Thursday, December 17, 2009

teddy bear is learning english ...

I'm very proud of teddy bear .... he started to attend my church sunday school , a special ministry for the special children. Somehow he is so pandai, he knows when is sunday, he wakes up early and ask to go to school. When he was young, he went to school and learned some basic Bahasa Malaysia , but since he stopped school , he has forgotten most of them .... Now at the age of 43 years old or this year, he learnt the following english words :-
1. When anyone ask him 'How are you ?' , he shld be able to reply 'Fine, thank you.'
2. Apple , Orange, Car, Sleep , School, Shower
3. See you
4. Stand up
5. One screw up word 'Panana' - because I was too impatient, I taught him 'papaya' first, then rush into another word 'banana' , the end result - he thinks the real betik is called 'panana' now , aiiiii , damaged done - trying to correct him slowly :(
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there's a talk to send him away to a home or care center ....gosh, I wish there is better choice... I think nothing beats his own 'home' , a place where he is so used to, know how to switch on the TV, lights , sleeping on his own smelly bed , most of all - a loving home , a home where he knows he is loved, he is well taken care of , also a place he gets to meet his family members..... I am just too sad to put him into a home or care center.... choices and sacrifices - something for my family to think through and work it out pretty soon ......

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

business tip...

Bahija is busy setting up itunes, loading songs listening to FM radio pula - hahaha...

Apple sent me an e-invoice , the registered business address is Hong Kong....Apple is smart :) ..I learnt from an e-business expert, he taught me and my partner that to do e-business or the matter of fact , to do business - go to open a bank account and setup a company in Hong Kong , all this can be done in super short time 1 day ....the beauty of it - is that the business is free of tax for foreigners :) ....hey, that is one of the best deal .... see , even giant corporation like si Apple , produce and warehouse apple products in Shenzhen, China - due to cheaper labor....then ship out from Hong Kong and make the business deal invoiced from Hong Kong - to enjoy the free taxes - pandai kan , utilizing the global benefits or incentives given by each countries :)

Dec - my messy room

Let me show my readers my horrible messy room .....any single man who saw my room , will be scared and ran away cepat-cepat , haaaa..... my 1Q 2010 task is to clean up - move to master bedroom, unload all the packed boxes , make my life organized a bit :) .... coz right now , I DARE NOT find anything , coz I cannot find or don't know where ... messy messy messy !
in the picture , behind the computer table , is a bookshelf, in front of the multi-tier drawers is the clothes hanger thingy .....everything is multi-tier, multi-layer, back and front - horrible .....sleep also not nice as no fresh air , choking nia , heeee
Bahija - cepat clean up lor ...

another gadget ....

Bought this GPS in Nov - it's a birthday gift for my sister and brother in law ...... aiyuh , until today , I still haven't help them load the Singapore/Malaysia maps ..... last sunday bought the SD card , next perhaps Jan 2010 then only load the maps la Bahija has another red hot gadget to play with now ....

my present arrived !!

cool ....'he' was shipped last night from Shenzen, today 3pm arrived ..... here is my 2009 christmas and birthday present for myself .....though Ringgit said I shld have gotton the Ipod Touch ,tapi tak apa la ....a gift is a gift , I shall spend some quality time with 'him' first - hahaha

Have Fun , Bahija :)

Hari ni dalam sejarah - reseach Egypt tour

Bahija and sister sibuk reseach for CNY tour , as usual - commanded from mummy lor .... christmas trip belum pergi , sudah nak enrol for CNY , today even tell me April nak go Hokkaido , aiyuh , stress nyaaaaaaaaa, her daughters and son have to resolve to printing 'fake' ringgit liow lor ...... Anyway, I am now checking for Egypt tour - brought back the sweet memories, I really had an awesome unforgetable trip with Ringgit, CY and Kiasu Ching. Today all of us are busy with our own lives, it's so impossible to have another similar long trip together ...gosh, glad that I made it that time, haaaa

That time, the best travel agent with best itinerary was Excellence Holidays. Today , this agency sudah bankrupt , tutup kedai....So , I seached , called up the various agents again - they were Parlos, Marco Polo, Reliance, Apple - read their initerary , wasn't impressed with it ...

This morning , I went downtown helped my brother cancelled his insurance policies. While I stopped for traffic light, suddenly there was a bus - not to be missed -stationed next to me - it said 'Pearls Holidays' ....Ah Ha , I quickly noted down , went home googgled checked their itinerary - perfect .... I like it so much ...The iti is like this :

Bahrain -> Cairo -> Alexandria ( North ) -> then Aswan ( South ) -> Abu Simbel -> Kom Ombo -> Edfu -> Esna -> Luxor -> Cairo ---after learning all the history, hearing all the stories from South to North - saving the best for the last - keep us 'suspense' - on the last few days when back to Cairo - finally go Pyramid , Sphinx

My Egypt trip was like that only I didn't go Abu Simbel and Alexandria .... now this tour by Pearls Holidays is quite complete with all destinations , for CNY departure all in is RM 6584 11D9N ... In the market, some travel agent also include new destination callled Hurghada ( near the Red Sea )

Now I want to think and wonder , did God send the bus to tell me about Pearls Holidays .... if yes , I'm in - I like their itinerary and tour price is not expensive - reasonable at the KL market rate... Then , if He is behind this ah , can I then tell Him to help get more customers to sign up ah ...because there is only 6 enrolment now ...min for tour to jalan is 15 participants ... Hmm, challenge sikit , sakit hati put down payment , last minute said tak jadi leh ....aiiii - guess I go pray pray - hehehe

my christmas & birthday present

Dec 13 evening, finally - I placed my order - this is a gadget I've talked about for many many years's kind of cool to track the status ....anticipating his arrival at my doorstep, today I am off , perhaps can stay home and welcome him ...haaaaa , feeling happy , then focus and load all the songs into him especially christmas songs now , then when I'm touring Turkey in the cold winter time , listening to christmas songs , sip hot chocholate - wow , baru ada feel !!

Overnight his is shipped from Shenzhen to Subang via DHL Express .... same

7482720335 - Detailed Report
Date Time Location Service Area Checkpoint Details
Dec 16, 2009 10:12 KL - Msia Arrived at sort facility - KL
Dec 16, 2009 07:57 Subang - Malaysia Clearance processing complete
Dec 15, 2009 20:57 Hong Kong Hub Clearance processing complete
Dec 15, 2009 17:37 Shenzhen - China Departed from facility
Dec 15, 2009 17:37 Shenzhen - China Processed - Shenzhen
Dec 15, 2009 17:29 Shenzhen - China Shipment picked up

Friday, December 11, 2009

Dec moving fast .....

I had a shock when I talked to a friend, she reminded me that I'll be out of country pretty soon ....suddenly I terperanjat , quickly look at the calender , wow - indeed - Dec is passing fast , still a few things to settle before the clock turn to 2010 .... tomorrow morning hope can wake up early and go for a hike ( need some exercise la - been so lazy ) , then go for my exam, at noon, after the exam , meet my fav kakies, then dinner, chat chat ...then head home prepare christmas shopping list , then prepare for sunday activities and plan for all the tasks for next week .... the week after next - Bahija is out of country deee - gosh , hehehe - now I panick - belum mentally preparing myself ..... viola , ttyl !!

Sis wedding ...

Last thursday , brother and sis-in-law flew back from HK , then all family members came back helped and together celebrated the big event ....felt so good, so happy ...busy yet fun. All of us thoroughly enjoyed the events ..... My brother and sis-in-law told mum that they still want to come back when I get marry - Haa, that's a very nice 'good-bye' statement :) After the event, when everyone went back to their respective life , I'm having a slight problem adjusting to the quieter house , not seeing little sis and new bro-in-law, also having to eat the huge serving of food served by my mum - guess she also need some time to adjust to less members in the house , thus need to cook less .... life is like that , we move forward adapting and make the change better for us. Gosh, the house suddenly so quiet liow wor :( ....sob sob sob .....