Friday, March 31, 2006


This afternoon, I participated in the Community Service organized by In-Kei. This time, we visited a place which is housing old folks, handicapped & mentally retarded kids. Youngest is 7 years old, and the oldest is 96 years old. Each of them has a sad background. This home is like 'alam flora'... abandoned folks are being cared for here. Eg, when Aunt A was sick and admitted to GH, after she recovered, she was abandoned by her children, she has no place to go..... Second example, an uncle who speaks good english, his eyes turned blind after a cataract surgery, since then , his family in Ipoh decided to dump him - until today, he still ask the volunteers to send him home to Ipoh, and he said he will pay for the transportation costs. I can't comprehend how the children can do such thing ..... sad sad sad !!

good influence...

1) Bahija went to check out Nokia phone, wanted to buy a sexy newer phone ....but the nice salesman advised me to repair my phone and continued to use , so tak jadi buang duit

2) Bahija went to check out Canon ixus i-zoom, it is ight and nice looking tempted to buy - but the salesman said my old Canon S45 is a better camera, no need to buy a new one ...... so, again, tak jadi beli

3) Bahija gatal - thinking to upgrade my sweety car , discussed this topic with my lunch buddies - like a lunch forum, talked the end, everyone still voted I shouldn't upgrade ...hmmm, so even though car prices are slightly cheaper now , guess I still tak jadi beli yet ....

Sunday, March 05, 2006


last week hit topic was '192' .... $1.92 for 1 litre of petrol. my friend said his kancil's full tank is close to $40 now, as if he is driving a proton. I suppose I can really taste the 'inflation' now , going thru various stages .... it is sickening that we buy a brand new house, yet the water pressure is so low, so useless .... burden is passed down to the house owner 'again' - in this country, many costs are pass down to the consumer, always kena buli most of the time. My residential area, i believe all my neighbours have installed a water pressure pump - else we may have to spend hours bathing. Back in 2003 - one had to spend RM1,100 for a good German brand 'Grundfos' pump - with installation - may be total up to RM 1,600. Yesterday, when I visited the store, the manager told me it will cost RM 3,000 to install it. The cheapo pump I bought in 2003 for $350, it is now $700. The manager also said the electric wiring cost have doubled. Air cond has increased 20% too ...... see, thesedays, I object those fancy restaurants for $50 dinner or so - why ? I am fighting against my personal inflation rate which is directly caused by external factors la kesian :(