Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hari ni dalam sejarah - reseach Egypt tour

Bahija and sister sibuk reseach for CNY tour , as usual - commanded from mummy lor .... christmas trip belum pergi , sudah nak enrol for CNY , today even tell me April nak go Hokkaido , aiyuh , stress nyaaaaaaaaa, her daughters and son have to resolve to printing 'fake' ringgit liow lor ...... Anyway, I am now checking for Egypt tour - brought back the sweet memories, I really had an awesome unforgetable trip with Ringgit, CY and Kiasu Ching. Today all of us are busy with our own lives, it's so impossible to have another similar long trip together ...gosh, glad that I made it that time, haaaa

That time, the best travel agent with best itinerary was Excellence Holidays. Today , this agency sudah bankrupt , tutup kedai....So , I seached , called up the various agents again - they were Parlos, Marco Polo, Reliance, Apple - read their initerary , wasn't impressed with it ...

This morning , I went downtown helped my brother cancelled his insurance policies. While I stopped for traffic light, suddenly there was a bus - not to be missed -stationed next to me - it said 'Pearls Holidays' ....Ah Ha , I quickly noted down , went home googgled checked their itinerary - perfect .... I like it so much ...The iti is like this :

Bahrain -> Cairo -> Alexandria ( North ) -> then Aswan ( South ) -> Abu Simbel -> Kom Ombo -> Edfu -> Esna -> Luxor -> Cairo ---after learning all the history, hearing all the stories from South to North - saving the best for the last - keep us 'suspense' - on the last few days when back to Cairo - finally go Pyramid , Sphinx

My Egypt trip was like that only I didn't go Abu Simbel and Alexandria .... now this tour by Pearls Holidays is quite complete with all destinations , for CNY departure all in is RM 6584 11D9N ... In the market, some travel agent also include new destination callled Hurghada ( near the Red Sea )

Now I want to think and wonder , did God send the bus to tell me about Pearls Holidays .... if yes , I'm in - I like their itinerary and tour price is not expensive - reasonable at the KL market rate... Then , if He is behind this ah , can I then tell Him to help get more customers to sign up ah ...because there is only 6 enrolment now ...min for tour to jalan is 15 participants ... Hmm, challenge sikit , sakit hati put down payment , last minute said tak jadi leh ....aiiii - guess I go pray pray - hehehe


Kancil said...

The Egypt So cheap????

April going to hokkaido still considering very cold. But is depending on what your mom want to see.

michalswarm said...

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