Friday, February 23, 2007

my 07 CNY vacation ....

Bahija went to this neighbour country which is on the east side, the country is 6 alphabets , starts with a B, end with a I. It's a small rich country. They don't have politicians, simple and ruled by the Sultan. The Sultan is 61 yrs old, thin and quite good looking actually ... the rakyat like their sultan very much ....I figured out why liow. Education ( from kindergarden to university) and medical ( I mean ALL the medical fees ) are FREE. Petrol is subsidized, and cost B$ 0.35 per litre. Rice supply is not enought, thus imports from Thailand, and Sultan subsidized 50%. This country is tax-free , meaning no sales tax, income tax, property tax semua tak ada - just delete the word 'tax' in the dictionary. The people also proudly told me that there is no poor people in their country, Bahija had to repeat the question 3 times to triple confirmed...the definition of poor is under poverty line. On average, people here change car every 2 years.....When I walked around the town, the town is clean, buildings, houses are well maintained and painted nicely, no grills - that means security is good. I also asked them, they said there is hardly any rompakan, theft or crime cases - wow - nice hor. The main bus terminal is clean, bus engines are off when they are parked at the terminal. My mum and I are very impressed with the locals, people from all races are very friendly, they smiled at us, offered help, and they stopped at zebra crossing, patiently waited for us to cross .... wow - never expect this to happen in an Asia country lor .... This B country is celebrating its 23th National Day today - for the rakyat there, hope all of them continue to enjoy the peace, work hard to enjoy the benefits, and not taking things for granted and be malas eh .... The not so cool thing here - no alcohol, no night life such as pub, bars, karaoke, massage centers - all those are NO NO, their newspaper nothing much to read, very nipis - every day hanya read about the royal families .... u see - country is peaceful and small, not much crime to report report the rich and famous lor, heee.... Generally people is quite rich, surprisingly their malls really really really hmmm no syok lor. This was the first trip Bahija didn't spend a single cent on shopping as there is really nothing worth to buy - haaaaa....It's a short exciting discovery trip for me and mum, we simply picked this place, because it's a new country my mum hasn't visited, it's nearby and affordable for me - I'm very 'pok kai' at this moment. My mum is excellent - this trip, we visited a national park, she walked 1226 steps up to a mountain, sat on long boat and speed boat, walked on river and made it to the waterfall - very KENG. Mat Sallehs also puji my little mummy leh

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