Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A good offer

2 weeks ago, bahija was offered a fantastic job opportunity, fantastic not because of the remuneration package, more on the environment. It was a temp work in Melbourne, and renewable. To me, that's a great offer for me to test working and living in Mel. But but but one of the major stopper for me is that I myself not very ok to leave due to family commitment. It's sad and I heart sore too... To the lovely friend who helped me in this offer, thank you very very much !
Aiiiiii, kek sim :)


Anti-Ringgit said...

Melbourne wor ..so nice .. it's cultured and a lot of good international food wor!

Anyway, IMO, what's important is what will help you to meet your values and not ego :))

TZ said...

you should accept that offer so i could visit you in Melbourne. The main idea is to have a place to stay and FREE.