Saturday, July 18, 2009

about me ...

A lot of friends been asking me where have I been , what have I been busy about .... sorry yea, sorry for keeping you guys in the dark , I got lazy to update my blog , instead spent slightly more time in FB , hehehe.... kek poh checking what others are doing :) ..

sooo fast , it's july liow , aiii - I'll breeze thru this month easily week , my LA sister and nephew will be back in town, then we'll have many family outings, makan etc , my brother and his family from HK will be back to KL as well, we are getting our family photo - that is one thing I always love to have, it's very hard for everyone in my family to come together, it's one of the best moment for my mummy too .... Aug 9 is the photo session , so Bahija is trying hard to exervice, try to cut some inches, so that she could fit into a red blouse and red pant she bought 6 yrs ago - haaa

Work wise, the 1 yr contract expired, yeah, worked as a sole proprietor for 1 year liow, so fast hor. My contract is renewed, waiting for the real salary to go into my bank .... on top of that, was quite busy engaged on a second contract, all that was over, the 2nd contract was awarded last month.'s good news of course, at least I have some rezeki, have jobs to do. The 3rd contract , is something that I am praying very hard not to be awarded to me, an overseas project and I really really really hope I don't have to go .... money is not everything, I don't want to stress myself too much , lose myself , I need to have a work-life balance lifestyle.

Social wise , been slowly meeting some old friends, met some new friends as well, started the hiking activities if I can spare my Saturday morning. I'm happy to meet my old high school girls , looking forward to our gathering next saturday. I am quite close with my high school girls, guess we have known each other for long time, make it easier for us to talk about anything, everything :) ..... those are good friendship to keep and to grow ..

Spiritual wise, doing OK , spending more time in attending prayer meeting. Given more assignments to help organize camp , meeting etc. However, I am still not ready and not keen to pick up any leadership role....

Vacation wise, started my travel activities too, went to Saigon with Wau Bulan and Water Lily in June - my first trip with them, it's fun ...enjoyed their company. Aug is Manado with Bootidelicious , hope we can make it to the nice boutique hotel ..

Everything is good for me, just that sometimes work issues stressed me out , being the consultant, have to find solution no matter how ..... it's a learning curve for me :)

That's the updates on me , take good care my friends, I'll try to go online more often, ping me when you see me online ....tata !!!!

a breakie

Howdeeeee, Bahija is currently in Penang. Been sleeping a lot, hiding myself in the room, today woke up at 10 am, wow - this is a privilege where I missed so much...thesedays life in KL kind of busy, hardly can sleep till 10 am. It's great ! I am staying in this super cheap hotel , where else besides the Air Asia Tune hotel. I paid $24 for 3 nights room fees, $30 for admin fees, $12.85 for 12 hours air-cond, plus the taxes - total is $ 73 for 3 nights of stay. To me, it's super great value for money. This Tune hotel is at Jln Burma, right in the town center , nearby Komtar , Prangin mall , nearby the new mall Times Square as well. It's still new, the room is clean, the bedsheet is white, clean and soft - very nice to sleep. It's a very simple small room with attached bathroom. There's no TV. At first I felt tooo quiet , after a while, I got to enjoy the quietness :). Ironically, when I paid for expensive hotels, I usually don't spend time in the hotel, likewise, I am spending almost whole day in this cheap room which has no facility at all ..haaa, well, this is my rest lepak do nothing vacation, so it works well for me. Rapid Penang is operating in Penang (PG), this is good for the travellers, we don't have to take the super expensive PG cabs. From PG airport to Komtar, take bus 401, 401A , $2 bus fare - but the fare will be increased soon. FromKomtar , you can walk to Jalan Burma Tune hotel , 5 mins walk. I didn't know it's so near, paid a cab $10 for that short distance, the meter only showed $3.50 of fare ....oh well. From Komtar, take bus 101 to Batu Ferinngi, Tanjung Bungah area. Basically, it's good to stay in Tune hotel, strategic location. From the hotel, walk across to Jln Zainal Abidin, walk all the way till the end, turn left , then cross the road - it's the famous hawker food in front of Sunway Hotel - yummy food !!
I'm glad to meet up with some old friends, and catch up with things or 'gossips' in life - heee. Special thanks to Kancil , for belanja me food and drinks, for picking me, sending me to various places especially to Kim Possible's house , to visit her and her new born baby. My trip will not be so fruitful without you. Thank You Very Much !