Tuesday, January 26, 2010


For the past few weeks, working closely with my customers on evaluating a third party product. The tool is a good and super expensive tool, installed for many many many mths, no action taken...now that the license is going to expire .....customer asked me to help and feedback. So I tested, and discovered a long list of tasks , questions, messages, issues for the support folk. During this period also, I find that my EQ level is low ... tends to 'mang chang' fast .... hmm, got to go to cave, hibernate and meditate a bit ....must jaga EQ and image sikit :)

The reason I so mang chang is - I expect people to work at a faster speed and deliver better testing reports ... when others are not at the same page as me , I some how tak sabar ......hmmm. I'll have to slow down , let go and sabar a bit :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3rd tuesday dinner ...

Today I left office at 3:30 pm, rushed for grocery , reached home 4:30 pm ... started to prepare for dinner at 5pm, busy busy busy and sweat a lot - haaa - all finished at 7 pm ...then after makan , need to wash , cleanup leh, so finally all completed at 8pm, hmm, spent 4 hrs 30 mins for a dinner , that's a lot of time la, haaaa ......nvm , I'll improve and try other easier recipe next time. tonight , we had javanese dinner - sudanese karedok ( salad ) , Padang chicken dry curry, taufoo eggs with sauce, kangkong and stir fry salmon ....verdict, not so tasty la ..heee

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2nd tuesday night - hainanese chinese rice

Today rushed home at 5 pm , then went straight to the kitchen and cooked the hainanese chicken rice , hmmm, yummy yummy yummy ! here is our dinner tonight ........

Monday, January 11, 2010

good halal local food at DU

last friday lunch, went to Damansara Uptown with ex-colleagues. We ate at Village Park restaurant. It is operated by a chinese-muslim couple. The business is good, the food is good too.. I ordered their famous dish - nasi lemak with ayam goreng for RM 6.80. The santan rice sedap and wangi. fried chicken tender and cripsy .... we were very happy with the food. Will re-visit. The restaurant is same row as HSBC , the address is 5, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama.

free treats ..

Some of my friends very pandai , they bought a few counters from Berjaya .....so last year Oct - they received a few vouchers. They bought me free lunch on sunday at Kenny Rogers. Next, one of them blessed me with these 2 vouchers , Ringgit - u owe me a starbie , and I can use this buy 1 free 1 - deal ? heeee. I thought my starbie luxury indulgence was over last year Dec...tapi looks like I get to sample a few more cups :) so when I am stress later and need a place to chill out , I'll use it

This year, I must monitor the counters and pick up a few , so that by year end, I myself receive the vouchers in my mailbox :)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tuesday night dinner ....

This year , I want to improve myself , as well as reward my mummy - giving her a break on tuesday night. She doesn't have to cook , but to appoint or promote me to assistant chef - hehehe.... the first tuesday night of 2010 - here's the dinner I cooked , roasted rosemary chicken, olive oil garlic roasted pasta, vegetables and egg mayo mashed potatoes. The new recipe I leart tonight is mashed potatoes ... tasted ok :)

If you have any good , simple, healthy and easy recipe - share with me , I need to think for next tuesday night deee .....

** my sis and new bro-in-law enjoying the dinner, they submitted the request for next tuesday ---> Hainanese Chicken Rice - hoo hoooo !!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

blurrrrr new year ...

Unbelievable .... this was how I started my 2010 :-

Dec 31 night - I ffk and skipped a countdown party with friends coz I was too tired from my Turkey trip

Jan 1 morning - church sunrise service at 6am, I was late for 1 hour ...arrived at 7 am

Jan 1 night - again , late 1 hour for my friend's gathering party

Jan 2 - slept until 1 pm , woke up blurred lagi , dreaming ..... then read a sms from classmate - AIYUH , I totally forgot about my 12 pm class ....gosh , rushed for class at 1:30 pm, the class ended at 2:30 pm , somemore dare to said 'Ah, so fast over liow ' ...my classmate who sat next to me said 'coz u came in at 1:30 , miss ' - opsssssss

Jan 3 , Jan 4 and so on - Bahija IS NOT GOING to repeat this same pattern - no way ....jetlag is goin to be over and I am going to be back to my normal routine , aim gonna to be late for another time !

mask or no mask ??

My mum and I both brought along many mouth masks during our Turkey trip ....we were prepared to wear it throughout the whole traveling journey - only from airport to airport. But when we arrived at KLIA , no one wore the mask ....kind of weird if we both pakai , padahal the whole travel group - 31 of them not wearing leh .... so we waited till boarding time in the plane , same thing , I didn't see anyone wearing mask .... like that - ok la - save the hassle, we didn't wear the mask to /from Turkey :) .....

Guess people start to pay less attention on this H1N1 flu .... however - I think we still practise hygiene - wash hands before meals , wear mask if we are having flu , and avoid going out to the crowd if we are not feeling well

Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 family project

This year , my family will start the big project - to start planning and sourcing , hiring a domestic helper - aka a maid , to help take care of teddy bear , also to help mum with some house chores.... at the gathering tonight , Ringgit asked the gang "will it bring out the worst of us when we have a maid ?" .....Bootidelicious said yes, her maid drives she and her husband to super boiling temperature. Heard so many horrible stories about maids , about them lari , about them abusing the kids , or being slow and dumb ....likewise, also read many bad owners who abused the maids too , so there are 2 sides of a story....

I am actually very takut to start this project , it's an additional task , responsibility to keep an eye on a maid in the house, by default , I think I will be paranoid and afraid to have her too....a lot of What If ??? aiii, got to spend time to prepare myself on this, to be called 'mum' or 'ibu' - goshhhhhhh :(

Happy Blessed New Year !!

Howdeeeeee, Bahija is back from Turkey :) , it's a wonderful trip, I am now little bit jetlag , plus missing Turkey a lot actually. An eye opening trip for me, as it is a 99% muslim country, yet I don't feel that I am in a muslim country. Everyone is friendly and modern looking , turkish folks very leng cai and leng lui, they are very liberal ..... how I wish my country is like them .....

will take some time to tidy up things, then share the photos ....
my mum and I did the hotair balloon - that was very fun :)

Arrived at KLIA on Dec 31 , 7 am. 2009 was a great year for me - accomplished few things , life was busy and fruitful. Hmmm, for 2010 - I will aim to be SEXY :)

S - Simplicity - live a simple life , need to focus more to enhance this skill
E - Exercise more for healthier lifestyle
X - Cross, mean spending more quiet time with God, continue to improve my knowledge
Y - Young - want to feel young, youthful and having young mindset - energetic

Happy Blessed New Year to all my readers , may we all have a healthier happier 2010....