Monday, May 29, 2006

fortunate kids

When I was small, I had no toys or 'masak' ....mum always put us inside a box to play ...I wondered what we play with huh ? may be we makan angin, day dream, eye contact kuah. Once mum brought me to wet market, I remembered that day very well, because that was the day I received my first 'masak' set - which had a pot, pan, bowls, cups, teapot --treasure ! hmm hmm, this is why Bahija tak suka toys, as I didn't grow up with toys lah , kesian nyaaaaaaaa

My niece and nephews from HK sent me their wish list, so went to check out - conclusion is next generation are so lucky ..the games they play - so advanced, their toys are changgih ... I spent a few hundreds for 3 items. I learned who is Janice and Jill ( the HK pop star now ) , also know how or where to buy PSP now ( at first thought people cheating me as the price is so expensive ) ... some folks told me that they as parents jimat-cermat tak erti spend, buy shoe also cheap2, all their money goes to the children - children get branded shoes, games etc...not easy to be a parent now , be able to teach the kids to appreciate things, not to be materialistic , not to be influenced by peers .....

Thursday, May 11, 2006

free trip ????

Last year or so, a friend from Northern part told me about an all-expense paid trip to Europe, and the condition is to help purchase branded goods. Back then, I was curious, was that information reliable, sound too good to be true ? Bahija & friends want to enjoy the overseas trip, we want to be able to stop at places we like to see, do all the sight seeings, rather than being tied down with the shopping trips. Thus, we decided not to participate. Last night read the Star Cloned Credit Card Scam –aiyuh yuh – the story fit 100% , I am just glad we didn’t participate and do the illegal things … it is using cloned credit cards to purchase the branded goods. Thesedays, it is very rare to have ‘free lunches’ – we have to be careful, not to 贪小便宜 ….

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hospital G

Today, Bahija went to this hospital @ Ampang , opposite the GE Mall. Hmm, may be I 'suaku'. There are a few 'neat' things about this hospital ( to me la ) ....There are presidential suites ( just like hotel standard), there is a hairdressing salon, valet service, concierge service ( the bell boy dressed in red uniform ( for a min, I wondered did I enter a hotel or a hospital ??) .....Also, there is also Spa services such as facial, massage, scrub services for the patients who are warded. Imagine, a woman could ordered facial services after her child delivery, then had a hair cut or hair wash at the salon.... macam-macam pun ada eh - innovative ideas on serving the rich & famous. masuk hospital also ada mood to enjoy those my level - i tak faham.

Monday, May 01, 2006

2006年 5月 1日 星期一 农历 丙戌年 4月 4日

今天 2006年 5月 1日 星期一 农历 丙戌年 4月 4日 = today is May 1, Monday and chinese calender is the 4th month, 4th day. Today mark another special moment for my family. My beloved daddy passed away 10 years ago on this date. We are gather together today, for a simple memorial services. 10 years ago, Bahija got her first paycheck , only managed to buy dad one meal using my hard-earned money, didn't know that was the last meal that I ever could bought for him. 10 yrs from now , how different would it be ? this just remind me again to appreciate everyone, everything around me :)

Happy Birthday to my sister ....
Happy Worker's Day too ....