Saturday, January 28, 2006

新年快乐 Happy Chinese New Year !

Last year christmas was on weekend, new year was on weekend, now chinese new year also fall on weekend :) great timing eh, more time to prepare, to lepak. This year the master chef is taking medical leaves, so each of her kids cooked some dishes - and viola - we had sumptuous reunion dinner. Welcoming Dog year ! .... to all my readers, especially those who are far far away - Happy Chinese New Year, may we enjoy this year :)

Monday, January 23, 2006

Dream car

Someone mentioned about Usd 199 mthly instalment to own a brand new Honda Accord :( ..... aiiii - my heart so sore , so 'kek sim' ...and I dreamt of my dream car ... Deboss once said this to me 'if one can afford to buy a car, it is not a dream car anymore is an affordable car'. Hmm, quite make sense also lah. The kesian part is Bahija cannot afford any car now :( - tu lah, can mimpi of my dream car nia .. My dream car is a splendid SUV - the Nissan Murano ... I fell in love with this dude last year July when I was in USA. Thesedays, I can see quite a few on the road .... it is about RM 258k here. In USA , it is only USD 30k. USD 30k - people there is buying high end luxury car .... RM 30k we buy kancil nia ....

Sunday, January 22, 2006

book vs movie

I finished reading Memoir of Geisha last year October, last friday went to watch the movie. I truly enjoyed reading the book with the details, with good description .... movie is a short version and not the same ... I think one who read the book will find reading the book is more interesting than watching the movie .... Next, I'm waiting for 'Da Vinci movie - to test my liking. Currently, I'm reading 'the broker', let see if Hollywood will make this into movie or not ...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

first experience with rehab center

Jan 12 Wednesday night when I read about this article, my heart straight away signalled me to help donate food to this rehab center. Went for grocery shopping Saturday night. Sunday , I drove to the center, not wanting to be alone, I brought Teddy Bear along - he sat behind the driver seat. Bahija has done multiple donations to various homes, this was the first time to rehabilitation center.

When I arrived at the center, and when I saw those men walked towards me to collect the food, some of them have tattoos, some of them are very huge - geee - Bahija actually got scared. I know everyone deserve a second chance, yet my normal human mind injected 'fear', 'second viewpoint' about them in my mind .... I decided not to walk into the rehab center, not to leave my contact, plus was in a rush - everything happened so fast .. the guys kept saying 'thank you' and smiled at me....I just replied my usual smile and zoomed - got into my car and drove away from the center.

Now, when I relook at them, I'm indeed glad to see the co-ordinator who was a drug addict - is serving God, and giving helps wholeheartedly to those who wants second chance. Some of the residents are good looking, well built. I think Bahija will return to the center in future, may be next time I'll be more 'open' and more prepared to at least communicate with them :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm wireless ....

Dec 17, 2004 - Bahija got her broadband installed....

Jan 17, 2006 - Bahija managed to setup her wireless router....yahoooo - so great, can carry notebook anyway , now I'm blogging from bed leh - hehe. However, I feel that the wireless speed is slower wor

Feb 17, 2008 - something will have to happen to align with this auspicious date :P

Monday, January 16, 2006

Jan 16

Today I'm 1 year old :)
Today is my eldest niece Josephine's 15th birthday
Today my mum did her cataract surgey
Today start my temporary housewife job taking care of mummy and teddy bear
Today I received a new set of furnitures


Saturday, January 14, 2006


My sister has this oven - still packed in a box for years, never been used. I took it out from the box, and started using it ...hehehe, i learn to like oven liow. It's so useful ..... thesedays, I bake salmon, cod fish, chicken, prawn using that small portable electric oven...very efficient. Marinate the fishes or meat, then set oven timer and bake them for 10 - 15 mins, 'multi-threading' can multi-tasks while baking food, watch TV, clean dishes, shower etc ...then DING, food cooked and dinner is served. I also started baking cakes and brownie - of course not expert yet, just using the ready made cake mix nia. Tonight, I baked chocholate walnut cookies - wow , as I'm blogging now, my whole house is full of Famous Amos's 'smell alike' punya aroma :) .....

Friday, January 13, 2006

Thanksgiving ....

Today, Bahija received a very good news - I finally accept the fact and believe that 'this thing' is real :) , sometimes I don't believe what others told me until I see it , touch it with my own hands or eyes.... today , I just want to give thanks .... Thank You So Much. Bahija is indeed grateful.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2005 sms from Habibi

Dec 31, 2005 Egypt time 9:55:26 pm , KL was 7 hrs ahead - this sms message is directed to Ringgit, Anti-Ringgit, Ms Peace and Bahija.

'When a greeting is sent from distance, u can't hear the wishes, u can't see the smiles, but u can sense the care that truly comes from my heart. Happy New Year"

Sunday, January 01, 2006

My 2005 .....and 2006

2005 was an amazing year for Bahija. Been thru a blessed great year - I'm truly thankful for that. Family thingy - all went well - had the biggest party for Mummy in August :). I've fulfilled my promise of spending more time/focus with my ageing mummy. At work - I've had the opportunity to grow into new area, and worked with nice, supportive folks. In terms of traveling, I've been to a few new places / countries this year - the reason why I felt that 2005 went pass so fast , coz I had great things to look forward to...My friends around me were mostly doing well. Janice got married and migrated to Taiwan, TaiPoh came back home for good, Yaya got her status. Sanguine was passionate about her new job. Ringgit in cloud 9. My F.R.I.E.N.D.S' gang, Miow Miow, Teddy, Kancil, Dockers' Pant - all of them are doing so well. My Bulatan friends - have babies and happily married, HT and JT settled down in OR with jobs ....Actually, the most important event happened to me in 2005 was my reborned - awesome experience walking the path to taste/to learn what 'faith' is ? ... words can never described what I've gone thru a baby here - I want to start 2006 - being thankful for the blessings, the inner peace that I've had so far, and to continue growing my faith...

Abstract from Chong Sheau Ching's article - "When we bring gratitude back to our lives, it sparks an inner joy and heightens our perspective. Gratitude is a very simple concept.If we're not grateful for what we have, it will never be enough - or good enough. When we don't feel grateful for our lives and for the people in them - and when we don't articulate and share the appreciation - our loved ones and others feel it and know it. If you are able to incorporate a deep sense of gratitude into your life, you'll notice an enormous difference. All it usually takes is looking at things a little differently. Instead of the flaws, focus on the beauty. Marvel at the gift of being alive." Happy New Year to ALL :)