Thursday, January 01, 2009

possible plans/projects for 2009

Besides the 15 P's from my pastor are some of the area I'll be looking at as well ...this mean A LOT of praying , I have to pray and Seek God , one thing I've learned .. if the OK is given by Him, no matter how difficult , how un-easy, how un-glamour the tasks / projects are - eventually - all things will come to a good end - because that's what He wants me to do :)

1. Move house project - to rent or to sell , or do nothing ?

2. Engage and take on another big work project ( contract ) , or smaller projects with other customers ?

3. Evaluate Teddy Bear brain surgery option , this idea is 'hinted' very strongly to me by a good passionate doctor , it's time I need to seriously consider and influence my family

4. Personal investment project - have to start doing something ....

5. Enrol in special kid education / training ??? can I afford now , am I ready, is the timing right for me now ? should I ??

Those of you who are reading this , if the holy spirit is called upon you to pray for me , I'll be delighted and please help me .... come share your thoughts whenever you have anything for me ...THANKS !

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