Friday, October 28, 2005

Ergo thingy

Back in I-kei , I had to be based in various working sites, provided by customers. Sometimes the working environment was terrible , no proper chair, broken tables etc etc , worked late long hours typed on the notebook keypads... Gradually after about 4 to 5 yrs in I-kei, I sort of had finger pain ( joint issue) , stiff shoulder, back then, a lot of my ex-colleagues visited various chiropractors, asked them who's who , they can easily tell where / whom to go to, and paid high prices on those chiro treatments. Back then, it never ever occured to me that - office ergonomics is important. When I left, I left with painful joint problem. Then, joined In-kei, here, emphasis on ergonomics is extremely high, not only I get notebook stand, external mouse, for some folks, foot rest also given... I also had 2 power cords - one to be used at home, so no need to carry the heavy cord ( so to speak). There is yearly refreshment course which is mandatory for all employees to attend. I can also engage an ergo specialist to come review, access my work cubicle. This is one of the thing I truly treasure , kudo I-kei for paying so much focus on this area. See, chronic ergonomics issues are the dangerous deseases, joint issues, shoulder, back bones etc etc. I have recovered my finger joint issues .... how ? now, I use ergo chair, use external mouse, use external keyboard, sitting properly, frequent stratching time - and that cured the issue. Saved me lots of money & hassle - which most important - my health. Some folks around commented that those classes were hassle, bla bla bla. For me, my 2 cents are In-kei spending a lot of time, resources and money on this investment - why - for the benefit of their employees - to remind them that company care , and we should appreciate what we are getting :)


点点滴滴 said...

I strongly agreed with you :)

Docker's Pant said...

In-kei also help me to learn how to set vision, objectives, lead group (what are good leadership and when to use what type of leadership), manage my EQ, how to interview candidates, safety, worklife balance and etc. Today I just went to the Hobby Roadshow and sign up for Dance club and cycling club. All free of charge. Also, I am considering to join the Karate club (also free, and the instructor also very cute :p ) if the practice time suitable for me.

不精な猫 said...

Oh, Dockers is more cheeky then i think :P

I am glad bahija see the value of ergonomics... i learn from Mr.Lai, one of the thing i still feel he is contributing to me.

In-kei is definitely a good place to stay long for stable life. although i hate constant. I look for change :)