Wednesday, February 22, 2006

message to me ....

just now at 9:48 pm - Bahija was super geram with herself at 11:30 pm, when I had my QT - so kiew - the message was "I discipline my body and bring it into subjection" .... 'Good health habits are important, but spiritual disciplines are far more important'..... 'In the beginning we make our habits; in the end our habits make us' ..... wow, I received 2 key messages sekali. Yes, I need to kick away N.A.T.O and adopt W.A.N.T.O ( With Action Not Talk Only ) - please please please .....not easy - but please do something .... tata - sweet dream

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


GB = Good Bahija EB = Evil Bahija

GB : you, you, you ...... what is the point of doing yearly healthcheck yet NATO ( No Action Talk Only) - not doing anything to improve ?

EB : got lah, ada sikit-sikit improvement, at least uric acid sudah turun a lot ...

GB : Rubbish, your cholesterol never drop since last 3 years, in fact it increases 0.2 yearly , u think this is salary increment kah ? siow - you tak rajin exercise too ....earrr

EB : aiyah, no time exercise la

GB : Doctor also teased u , still tak perasan, aiyuh !! What is the point of working hard to achieve debt-free, financial-independence - yet don't have the opportunity to enjoy life later ??

EB : hmm

GB : now, you even feel bad about yourself, sudah so fat, yet never take action to slim down ? malu betul .....langsung tak attractive at all

EB : hmmmmmm

GB : also , what is the point of growing spiritually, yet never take care of your 'body' ? shame, shame, shame .....

Bahija is very frustrated with herself now .... she is obviuosly lack of 'self-control' or lack of 'dicipline' .... she seriously need to think thru this ...this is no brainy work .... so geram with her , should consult AR - hire him as her image consultant ....

Bahija pray for fruit of spirit no 9 - 'self-control', please help her work thru this .....

Monday, February 20, 2006

how old am I ???

So kiew, Bahija met 2 guys at 2 different locations, different time and date. Both asked me the same this :-

1) Berapa lama kerja kat i-kei ?
2) Berapa lama kerja now ?

Haha, whenever guys asked me this 2 questions, I sure maintain eye contacts with him , nak see his reaction. Ingat I tak tahu ker he is trying to check out my age ..haahaa

So far, after i replied, their facial expression didn't look positive :) aiyuh, I'm not that old lah ...they are too young nia , problem is not me leh :) heeeheee


Every year, Bahija attends a yearly CNY gathering with the i-kei's senior folks. I'm the youngest, most of them are way older than me, and senior managers in i-kei or in another company. This year, the organizer asked me to help by sending emails to all the folks. 1.5 weeks before CNY - I sent out the details. They are working in IT companies, all of them cannot live a day without 'emailing'. Yet, for 1.5 weeks - no one replied to me on their availability..... On the gathering day, I received 2 emails from 2 of my favourite seniors that they couldn't make it. I then cancelled the gathering. After I sent the cancellation email - I received a few 'angry' emails from the senior manages - that they were looking forward to attending the dinner and were dissappointed....there I was , felt cool and replied to those folks - saying that 'none of you confirmed your attendance until I called off the dinner'.......... I don't care if they are senior managers , they have no courtesy to respect my time, my effort. Silence doesn't tell me that they are available. I care less about them, it is absolutely not worth of my time to entertain these folks .....

Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Valentine .....

For God so loVed the world , that He gAve his onLy begottEn soN That whosoever believeth In Him should Not perish , but have Everlasting life." John 3:16

The key message from my church this week is that - today isn't the big day , 'love' is very 'chimp' ( in hokkien) ...a couple is put on challenge to test their love only after they get married, goin thru ups and downs & adjustments, no more lovey dovey sweet thingy during dating or courting time - the ideal case is they can grow their love together after marriage....

Mr Perfect + Ms Perfect = 'Wonderful Marriage' ---- but there is no Mr or Ms Perfect

Pastor emphasized 'Mr Right + Ms Realistic = Workable Marriage' ..... still a challenge for Bahija to find the Mr Right ... However, am I a Ms Realistic - i surely hope so, if not - may I have the courage to learn to be one - hehehehe

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

my old friends

Hmm, I'm glad that my far far away friends are keeping in touch with me via my blog. See, blogging is not a waste of time, coz no matter where my friends are, how busy they are/were .... they can read my blog anytime and catch up with me, know what is happening to so, my friends, please lah, start blogging lah - make it two-ways mah ....

Today, I met Janice. She balik kampung for CNY, arrived on CNY day 2 - since she started working in TW, we hardly talked to each other liow - her working hours is quite long, luckily she is making a change soon, good for her.

Today's gathering, Janice mentioned a few things about me, eg - my dream car - she saw my dream car in KL, now she knows which one is Nissan Murano. She knew I can baked cookies, buat tiramsu, the Uncle's story etc ...I just feel she's still close to me loh... but I could only find out little little things about her when we met or when we phoned each other (this we dun do often). I wish my far far away friends could start their blogs, so I could read about things happening around them.

BTW, we mentioned Rotitelur, HT, Yaya, Little Elmo a few times - u guys ada perasan mata pejam more frequently tak ?