Tuesday, August 07, 2007

new toy no 3 - for teddy bear

This one for Teddy Bear ...from now on - all of my family members can go anywhere , so long we wheelchaired Teddy Bear :) I won't have to worry when he gets his seizure and fall down anywhere anytime .....hippie ....this wheel chair is lightweight, cost slightly higher for being light....light as in 13kg, those normal one is 20 kg ....even 13kg also I hv hard time loading it into my car :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

new toy no 2 - LG washer and dryer combo

This item washer and dryer been on my bin list for 3 years ++ , FINALLY - I DID IT .... may be Bahija also in Merdeka Mood , taking advantage of the Merdeka sales.... Bought this LG 2 in 1 washer and dryer at Harvey Norman ( my first purchase there ) ... Why bought this, and why not the 2 separate ones ? space savings and this 2 in 1 doesn't need a special host to pipe out the dryer hot air ... my kitchen has limited space - very small mah. If dryer rosak , washer may still works, vice versa or both - hee, I'll take the risk and give it a try...I welcomed her to my house today Aug 6, 2007 ..... let see how long it can last eh :)

new toy no 1 - irobot roomba

Hi , a few of you are interested to find out more , i bought the scheduler model.... those In-Kei friends , u can get it at employee discount price. If bought locally, u get the warranty and service at your door steps, the sales and service guys will go to your house to service you but limited to Klang Valley only.... the price is close to 2k. Those who have good colleagues in US , use the US In-Kei employee discount program, there is 20% discount , condition is must order from US , charge to US address credit card and ship to US....warranty is void for irobots bought in US and brought out of US ... I bought mine for 1k. Not recommended to buy scooba ( the mop robot - water based ) from overseas - it is higher maintenance as the mop need special liquid detergent, it may need maintenance frequently ..... Bahija needs some time to setup, read the manual and get this baby up running, may give you some updates later yea

Saturday, August 04, 2007

durian feast ...

Bahija had a great evening dinner with some friends .....some of them reminded me of the I-Kei's durian feast ... I-Kei usually organized durian feast once or twice a year , came in lorry load ....we just makan-makan all the durians , as many as we could lor - very syok , i missed those fun times a lot a lot now :) I have brought with me so many wonderful sweet memories from I-Kei ...the I-kei club dinners, the annual dinners, family days , Club Med's team buildings, treasure hunts, offsite fun events , makan-makan, y2k standby oncall at office , cold storage support at data center , overnight at customer places and afraid of bad spirit ... I felt so blessed that some of my good buddies are still with I-Kei and they keep recalling those fun moments back to my brain :)

Friday, August 03, 2007

my new toy .....

2 more days ... my new toy will arrived. It's a broom robot. Yea - bahija is that lazy , I don't have time to sweep my house , and needed a robot to assist ....this new toy comes with scheduling feature , as in morning sweep living room, afternoon sweep dining room, late evening sweep kitchen etc etc ....when the tasks are completed, this baby will automatically go back to it's own 'home' aka charger lor :) ... the demo showed that it can clean very fine dirt, I'm hoping it can do me a big favor