Friday, May 11, 2007

all done in (30+ 5) mins

Here is a blog by Patrick Teoh on the Jabatan Imigresen, Cawangan Wangsa Maju which started operation since Jan 2007, the pertama complex punya sudah tutup kedai , so kawan-kawan, don't go there liow yea... Today , Bahija brought mum to another cawangan, it's the Shah Alam , Komplex PKNS branch. We arrived at 10:30 , photocopied IC , took photos - 5 mins. Went to queue for number, surprisingly super duper fast. By 11 am, application form, thumb print and payment completed , wow - Bahija impressed. Then officer asked me to go back collect the passport at 3:30 pm same day .... so we went home, balik at 3:30 , spent 5 mins to collect the new passport. Those officers I met were polite & friendly too. One happy customer here. A wish list - it would be wonderful if can collect passport within 2 hours ...macam tu , we go lepak , minum teh tarik, sembang sikit - 2 jams easy to kill :)

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