Friday, February 09, 2007

wake service

This week has been quite taxing for some friends. ML's dad is having very serious health issues - kidneys failure, diabetic , blood clogged, couldn't urine, and now latest problem - rectum bleeding .... Uncle has to put up a strong fight to get thru this critical stage..

Thursday morning - received a sms - the daughter of my ex-cell member passed away. She had leukemia since she was 9 yr olds, she fought this disease for 6 years, died at 15 yrs old. Tonight, Bahija attended her wake service, it's my first experience attended a christian wake service. It's simple (which makes perfect sense ) - we sang her fav songs .. of course we grieved over her death, but indeed we are glad that she is now with the Lord in the promised land.

This reminds me again - that I shall complete my will writing ( first draft started 2 yrs ago - still have not seal the deal yet .... ) - must get this into my personal imbo - haaaaa

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