Wednesday, April 29, 2009

busy busy busy .....

I'm looking forward to this long Labor Day weekend , a well deserved rest , sleep , lepak , whatever not , just do nothing :) .... for myself, as I mature in life , there are more things to do, to take care of , more responsibility , more commitment etc etc ...all these eat up my time :) , I always question my time management capability , last time I used to think that it's my own problem, me lacking the time mgt skills.... TAPI, after trying out for many times, and observing friends around me , I think it's not my problem la ..I think this is the price we have to pay for being 'older' .... one classic case for me , whenever I want to be more financial independent - that mean I need investment , when I pick up one investment , for example unit trust or property or stocks , I need to spend time, effort follow up on those investment, need to know what's going on , when time comes, I ought to make cut-loss or profit locking decisions ....hey, all these need a fraction of my 'time' .... Now, I'm stable with my customer, my work ...looking at expansion , then I have to engage with new businesses, new contracts, new technical skills - learn all the 'how to do' , 'what to do' .....again spend a fraction of my time trying to get more businesses , that also translate to more 'stress' :( ...... there are so many things to do , to learn....a friend of mine is teaching me internet marketing skills , another friend is inviting me to partner with her for a grant application, then many friends are waiting for me to go travel with them .....aiii, all the human on earth has 24 hours only , and I love to sleep, so less time on doing many other this moment, I'm still single , not seeing anyone , hmm - what happen if I found 'him' - do I drop everything and just go paktology full time ? haha.

After all the rubbish talk , it's time for Bahija to remind herself of this beautiful word 'simplicity' , simple life, simple mind , just being simple :) , busy is good, as in I'm living in a fruitful life .... I need a balanced life , after some busy time, come the lepak time :) , I'm eyeing for my lepak time soon , may that moment comes pretty soon !

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