Sunday, October 30, 2011

new family member

Today my family celebrated baby full moon. My little nephew HoHo full moon, he is so leng chai, so cute and little ..... just adorable la. Me , the Ah Yee - love to hug hug him, talk to him, smile to him. His parent named him HoHo - to signify 'peace' , 'harmony' .... I love the scene where grandma hug him, hold him in her wrinckled hands and grandma talk to baby while baby look at grandma and smile - just have to treasure all those sweet moments, as time flies .... one growing up stronger and one growing older weaker ......

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A good offer

2 weeks ago, bahija was offered a fantastic job opportunity, fantastic not because of the remuneration package, more on the environment. It was a temp work in Melbourne, and renewable. To me, that's a great offer for me to test working and living in Mel. But but but one of the major stopper for me is that I myself not very ok to leave due to family commitment. It's sad and I heart sore too... To the lovely friend who helped me in this offer, thank you very very much !
Aiiiiii, kek sim :)