Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 family project

This year , my family will start the big project - to start planning and sourcing , hiring a domestic helper - aka a maid , to help take care of teddy bear , also to help mum with some house chores.... at the gathering tonight , Ringgit asked the gang "will it bring out the worst of us when we have a maid ?" .....Bootidelicious said yes, her maid drives she and her husband to super boiling temperature. Heard so many horrible stories about maids , about them lari , about them abusing the kids , or being slow and dumb ....likewise, also read many bad owners who abused the maids too , so there are 2 sides of a story....

I am actually very takut to start this project , it's an additional task , responsibility to keep an eye on a maid in the house, by default , I think I will be paranoid and afraid to have her too....a lot of What If ??? aiii, got to spend time to prepare myself on this, to be called 'mum' or 'ibu' - goshhhhhhh :(


TZ said...

hey you really need to consider when selecting maid... My uncle and aunt in Penang got a very nice maid from Cambodia... she also very happy to work in my aunty place :)

My aunty and uncle treat her like their own daughter... :)

Ringgit said...

Get a Filipino. I think the important thing is able to communicate. Then make sure you give her space for herself.. a day off or something. Treat her like an employee, not a maid. That should be fine.. I THINK!