Monday, January 05, 2009

AR ...

In my dictionary , AR stands for Amazing Race - a TV race program which I've stopped watching for quite some time ..... Another AR stands for Anti-Ringgit , today AR sent me 2 commens ( last one was ages ago ) , AR , I miss your sarcastic comments, and please la , be nicer to people la ...Bahija is pleased to welcome AR back to reading my blog :) .. here is the latest photo on my knitting process - counting by inches as days go by ... To AR , who always spend time in cold countries , you jealous that Bahija didn't self-knit you one of this , is it ???? :P

Sunday, January 04, 2009

a gift for my mum ....

2008 , Bahija didn't travel anywhere with mum .... 2009 - also quite hard to bring her for a long overseas trip, as my nature of job now requires me to be on-call and on-site support...not as flexible as the In-Kei time, aiiii :( 2008, my mum learned to travel by herself, she read the travel advertisements, and called the agents herself , settled everything and travel alone by herself, without her daughters. Last year, she joined the travel tours to Guilin and Hainan, China. She's a cool mum , at the age of 72 years old, she learns to use digital camera, roaming handphone :) I'm very proud of her. She even enjoyed her photography, her new friend taught her how to look at the focus square box , to capture the best shot .... I felt sorry that I couldn't bring her travel more often thesedays .. This year CNY day 10, she's goin to China Harbin alone , to see the ice scruptures's COLD there. I just want to get something special for my lovely mum , thus ....I'm knitting a scarf for her , in time for her to wear during her icy cold Harbin trip :)

It's quite fun to do knitting ....again, put on some lovely songs, sit quietly and knit it , relaxing my mind too :)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

possible plans/projects for 2009

Besides the 15 P's from my pastor are some of the area I'll be looking at as well ...this mean A LOT of praying , I have to pray and Seek God , one thing I've learned .. if the OK is given by Him, no matter how difficult , how un-easy, how un-glamour the tasks / projects are - eventually - all things will come to a good end - because that's what He wants me to do :)

1. Move house project - to rent or to sell , or do nothing ?

2. Engage and take on another big work project ( contract ) , or smaller projects with other customers ?

3. Evaluate Teddy Bear brain surgery option , this idea is 'hinted' very strongly to me by a good passionate doctor , it's time I need to seriously consider and influence my family

4. Personal investment project - have to start doing something ....

5. Enrol in special kid education / training ??? can I afford now , am I ready, is the timing right for me now ? should I ??

Those of you who are reading this , if the holy spirit is called upon you to pray for me , I'll be delighted and please help me .... come share your thoughts whenever you have anything for me ...THANKS !

Financial management

Today it's a fruitful day for me, a great start for the year .... Sanguine Queen introduced a new friend to me. This financial guru , I'll call him HMK. HMK shared a lot of personal experiences. Some of them are common sense, we probably have read them many times from newspaper, magazines or even the investment books such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Public Mutual investment book etc etc .... we really should be diciplined , take some time out , sit down and work on our own individual excel sheet - to find out how much is our yearly expenses ? how much do we need for retirement ? how are we goin to start prepare for it ? If we never plan for it , it will not happen ..... financial management is a core activity each and everyone of us should do, it's just like a company , before year end closing - there's ledger balancing, closing etc , then P/L profit / loss sheet , then budget planning, business plans etc .. Tonight , I took the time , prepared my yearly expenses , what a shock ... I'm admitted to ICU already , need to see ICU doctor, so that I can move back to normal ward pretty soon...

Now, I'm telling myself "If I fail to plan, I'll fail to save , and eventually I'll fail for my retirement plan too ...."

HMK - you really rock ! a kind passionate soul who is willing to share his experiences and knowledge , plus his self-created tools. Sanguine and Bahija are so glad that one of our wish is granted, to meet a financial-savy friend :) - Thank You Lord ...

01-01-2009 sunrise service

This morning, woke up late and rushed to church , arrived late 6:45 am for sunrise service. The message was 'Entering 2009 with Faith' ... 15 things I want to do ( a faith check up ) :-

1. Passage study ( book of the bible )
2. Person(s) I want to emulate
3. Person(s) I want to see saved , brought back to the Lord
4. People I need to encourage
5. Principle I want to build into my life
6. Purpose ( long term spiritual goals ) I want to see achieved
7. Plans ( short term goals - spiritual and non spiritual ) I want to make in 2009
8. Prayer I want answered in 2009
9. Protection I need in 2009
10.Price I may have to pay to grow, to mature ...
11.Poor who need my help
12.Prosperity in God
13.Personal relationship with God
14.Pursuit of excellence
15.Presence of God in my life - the key to all keys

This is the list from my pastor - the 15 P's ... Bahija doens't know what principle should I build into my life ? Do you have any ideas for me ? if yes, drop me a note yea ...