Saturday, October 15, 2005

joy of reading .....part II

After the tired long working hours days and nights - I just dun have the mood to open & read the certification books - to prepare for my certification ( due date end of the year ). It is so obvious to me that certification isn't the 'important thing' in my list .... though it is on my boss's list. Instead, I use my valuable time and enjoy reading, this is good news as I dun read. Now, I find the joy of reading, entah which hormone changes which trigger me to venture into reading... I have been skipping sleep, catching up with the stories. AR recommended 'Memoirs of geisha', I bought the book last November, finally opened it last week, and finished this book this morning. I asked AR semalam if I can stop by and visit the Geisha in 2 weeks time. He laughed -Geisha's performance is very expensive - so, guess I'll watch movie lah .. wait for next year January ....Today, I rushed to MPH for another new book liow :) 加油 !

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