Sunday, February 25, 2007

funny 'taste'

Hmm, I may be a bit kuku liow - photos on toilet bowls ???? heee - First one taken in Japan - very high end - with sound system, seat has heater feature, it has flush, washing & drying buttons. Second picture taken in Brunei - my mum stared at them for a while , thinking how to use 2 of them. I gave it a try. First - use the right one, when done, move the butt over to the left , and push the button - wow - cold water flushed out - so cooling - butt butt felt so good , and whole body in 'shock' ( that's how I felt la , keli actually) . In Doha, Qatar, I sat on the toilet seat - and felt my butt terbakar - the weather is way too hot - until the toilet seat also super panas .... Then in China, in some ulu kampung area - their washroom is super duper dirty, smelly and open, no doors - as showned here. In Italy, the washrooms come with various types of faucets and gadgets - I need to spent time figured out how to get them to function..... Bahija just find this interesting as I get to taste the different scenarios :)

part 2 about country B

I heard 2 free medical testimonies - first one - father sick, no specialist in country B, thus government sent him on first class to UK for treatment, all expenses paid by government, and 3 family members were allowed to follow him to take care of him. The second one - friend sakit - government paid for all his treatment in Sgp ( multiple trips )

Some friends asked me if msian can migrate to Country B ? hmmm - after asking some friends. I have some updates. Msian needs to stay in Country B for min 25 years - baru can consider to apply for citizenship wor. 25 yrs - this is a huge number.... so the fastest and direct way is still via marriage eh.

Next interesting info - msian who worked in B country for 180 days, he /she does not have to pay income tax to our irb .... wow , too good to be true hor. One who stays less than 180 days in Msia - is consider non-resident for that year, B country is tax free, so need to check the Double Taxation Agreement ( DTA ) between B and Msia .... if this is true - hmm - Bahija may want to explore this option liow, since my nature of work is support and my boss is flexible that so long I can be contactable and work at the same timezone - it doesn't matter where I am physically ... so I'll get myself to work from country B for 180 days lah tiap-tiap tahun, to avoid my taxes - hmm, does this make sense ??? geee - go dreaming lah

Saturday, February 24, 2007

buah tangan ...

Western Dragon invited Bahija and friends to her house. This is her first time / first year giving ang pows - she's excited about this event, giving out 2 packets to the singles - heeee untung. Thesedays, Bahija memang lazy , i just went to my friends' houses empty handed, coz i think there is this tradition that only the married folks need to bring barang2 when they visit others. Being single, I just need to enjoy the flexibililty lah :) Anyway, tonight, Bahija was surprised to see Chinese Dragon brought a bag of buah tangan to her house lor ( as far as I could remember, ini kali pertama leh ). Chinese Dragon is obviously getting lots of 'preparation' or training for the next promotion - another new chapter of life - heeee :P

Friday, February 23, 2007

my 07 CNY vacation ....

Bahija went to this neighbour country which is on the east side, the country is 6 alphabets , starts with a B, end with a I. It's a small rich country. They don't have politicians, simple and ruled by the Sultan. The Sultan is 61 yrs old, thin and quite good looking actually ... the rakyat like their sultan very much ....I figured out why liow. Education ( from kindergarden to university) and medical ( I mean ALL the medical fees ) are FREE. Petrol is subsidized, and cost B$ 0.35 per litre. Rice supply is not enought, thus imports from Thailand, and Sultan subsidized 50%. This country is tax-free , meaning no sales tax, income tax, property tax semua tak ada - just delete the word 'tax' in the dictionary. The people also proudly told me that there is no poor people in their country, Bahija had to repeat the question 3 times to triple confirmed...the definition of poor is under poverty line. On average, people here change car every 2 years.....When I walked around the town, the town is clean, buildings, houses are well maintained and painted nicely, no grills - that means security is good. I also asked them, they said there is hardly any rompakan, theft or crime cases - wow - nice hor. The main bus terminal is clean, bus engines are off when they are parked at the terminal. My mum and I are very impressed with the locals, people from all races are very friendly, they smiled at us, offered help, and they stopped at zebra crossing, patiently waited for us to cross .... wow - never expect this to happen in an Asia country lor .... This B country is celebrating its 23th National Day today - for the rakyat there, hope all of them continue to enjoy the peace, work hard to enjoy the benefits, and not taking things for granted and be malas eh .... The not so cool thing here - no alcohol, no night life such as pub, bars, karaoke, massage centers - all those are NO NO, their newspaper nothing much to read, very nipis - every day hanya read about the royal families .... u see - country is peaceful and small, not much crime to report report the rich and famous lor, heee.... Generally people is quite rich, surprisingly their malls really really really hmmm no syok lor. This was the first trip Bahija didn't spend a single cent on shopping as there is really nothing worth to buy - haaaaa....It's a short exciting discovery trip for me and mum, we simply picked this place, because it's a new country my mum hasn't visited, it's nearby and affordable for me - I'm very 'pok kai' at this moment. My mum is excellent - this trip, we visited a national park, she walked 1226 steps up to a mountain, sat on long boat and speed boat, walked on river and made it to the waterfall - very KENG. Mat Sallehs also puji my little mummy leh

Monday, February 19, 2007

新 年 快 乐 .....

It's the time where food , more food and food :) Bahija have managed to shed some kilos for the past 2 mths. Hope I don't gain back those 'hardwork' easily.... I'll be out of town for a few days, when I'm back, Feb will be ending soon - so fast, Jan & Feb just zoom past - too fast that I don't think I've done anything significant yet ....wishing all my readers - Happy Chinese New Year !!
p/s : those who have IM-ed me and left me a message - TQ - sorry I didn't get the chance to chat with u guys :) - take care to all of you wherever u r .....

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

an insult ....

Weeks ago, Bahija and sister relaxed at home while listening to TV3 news, suddenly - we saw the annoucement 'Le Tua Langkawi' bla bla bla - I told sis - that was a typo error - hmm, then later on, we realized that it's not typo - itu memang 'Le Tua' - the Malay version of Le Tour ( in French ) which means The Tour .... alamak - Le Tua pula - what a joke ... yesterday - a comment on Star - a real insult to the Malay Language - which is so true lor - I second the writer. Now in Malay , to discuss and to be flexible , you can say like this - 'untuk di-diskusi' and 'fleksibel' - what do you think ? siow or not ... bincang and mudah berubah will still be my choice of words as compared to using the 'CC' words - sound so weird ... yeeeee

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Holidays ...

Bahija needs to get some fresh air :) , went for mid-nite movie.... wish this movie 'The Holidays' screened last year during christmas and before NY lah .... perfect timing. Anyway, this movie is quite good :) , hmmm, Bahija like this guy Jude Law aka Graham cute ...oh, he was born on Dec 29, 1972 kat London... okie doot - i sign off and go sweet dream - heee

Friday, February 09, 2007

wake service

This week has been quite taxing for some friends. ML's dad is having very serious health issues - kidneys failure, diabetic , blood clogged, couldn't urine, and now latest problem - rectum bleeding .... Uncle has to put up a strong fight to get thru this critical stage..

Thursday morning - received a sms - the daughter of my ex-cell member passed away. She had leukemia since she was 9 yr olds, she fought this disease for 6 years, died at 15 yrs old. Tonight, Bahija attended her wake service, it's my first experience attended a christian wake service. It's simple (which makes perfect sense ) - we sang her fav songs .. of course we grieved over her death, but indeed we are glad that she is now with the Lord in the promised land.

This reminds me again - that I shall complete my will writing ( first draft started 2 yrs ago - still have not seal the deal yet .... ) - must get this into my personal imbo - haaaaa

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

what a day ....

In summary

morning - a friend told me her sister and brother in law are having marriage issue - they may end up getting a divorce , they have 2 young children

afternoon - a colleague have 2 slipped discs - she undergone surgery to fix them ( I urged her to try a chinese sifu to urut - hope that didn't create more problems for her - so sorry )

nite - a friend is granted with a special gift - yet she isn't prepared for that - so it's a syok and a huge decision to decide on next action plan

Here I am - feeling very tired already .... hearing all the stories, but I do pray for all of them, Sincerely hope they get out of their trouble. It's common - when one is single - you wish to get married , but after that - tends to forget how to grow each other, how to appreciate each other .... or another scenario - when our body signal maintenance needed, we ignore and don't care - until the chronic issues turned sour ... or when you wish for something badly yet don't seem to have the luck to have it , likewise something you never thought would happened, it just materialized, just like that .... life lor i guess

Monday, February 05, 2007

big hole

last time, renovated and moved to new house - bought 4 air-conds, installed alarm, autogates, bought new appliances ....I forgot about the 'maintenance' part :( Now, each one of them started to merajuk and gave problems. Last week - my autogate not working, not even with manual key - thus i had to climb over the gate and use the master autogate keypad inside my house to open the gate .... called for support, Uncle teased me - he said i never service my autogate - alamak , i ter-realized about 'maintenance' then. So spent > $500 fixed autogate motor (left hand side), receiver, and alarm battery. Last month , my 2.5 HP air-cond merajuk pula, called for service, baru realized 2.5 HP, the service charge is $250 - geee, expensive nya - i also spent close to $500 to service all the air-conds... in short, it's so costly to own a house lor is the termite treatment liow - aiyuhhhhhh

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fun time babysitting ....

Today , for the first time Bahija gets to spend quality time with 2 lovely kiddoes - Andrew ( 7 yrs old) and Adel ( 4 yrs old) .... their grandfather admitted to hospital - kidney failure and a few other problems ... daddy and mummy stressed and tired taking care of things. Thus - Bahija offer a simple help - these kids truly blessed my Sunday, they amazed me with things they do :) Bahija pandai ambil hati kanak-kanak, bought them playsets, chips, ice cream, vitagen, brought them to 3 playgrounds .... until both of them so reluctant to go home - heee, Adel was crying at home and refused to go to bed...opsss. At 4 yrs old, Adel is such a strong minded girl, once she made up her mind, she doesn't change her mind. I gave them cups of water, and container to eat their chips - surprisingly , when they finished, Adel automatically took the empty cups and container, walked to my kitchen and put those dirty items in my sink, she also helped me bring my rubbish bag to the main rubbish bin outside my house ( without me asking, i was thinking to ask Andrew ). Her good behaviour truly melted my heart - okie - i shall reward her with barbie doll dresses liow ......oh, her manglish also super duper cute