Sunday, February 25, 2007

funny 'taste'

Hmm, I may be a bit kuku liow - photos on toilet bowls ???? heee - First one taken in Japan - very high end - with sound system, seat has heater feature, it has flush, washing & drying buttons. Second picture taken in Brunei - my mum stared at them for a while , thinking how to use 2 of them. I gave it a try. First - use the right one, when done, move the butt over to the left , and push the button - wow - cold water flushed out - so cooling - butt butt felt so good , and whole body in 'shock' ( that's how I felt la , keli actually) . In Doha, Qatar, I sat on the toilet seat - and felt my butt terbakar - the weather is way too hot - until the toilet seat also super panas .... Then in China, in some ulu kampung area - their washroom is super duper dirty, smelly and open, no doors - as showned here. In Italy, the washrooms come with various types of faucets and gadgets - I need to spent time figured out how to get them to function..... Bahija just find this interesting as I get to taste the different scenarios :)

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