Wednesday, April 01, 2009

my April Fool day

It's a painful April Fool day for Bahija :) ... went dinner with R, AR and Bootidelicious. Bahija worked full day today, had fruits and malay kuih for lunch at 2:30 pm. Right after dinner at 8pm, my tummy super sakit ...walked a bit until we reached Starbucks , I went straight to the loo, very susah and painful. Then smsed my members, asked them to bring me to the nearest clinic, I needed jap liow

What I like about tonite was that - I celebrated my 13th anniversary with my close friends (ex-colleagues as the matter of fact ) , we had good fun time together, besides the usual sweet fun chit chat moment, tonight , Bahija got to experience the painful moment as well, and my fellow friends were helping me with those difficult time... we learned from Dr.AR about LOMOTIL , very powerful pill to stop diarrhoea. Dr.AR carries this useful pill 24 x 7 leh, he 'lou-sai' kaki :P . Anyway, at the clinic, the doctor also prescribed this lomotil. I took 2 pills and able to drive home safely without 'emergency' call ... Dr suspected I ter-makan 'bad food' during lunch, our body usually takes 3 to 4 hrs to process the meal, then signal the body about the abnormal condition. Tonight , I realized that my kawan Dr.AR is not bad , can be my walking doctor liow :) - cham lor , Bahija keeps calling Dr.AR on all sort of sick related matters liow :P

Food poisoning is not fun at all ...but I've got a cleaner body now - hahaha. TaTa , signing off for a good night rest and sleep !!


Ringgit said...

Too bad we couldn't 'celebrate' your 13th anniversary with the ice wine... I feel bad because I think you brought it to share with friends - turn out, we were too full after dinner and not in the mood... next time, k?

Bahija said...

it's ok ... the ambience just not right :)

rotitelur said...

I think this is a sign, you should wait for me to come back to KL then open, muahahahaha

I am sorry for your food poisoning.

Anti-Ringgit said...

AR don't work for charity! Try bulan sabit merah!