Thursday, December 17, 2009

teddy bear is learning english ...

I'm very proud of teddy bear .... he started to attend my church sunday school , a special ministry for the special children. Somehow he is so pandai, he knows when is sunday, he wakes up early and ask to go to school. When he was young, he went to school and learned some basic Bahasa Malaysia , but since he stopped school , he has forgotten most of them .... Now at the age of 43 years old or this year, he learnt the following english words :-
1. When anyone ask him 'How are you ?' , he shld be able to reply 'Fine, thank you.'
2. Apple , Orange, Car, Sleep , School, Shower
3. See you
4. Stand up
5. One screw up word 'Panana' - because I was too impatient, I taught him 'papaya' first, then rush into another word 'banana' , the end result - he thinks the real betik is called 'panana' now , aiiiii , damaged done - trying to correct him slowly :(
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there's a talk to send him away to a home or care center ....gosh, I wish there is better choice... I think nothing beats his own 'home' , a place where he is so used to, know how to switch on the TV, lights , sleeping on his own smelly bed , most of all - a loving home , a home where he knows he is loved, he is well taken care of , also a place he gets to meet his family members..... I am just too sad to put him into a home or care center.... choices and sacrifices - something for my family to think through and work it out pretty soon ......

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