Tuesday, August 30, 2005

friendly reminder

Yesterday, someone mentioned about TAR, my eyes blinked hard, shocked - thought the new season of TAR started already and I have missed it, hehe
Last time, Ringgit alwaz reminded me of TAR. Now, Docker's Pant always remind me of DHW ( Desperate Housewives ). I still dun have the 'kat cheong' mood to catch this DHW series lah. BTW TAR season 8 is goin on air Sept 27 in US. Got to watch out for local version. It's been 3 mths since season 7 ended. Season 8 is different - 4 person in a team, consist of family members. And this time, my house will be the TAR house, my sister, my colleague will come and watch with me. Wow - I have a kakies to chat instantly then :) - that shld be fun , hehe - imagine watching football with friends, sitting on sofa and eating popcorns :P

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Dockers' Pant said...

DHW itu moving very slow and gentle. Sometimes I almost fall asleep. I prefer show that is moving fast (like Gilmore - they talk so fast)...