Saturday, July 18, 2009

about me ...

A lot of friends been asking me where have I been , what have I been busy about .... sorry yea, sorry for keeping you guys in the dark , I got lazy to update my blog , instead spent slightly more time in FB , hehehe.... kek poh checking what others are doing :) ..

sooo fast , it's july liow , aiii - I'll breeze thru this month easily week , my LA sister and nephew will be back in town, then we'll have many family outings, makan etc , my brother and his family from HK will be back to KL as well, we are getting our family photo - that is one thing I always love to have, it's very hard for everyone in my family to come together, it's one of the best moment for my mummy too .... Aug 9 is the photo session , so Bahija is trying hard to exervice, try to cut some inches, so that she could fit into a red blouse and red pant she bought 6 yrs ago - haaa

Work wise, the 1 yr contract expired, yeah, worked as a sole proprietor for 1 year liow, so fast hor. My contract is renewed, waiting for the real salary to go into my bank .... on top of that, was quite busy engaged on a second contract, all that was over, the 2nd contract was awarded last month.'s good news of course, at least I have some rezeki, have jobs to do. The 3rd contract , is something that I am praying very hard not to be awarded to me, an overseas project and I really really really hope I don't have to go .... money is not everything, I don't want to stress myself too much , lose myself , I need to have a work-life balance lifestyle.

Social wise , been slowly meeting some old friends, met some new friends as well, started the hiking activities if I can spare my Saturday morning. I'm happy to meet my old high school girls , looking forward to our gathering next saturday. I am quite close with my high school girls, guess we have known each other for long time, make it easier for us to talk about anything, everything :) ..... those are good friendship to keep and to grow ..

Spiritual wise, doing OK , spending more time in attending prayer meeting. Given more assignments to help organize camp , meeting etc. However, I am still not ready and not keen to pick up any leadership role....

Vacation wise, started my travel activities too, went to Saigon with Wau Bulan and Water Lily in June - my first trip with them, it's fun ...enjoyed their company. Aug is Manado with Bootidelicious , hope we can make it to the nice boutique hotel ..

Everything is good for me, just that sometimes work issues stressed me out , being the consultant, have to find solution no matter how ..... it's a learning curve for me :)

That's the updates on me , take good care my friends, I'll try to go online more often, ping me when you see me online ....tata !!!!


Kiasu-Ching said...

what to do ..mau cepat kaya ..then at the end tak tau macam mana nak guna all the wang ..and dunno what for!

Bahija said...

Kiasu-Ching ,
apa cakap ni ? mana mau cepat kaya ah ...luan luan kong :P

rotitelur said...

I wish blog is like FB where there is a 'like' link I could click.