Wednesday, April 29, 2009

busy busy busy .....

I'm looking forward to this long Labor Day weekend , a well deserved rest , sleep , lepak , whatever not , just do nothing :) .... for myself, as I mature in life , there are more things to do, to take care of , more responsibility , more commitment etc etc ...all these eat up my time :) , I always question my time management capability , last time I used to think that it's my own problem, me lacking the time mgt skills.... TAPI, after trying out for many times, and observing friends around me , I think it's not my problem la ..I think this is the price we have to pay for being 'older' .... one classic case for me , whenever I want to be more financial independent - that mean I need investment , when I pick up one investment , for example unit trust or property or stocks , I need to spend time, effort follow up on those investment, need to know what's going on , when time comes, I ought to make cut-loss or profit locking decisions ....hey, all these need a fraction of my 'time' .... Now, I'm stable with my customer, my work ...looking at expansion , then I have to engage with new businesses, new contracts, new technical skills - learn all the 'how to do' , 'what to do' .....again spend a fraction of my time trying to get more businesses , that also translate to more 'stress' :( ...... there are so many things to do , to learn....a friend of mine is teaching me internet marketing skills , another friend is inviting me to partner with her for a grant application, then many friends are waiting for me to go travel with them .....aiii, all the human on earth has 24 hours only , and I love to sleep, so less time on doing many other this moment, I'm still single , not seeing anyone , hmm - what happen if I found 'him' - do I drop everything and just go paktology full time ? haha.

After all the rubbish talk , it's time for Bahija to remind herself of this beautiful word 'simplicity' , simple life, simple mind , just being simple :) , busy is good, as in I'm living in a fruitful life .... I need a balanced life , after some busy time, come the lepak time :) , I'm eyeing for my lepak time soon , may that moment comes pretty soon !

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

movie alone .....

Years ago, Bahija blogged about not able to go movie alone ...she only did that while she's out of town or overseas.... this is not true anymore, haha...perhaps aging process made her less 'thick face' ....tonight , Bahija watched a movie alone, it's quite a relaxing moment, simply because I didn't have to arrange with others , check who has time to watch, when to watch , wait for others, then dinner or drinks - if I were to go with a gang, the total movie time will probably take the whole night .... now I did it alone, at my convenient time .....Tonight, I seorang in the cinema watching a movie all by myself, kind of cool ....It's an international series, a lebanese movie titled 'Caramel' , a movie about a few women surrounding a Beirut beauty salon....eye opening for me , as I've never watched a Lebanese movie, didn't know that their language mixed with French punya , I only know caramel is used in dessert, it's a wax agent lah , in our country , the indian or some chinese folks use thread as threading - remove hairs from the face or eyebrow, in Lebanon, they use caramel, interesting. I also learned about 'vaginoplasty' ..haaa.... Some review said "Life for these women is not easy or especially fair, and each of them faces moments of humiliation, loneliness and potential heartbreak. But in the best melodramatic tradition, their toughness, good humor and loyalty see them through".... This AR smsed me, said hope I won't be like Aunt Rose, the seamstress ..... aii, the ending last scene hit me hard, of course I also hope that won't happen to me 'that way' .... wonder if I have any choice ......

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

me and the 'I'

I had dinner with a friend, while we were together hanging out .... she received a call , being offered a job in Cyber. Hoo Hoo ...I'm sooo happy for her lah. I 'kek poh' , quickly smsed her introducer ...the introducer asked me , when is my turn pula ? ....hmmm, after giving a thought, is it possible ? Let me give you a summary first job with I-kei , second job with In-Kei , currently I on my own , my customer is IRB ( Inland Revenue Board ) , thus also 'I' wor :) ...perhaps Bahija is just so attracted to 'I' company ..... Perhaps I should compile a list of company name starting with 'I'

Thursday, April 02, 2009

my April Fool day - part 2

I forgot to mention sth ...April 1 , Bahija was celebrating my new black sweety too, she's 6 mths with me liow ... during this 6 mths, she brought me to Cameron Highland twice , she's a real sweety, I enjoy her so much, like the 4-wheels drive, the higher seat, love the huge spaces ...she also has a picnic table :)

Today , I went back to my own house to collect something. Suddenly noticed the floor was wet ..ingat mana bocor , buka my room - wow , saw a huge hole on the roof , tiles missing and ceiling rosak. I so naive, thought the wind or cats caused the hole .... called my brother in law, he came and inspected, told me my house kena broke in la ...someone broke in thru the roof....I'm blessed, because it was about to rain that time, I quickly called a contractor, the boss came with merz and well dressed - all his staffs were busy with other projects, since it was about to rain, the boss came to rescue me. He went up the attic , helped fixed the roof tiles , got himself all wet , so pai sek , his good work saved me a flooded room....

Then , because of this incident, I had to call my next door neighbour ( they moved in 4 weeks ago, I never talked to them until today ) .... pinjam ladder from them, then got their cellphone number....chit chat and found out that they are east malaysian, very good , humble couple. I told them I wanted to rent out my house , and they are interested to help me find tenants, eg their east malaysian friends

I think this is a blessing in diguise, 1st-ly, Thank God that the thief didn't manage to step inside my house , 2nd-ly, I wasn't at home else I freaked out lor , 3rd-ly, in times of emergency, I got the needed help from family , contractor and neighbour. 4th-ly, I got to know my new neighbour well, they invited me over for a chit chat. 5th-ly , my neighbour is helping me to get reliable tenant ... 6th-ly , some exercises cleaning my house

Oh, neighbour said my house alarm went off 3 times yesterday around 2pm... we suspected the thief broke into my house at that time lor ... so all happened on April Fool day , hehehe... Bahija had a memorable April 1, 2009 ....

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

my April Fool day

It's a painful April Fool day for Bahija :) ... went dinner with R, AR and Bootidelicious. Bahija worked full day today, had fruits and malay kuih for lunch at 2:30 pm. Right after dinner at 8pm, my tummy super sakit ...walked a bit until we reached Starbucks , I went straight to the loo, very susah and painful. Then smsed my members, asked them to bring me to the nearest clinic, I needed jap liow

What I like about tonite was that - I celebrated my 13th anniversary with my close friends (ex-colleagues as the matter of fact ) , we had good fun time together, besides the usual sweet fun chit chat moment, tonight , Bahija got to experience the painful moment as well, and my fellow friends were helping me with those difficult time... we learned from Dr.AR about LOMOTIL , very powerful pill to stop diarrhoea. Dr.AR carries this useful pill 24 x 7 leh, he 'lou-sai' kaki :P . Anyway, at the clinic, the doctor also prescribed this lomotil. I took 2 pills and able to drive home safely without 'emergency' call ... Dr suspected I ter-makan 'bad food' during lunch, our body usually takes 3 to 4 hrs to process the meal, then signal the body about the abnormal condition. Tonight , I realized that my kawan Dr.AR is not bad , can be my walking doctor liow :) - cham lor , Bahija keeps calling Dr.AR on all sort of sick related matters liow :P

Food poisoning is not fun at all ...but I've got a cleaner body now - hahaha. TaTa , signing off for a good night rest and sleep !!