Sunday, October 31, 2010

banks being 'bad'

Thesesay, I always received letters from bank , when I opened the envelopes, I'll be getting cheques with my name and IC no , and the amounts were $5000, $10000, yesterday was $32500, scary nya .... all I need to do is just cash in the cheques, then I'll have the huge amount of money, and owe the bank lots of money too ... Aiyuh , I dislike this technique.... I hate the banks pushing the cheques to me, rather I dislike banks sending things to me when I myself didn't ask or apply for it. That is not right. Doing this, a lot of consumers may not understand the consequenses of using the cheques, super high interests......these action could 'kill' a lot of consumers and got them into debts leh. Should I report to Bank Negara ?

Friday, October 29, 2010


Bahija purposely bought share B, with the goal to attend the AGM, and to receive all the goodies....come year end, it's a tradition for me to enjoy starbie coffee...muahaha, this year, I have 2 vouchers liow. It's lots of hard work la -woke up 7:30am, left house at 8:30 am, reached the AGM place at 9:20 am, queued for registration at 9:30 am, collected freebies at 10am. Here's my vouchers , hehe... My first experience attending an AGM, hmm, wasn't that bad, I got to know how the companies are progressing in future, their plans as well as insider tips.... the sad part was that many old folks rushed, pushed at the registration queue, some of them fell, some very kat cheong , while walking up the stairs, they hurt themselves. aiiii - why la , it's just registration only, plus only getting some food vouchers, not getting gold or cash, even so - does it worth to sacrifice the safety of oneself ? I really no 'eye see' , aiiiiiiii.....on the brighter side, a lot of the elders are very market savy, they questioned the company portpolio, profits etc.... The chairman was kind enough to announce 'bonus' for all those who attended the AGM - a free 2D1N with breakfast package at all their hotels or resorts - WOW, now that made my days :) , I hope to receive the goody in mail soon ....Perhaps next year, I may consider attend again , hehe

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Halo !!! some friends sudah marah Bahija for not updating this blog ...sorry eh :) ...
Bahija is good, as posted in my previous post, Bahija also a part-time housewife now .... cooking takes a lot of time, and I don't have a domestic helper to assist me. Anyway, Bahija passed the previous exam - Child Psychology, now taking the last module which is Counseling, this December, when I sit for the exam, I have to be 'the counselor', pretend to be an authentic counselor, all these new terms making me crazy - hahaha. Time flies , it's 20102010 today. Good numbers. 2010 almost done , aiyuh, so fast, and the same old things still apply - for me, there are still many things or tasks to be completed, but belum habis. Theseday, I spend a lot of time at home, besides work, I usually go back home and prepare dinner ( average 3 hours leh ) , then wash up and relax or work a bit, then tidur lor....Note to you guys out there, please don't stop calling me, emailing me or updating me, K. We must make effort to keep in touch with each other. I'm happy that I'll start to meet with friends soon ....and those long distance, please drop me emails or notes about yourselves. tata .....