Sunday, March 05, 2006


last week hit topic was '192' .... $1.92 for 1 litre of petrol. my friend said his kancil's full tank is close to $40 now, as if he is driving a proton. I suppose I can really taste the 'inflation' now , going thru various stages .... it is sickening that we buy a brand new house, yet the water pressure is so low, so useless .... burden is passed down to the house owner 'again' - in this country, many costs are pass down to the consumer, always kena buli most of the time. My residential area, i believe all my neighbours have installed a water pressure pump - else we may have to spend hours bathing. Back in 2003 - one had to spend RM1,100 for a good German brand 'Grundfos' pump - with installation - may be total up to RM 1,600. Yesterday, when I visited the store, the manager told me it will cost RM 3,000 to install it. The cheapo pump I bought in 2003 for $350, it is now $700. The manager also said the electric wiring cost have doubled. Air cond has increased 20% too ...... see, thesedays, I object those fancy restaurants for $50 dinner or so - why ? I am fighting against my personal inflation rate which is directly caused by external factors la kesian :(

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