Tuesday, August 30, 2005

friendly reminder

Yesterday, someone mentioned about TAR, my eyes blinked hard, shocked - thought the new season of TAR started already and I have missed it, hehe
Last time, Ringgit alwaz reminded me of TAR. Now, Docker's Pant always remind me of DHW ( Desperate Housewives ). I still dun have the 'kat cheong' mood to catch this DHW series lah. BTW TAR season 8 is goin on air Sept 27 in US. Got to watch out for local version. It's been 3 mths since season 7 ended. Season 8 is different - 4 person in a team, consist of family members. And this time, my house will be the TAR house, my sister, my colleague will come and watch with me. Wow - I have a kakies to chat instantly then :) - that shld be fun , hehe - imagine watching football with friends, sitting on sofa and eating popcorns :P

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Tonight, all of us sat down, had a wonderful reunion dinner - filled with joy and laughs. Mum was thrilled - she's so 'kam tong' & surprised. HeHeHe. Sometimes we thought Teddy Bear mentally retarded, geee - never overlook his capability - he knew about this surprise party, yesterday - he told my other sister that such and such coming back for Saturday dinner - we were so shocked - created some havoc moment among us ( the organizers ) betul-betul felt ter-main by him loh :), we thought secret ter-bocor liow. Teddy Bear so smart, he listened to our conversations, jigsaw puzzled the story. Next time, we definitely stay away from him liow :) Here is the 'sow toh' - representing longevity - Mom, '多福多壽 - 生日快乐' !!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

White Hair ........

I just came back from washroom, when I washed my hand and looked up on the mirror ....
ALAMAK, white hair lah .....aiyuh, my first self discovery of white hair , errrrrrr , so sad :(
Question - does having white hair = getting old ?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

no title

Started today happy ....then went into emotional imbalance situation - something wrong. Firstly, haze problem is getting so serious - no more fresh air - my cool company made a special effort from HQ, gave each of the employee 5 masks yesterday, for us to bring back and share with family. When we walked to food court, we had to wear the mask, the air is so so so smelly, smoky, dirty - horrible. Secondly, I'm trapped into this 'Langkawi' curse again. A very sweet friend of mine, went all out to help me secure hotel booking (during the peak season) - but at the end - i rejected her booking. I was so sad making that decision. I knew I upset her in a way, I didn't know what to say to her right now ( let me zzzz, refresh my mind then think harder) .... back to the curse ...everytime when I wanted to go to this place, something drastic happened. Like today, even though I managed to get the 5 star hotel rooms as per my preferred dates - good price (this hotel is fully booked - travel agents and internet bookings no way can get thru liow), YET, when I was at the airline website - my hand shaked, my heart beat increased - I had 2 bad experiences whenever I wanted to go Langkawi (SARS, Tsunami) .....today, my brain just poped out this Q 'Are you sure ? what if Haze problem getting more serious ? another disaster leh' - aiiii , dunno what / how to say this , I just felt I'm no good in planning trip , in this area , too last minutes, a bit upset with something ....and now , i am emotionally sad liow , dissappointed , tired , hopeless ...... aiiiii - I need a good rest now - bye

Friday, August 05, 2005


Hmm, first day of the trip – I was at the Starbucks – processing my mind …read here. Last day of my trip, again, I was at the Starbucks counter – buy or not to buy ....This time, it’s for Anti-Ringgit. I kept analyzing will he use it or not …will it be a white elephant or not – wasted my ‘sam kei’ then. So, up and down – stood at the counter for quite a long time – End result, I still decided not to buy loh :P – Bahija has no more strength to carry this fragile item for AR lah. Instead – I captured it and put it here – so u can see it anytime, no matter where you are – better hor ! hehehe . AR - this is dedicated for you :P

An old dream ...

This trip Bahija is happy. Just amazed that at any point of time, there were people around me to keep me company. No time to feel lonely at all. Plus the timing also excellent, one after another, no conflict leh… hehe. Life is so blissful. The world is just so small loh. Okra was my high school friend. We lost touched for many years. When I came here, she’s home for vacation, thru friends – she found out I quit I-kei , then next day, she met with her good Uni buddy – this buddy is my PG colleague pula – small world leh, one connect to another – apparently , Okra is only 30 mins away from where I am…on my last night here, we met for Vietnamese dinner. So great to keep in touch again. Okra will be my first friend who carry the Dr title ..she’s completing her PHD – her expertise is public health – so keng hor. I visited her Uni – U.C.Davis. During the drive, my mind flashed back to my Uni time, campus life was so fun. Just like what Okra is doing now ….She works as Research Assistance – this help to sponsor her tuition expenses. From the conversation, I recalled this little dream I used to have – to enroll for full time master – be a Graduate or Teaching Assistance. Moons ago – in my Uni – I qualified as the Graduate Assistance – to me, back then this was such a great deal, USD 500 mthly salary to cover living expenses, graduate school tuition fees all covered by Uni ….memang good deal loh. I didn’t opt for that offer back then, because I wanted to have some real life working experiences before taking my master. Zooommmmm, I seem to totally forget about this idea liow , until I met Okra. Hmmm, then today – I arrived kat LA at 3pm. So early, nothing to do, so bored waiting in LAX, so I took a bus ride to U.C.L.A. Wah, ini Uni betul2 besar, full of rich kids leh – saw a lot of nice cars. Good campuses with neat facilities – famous U memang famous – glamour. I walked around the campus, went to the campus store as well – aii, this whole experience just brought me back to my old fun uni time , hehehehe. My first business trip here – I found out that I didn’t like to stay here. Now, entah why, this trip I changed my mind – I’m keeping this migration option open again – entah someday – this plan may jalan :) , guess I fall in love with Oregan liow ....

Monday, August 01, 2005

Aug is here ....finally

Bahija & family gang planned for a surprise birthday party for mom since last year ....1 yr + liow, finally it is here ...end of August, everyone is coming home to surprise her. We plan to bring her to a private function room for a normal makan, then all her overseas kids & grand-kids knock on the door , walk in to surprise her :) It's her 70th birthday , we just tot this is a great time for family reunion & family potrait. The last family photo was 8 years ago ...a year after daddy's tragedy. Speaking of this, last thursday Teddy Bear had a fit, and fainted again, this time, he fell and ter-hit my little mum, kelian her. She injured her leg....aiiii, here I am - malu to call her last weekend, shamed on me - that I didn't even know she hurt herself until monday night. My view on this - it's another sync to alert us that - we need to think of a solution or alternative - if we leave this as status quo, there could be another same tradegy , just like what had happened to daddy loh .... Personally, I have had 2 mths + of freedom here, no need to think of family commitment or running around for them, I'm thankful for this break, ready to be home liow to continue my duties, not forgetting being depress for a while :(