Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a great summer vacation

August, Bahija brought mummy to visit sister and nephew in Los Angeles, took a 7 days vacation in Canada visited Canada Rocky Mountains, Vancouver, Victoria - very nice .....good for my eyes :) , every day we saw many lakes, and the best was left to the last day - Peyto Lake ( photo attached ), quiet glacial lake :)

Glad to chat and skype with YaYa , Chu Chu and HT and my american host family who are now staying in Virginia.

Timing wise - it's perfect, August is fasting month, usually less work issues during this month, so perfect time for me to be overseas, PLUS my contract ended, so I could 'break-free' and just enjoy to the max without any 'liability'. On top of that, found a good special child center which could take in my brother and take care of him. All in all - I am grateful for everything.

Now that I have visited Canada, I kinda like Vancouver, for me, it is like San Francisco yet not so crowded. oh well, tourist view is always not the same as permanent resident .... one thing I like about Canada was immigration checked into Canada was easy and smooth within 15 mins. Likewise I spent 4 hours in LAX.

Life is short , time flies ..... 1 mth vacation over - now back to reality :)