Thursday, January 01, 2009

01-01-2009 sunrise service

This morning, woke up late and rushed to church , arrived late 6:45 am for sunrise service. The message was 'Entering 2009 with Faith' ... 15 things I want to do ( a faith check up ) :-

1. Passage study ( book of the bible )
2. Person(s) I want to emulate
3. Person(s) I want to see saved , brought back to the Lord
4. People I need to encourage
5. Principle I want to build into my life
6. Purpose ( long term spiritual goals ) I want to see achieved
7. Plans ( short term goals - spiritual and non spiritual ) I want to make in 2009
8. Prayer I want answered in 2009
9. Protection I need in 2009
10.Price I may have to pay to grow, to mature ...
11.Poor who need my help
12.Prosperity in God
13.Personal relationship with God
14.Pursuit of excellence
15.Presence of God in my life - the key to all keys

This is the list from my pastor - the 15 P's ... Bahija doens't know what principle should I build into my life ? Do you have any ideas for me ? if yes, drop me a note yea ...

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