Friday, October 28, 2005

Ergo thingy

Back in I-kei , I had to be based in various working sites, provided by customers. Sometimes the working environment was terrible , no proper chair, broken tables etc etc , worked late long hours typed on the notebook keypads... Gradually after about 4 to 5 yrs in I-kei, I sort of had finger pain ( joint issue) , stiff shoulder, back then, a lot of my ex-colleagues visited various chiropractors, asked them who's who , they can easily tell where / whom to go to, and paid high prices on those chiro treatments. Back then, it never ever occured to me that - office ergonomics is important. When I left, I left with painful joint problem. Then, joined In-kei, here, emphasis on ergonomics is extremely high, not only I get notebook stand, external mouse, for some folks, foot rest also given... I also had 2 power cords - one to be used at home, so no need to carry the heavy cord ( so to speak). There is yearly refreshment course which is mandatory for all employees to attend. I can also engage an ergo specialist to come review, access my work cubicle. This is one of the thing I truly treasure , kudo I-kei for paying so much focus on this area. See, chronic ergonomics issues are the dangerous deseases, joint issues, shoulder, back bones etc etc. I have recovered my finger joint issues .... how ? now, I use ergo chair, use external mouse, use external keyboard, sitting properly, frequent stratching time - and that cured the issue. Saved me lots of money & hassle - which most important - my health. Some folks around commented that those classes were hassle, bla bla bla. For me, my 2 cents are In-kei spending a lot of time, resources and money on this investment - why - for the benefit of their employees - to remind them that company care , and we should appreciate what we are getting :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

last year this time ....

Received a sms from an uncle - first time smsed me :) Apparently Oct 17 last year, Bahija, AR, R & Ms Peace were in the magnificent mysterious Egypt. Uncle smsed me to remind me of this special day. It just occurs to me that, of all the tours that I've joined. This Egypt tour is really unique, it is the only one which some of us still keep in touch with, where we still talk about it , where we still meet up once a while , where we still laugh thinking about EGYPT, plus we celebrated 1st yr anniversary somemore - siow leh ! Today, a surprise sms from Uncle O ... i am truly shock :) Bahija miss Habibi - I miss his fun stories, his loud voice when he yelled 'Habibi, habibi..yalla yalla' , his pronounciation on 'break fast', his arrogant cheeky look when he knew he's winning a battle or he's smarter .... viola - this is him

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Voip ...

Wow .... I'm chatting with Yaya from mid west of USA, HT from west coast, Janice from Taiwan. Gee, we crossed a few thousand miles, and can chit chat sekali - so cool..... HAHAHA. Big problem liow - takut porridge too much, not enough sleep. I'm very satisfied. Gtalk not so clear lah. We ended up using Skype. hoo hoo hoo ..... unfortunately, my end was the slowest :(

Monday, October 17, 2005

Tuesday with Morrie

hehehe, I'm happy ....friends have been asking me to pinjam books for them to read :) - this is good - sharing good books are fun - motivate each other to read, to learn, to enjoy !! Just between Sunday and today, friends around me kept mentioning this book 'Tuesday with Morrie'. On my hand, I have 'Joy Luck Club' and 'The opposite of Fate' , when I am done, I will read Tuesday with Morrie. Actually, I have seen the movie version - very touching story - i liked the movie , so I'm sure reading the book will be great. Besides this , another good book by Mitch Albom is 'The 5 people you meet in heaven' ...

Hey, I want to set up a Joy Luck Club among my good friends ? any taker ?

p/s : Dockers' pant - thank you so much for the book :)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

joy of reading .....part II

After the tired long working hours days and nights - I just dun have the mood to open & read the certification books - to prepare for my certification ( due date end of the year ). It is so obvious to me that certification isn't the 'important thing' in my list .... though it is on my boss's list. Instead, I use my valuable time and enjoy reading, this is good news as I dun read. Now, I find the joy of reading, entah which hormone changes which trigger me to venture into reading... I have been skipping sleep, catching up with the stories. AR recommended 'Memoirs of geisha', I bought the book last November, finally opened it last week, and finished this book this morning. I asked AR semalam if I can stop by and visit the Geisha in 2 weeks time. He laughed -Geisha's performance is very expensive - so, guess I'll watch movie lah .. wait for next year January ....Today, I rushed to MPH for another new book liow :) 加油 !

Friday, October 07, 2005


今天 是 九月初 五 , 是 母亲 的 生日. 母亲 七十岁了... 70 years old - think about it - such a big number. Tonight has to spend great time dinner with her. This Sunday is Teddy Bear 39th birthday pula. Wishing them in good health and be happy. Bahija is still hoping that we can stay together soon :) - there is still hope ! The joy of going home - hug by a huge giant baby who has IQ of 3 yrs old, sit together having dinner, chit chat, watching TV - one happy family .....

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

amazon is so so cool.....

last time, Ringgit punya shipment delayed, Amazon gave him free deal - then durian runtuh - Bahija dapat 1 set of F.r.i.e.n.d.s dvd , hahhaha. I bought a book from Amazon months ago, tapi tak sampai-sampai, dapat 1 email that it'll be refunded , yey - cool

Monday, October 03, 2005

FFK ms dragon

Ms Dragon is getting marry soon, when she was proposed, she booked me as her bridemaid. In my opinion, I didn't recall she asked if I wanted to be her bridemaid, it was more like she informed and I just had to take it. I sat on this for months, last Thursday - I formally emailed her, politely asked her to find another alternative. Thesedays, Bahija dislike being called on stage to be bridemaid, MC of the nite or any limelight superstar me those are not fun at all, given a choice, leave me alone....counting my friendship with Ms Dragon, I dun mind helping her with some of her wedding preparations, but being a bridemaid is a NO NO. She even told me what dresses, gowns to prepare etc ....hearing those also I takut liow. I suppose she may not be happy reading my FFK email. Until today, still hasn't receive a reply from her, but then as usual, she doesn't care to reply my emails most of the times.... see, sometimes , i wonder - a simple little email also doesn't bother to reply, why should I 'force' myself doing things I dun like to do leh ..... sorry dudedess, say I selfish or whatever lah, but I do need to make sure Bahija is happy also ... next, i wonder if I ever get her invitation card then .... fellow kakies who know her, pls pls help add some sweet words for me if this topic is brought up yeah :) It's better to see a smiling Bahija than a grumpy Bahija lah :)

dun worry ....stop getting upset !

Lately, Bahija seem to be upset easily with work related things....things that beyond my control, beyong my circle of influence, just got 'kek sim' sometimes ....then, received this message on time - better use of my time on valuable tasks which benefit me than being kek sim or geram :)

Stop Getting Upset! Don't worry about anything. - Philippians 4:6 NLT

Forty percent of what we worry about never happens. Thirty percent has already happened. Twelve percent focuses on opinions or situations we can't change. Ten percent is about our health, which only worsens it. Eight percent concerns real problems we can influence. Think: ninety-two percent of our worries are needless!

joy of reading .....

Despite ridiculous work schedule, I'm glad that I started to call up my friends, slowly meeting them one by one :) And on top on that, I went to kinokuniya - dah lama tak stepped into this store, bought this book last week, and viola - finished liow. Thanks Mystic_Grey for this great recommendation. I like this book. Some scenarios described were so so so true, happening around me too ..hehehe.