'm in RED zone liow

end Dec - which is from Dec 22 - Dec 31 , Bahija on vacation - Hoo Hoo ..... my ageing mummy is having osteopenia ( osteoperosis is stage 3 ) - my mummy is stage 2 la, at her age of 74 , her condition is considered excellent liow .... impact on her now, early morning, she feels numbness on her hips, so need to slowly wake up, spend some time exercising on bed first .... SO , all this pushed the decision for our year end vacation. My mummy afraid that if delay further, she may have other walking difficulty , so better grab the chance and go out see the world first while she can walk..... so Bahija is paying super duper BOMB price for our Turkey trip. I just have think positively that money spent, I'll find way to make it up, happy moments spend with mum - is goin to be prescious .....

Right now, my customer is going thru major upgrade , been getting late night calls and weekend support calls ..... I wish, I pray that mercy be granted upon me , that from now on till year end - my customer will have smooth upgrade = less or zero problems to me la ...else I really pening , one-woman show , I don't have any backup to back fill my job :( ..... Dec ma , last mth of the year - slow down , don't work so hard , lepak as much as they can ..... hahahaha

Bahija has many wedding invitations starting Nov .... I cannot afford to put on extra pounds la , else hodoh leh , hahaha, got to stay active & exercise a bit !