Tuesday, February 13, 2007

an insult ....

Weeks ago, Bahija and sister relaxed at home while listening to TV3 news, suddenly - we saw the annoucement 'Le Tua Langkawi' bla bla bla - I told sis - that was a typo error - hmm, then later on, we realized that it's not typo - itu memang 'Le Tua' - the Malay version of Le Tour ( in French ) which means The Tour .... alamak - Le Tua pula - what a joke ... yesterday - a comment on Star - a real insult to the Malay Language - which is so true lor - I second the writer. Now in Malay , to discuss and to be flexible , you can say like this - 'untuk di-diskusi' and 'fleksibel' - what do you think ? siow or not ... bincang and mudah berubah will still be my choice of words as compared to using the 'CC' words - sound so weird ... yeeeee

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