Tuesday, May 15, 2007

fake guava-apple ....

During my teambuilding session at Cameron Highland ( CH) , we visited the market near hotel EQ ...Bahija and friends saw bags of big bright red or bright green color apples, the skin looks smooth too, all of them pre-packed in plastic bags ....we were very curious of this kind of fruits. One of the stall owner happily opened a bag and cut out some for us to test, it's RM9 per bag for 2 pieces ...the minute I tasted it , I quickly told my friends that it's not genuine, tasted like the fruits been soaked in sugar - it's artifical - tipu punya .... The owner somemore told us that a lot of foreigners came back and bought many bags from her ..... aiyuh, today Star newspaper , there is an article on ' fake guava-apple ' - BINGO - that's the one - take a read la ... it's really true lor - tourists or visitors will think that CH produces this special hybrids , padahal - kena tipu nia ..

Last weekend, went to Chinatown, I also saw these fruits there - so beware friends, JANGAN MAKAN , JANGAN BELI ... however, no harm do a sample testing - see if you can differentiate the artificial taste tak ?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

a wonderful person....

Sometimes people asked Bahija 'what's your favourite food ?' - hmmm, Bahija sometimes pun tak tahu , sometimes also need to think hard , think high , think low to come out with an answer .... last thursday - someone came to my house - this person brought along a few dishes...when I reached home and open the containers - WOW - amazing lor - all the 4 dishes were my favourite food. At that moment, I felt so great, so blessed , and also guilty for what I've done ....there is this someone who knows me so well , and so caring to me - she's none other than my dearest mummy lor - Bahija really need to control her tongue and should appreciate her :) thanks , mummy - for all the yummy food , most important - for all the loves .....Happy Mother's Day

Friday, May 11, 2007

all done in (30+ 5) mins

Here is a blog by Patrick Teoh on the Jabatan Imigresen, Cawangan Wangsa Maju which started operation since Jan 2007, the pertama complex punya sudah tutup kedai , so kawan-kawan, don't go there liow yea... Today , Bahija brought mum to another cawangan, it's the Shah Alam , Komplex PKNS branch. We arrived at 10:30 , photocopied IC , took photos - 5 mins. Went to queue for number, surprisingly super duper fast. By 11 am, application form, thumb print and payment completed , wow - Bahija impressed. Then officer asked me to go back collect the passport at 3:30 pm same day .... so we went home, balik at 3:30 , spent 5 mins to collect the new passport. Those officers I met were polite & friendly too. One happy customer here. A wish list - it would be wonderful if can collect passport within 2 hours ...macam tu , we go lepak , minum teh tarik, sembang sikit - 2 jams easy to kill :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

5/5 - 6/5 team building

Last weekend, Bahija attended a team building at Cameron Highland. My last visit to CH was when I was at Form Five .....it's been a while :) . I enjoyed this trip very much, we stayed in an isolated hostel in the middle of the huge tea plantation , nice green view , quiet , we had the whole complex by ourselves. It's a wonderful neat super cheap place , only RM 10 per head nia. Why I enjoyed this trip ? well, in the office - everyone busy, focused on their own jobs or tasks, we hardly have time to cross-chat....in this offsite event, each of us just got to spend time and we got to know the personal side of the others .... well done to the organizer committee who did this donkey jobs - bravo !!

This is the view from the hostel ..... surrounded with tea !

Spent RM5 on these whole thing ....cheap eh :) ...The crystal vase was a precious gift from my last manager in i-kei. It's a good quality heavy-duty crystal vase :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April 30 and May 1

April 30 - Bahija was tested on my integrity , my tongue , my obedient and my dicipline ...... all the 3 personal events happened on this date ......

May 1 - Reading the book of James - the 3 events I encoutered the day before was brought up ....plus a few more points too

If Bahija doesn't cleanse her heart, control her tongue , gain wisdom - disaster will come ... choice is on my hand