Wednesday, October 19, 2005

last year this time ....

Received a sms from an uncle - first time smsed me :) Apparently Oct 17 last year, Bahija, AR, R & Ms Peace were in the magnificent mysterious Egypt. Uncle smsed me to remind me of this special day. It just occurs to me that, of all the tours that I've joined. This Egypt tour is really unique, it is the only one which some of us still keep in touch with, where we still talk about it , where we still meet up once a while , where we still laugh thinking about EGYPT, plus we celebrated 1st yr anniversary somemore - siow leh ! Today, a surprise sms from Uncle O ... i am truly shock :) Bahija miss Habibi - I miss his fun stories, his loud voice when he yelled 'Habibi, habibi..yalla yalla' , his pronounciation on 'break fast', his arrogant cheeky look when he knew he's winning a battle or he's smarter .... viola - this is him

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ringgit said...

You know what I think? I think it is going out with us (me, AR and Miss Peace) that made all the difference to you. I told you, before our trip to Egypt, that it will be fun going out with us and sure enough.. it is your most memorable trip :P See la, it is the company that matters, not the place. So next time, please don't be anti social and join us more :P :P

I am surprise Uncle sms you. He still remember us? Is this the same Uncle we had most of our meals with?

I had to admit though.. Habibi played a big, big role. He truly made the difference.

Have you messaged to wish him Eid Mubarak yet?