Monday, August 06, 2007

new toy no 2 - LG washer and dryer combo

This item washer and dryer been on my bin list for 3 years ++ , FINALLY - I DID IT .... may be Bahija also in Merdeka Mood , taking advantage of the Merdeka sales.... Bought this LG 2 in 1 washer and dryer at Harvey Norman ( my first purchase there ) ... Why bought this, and why not the 2 separate ones ? space savings and this 2 in 1 doesn't need a special host to pipe out the dryer hot air ... my kitchen has limited space - very small mah. If dryer rosak , washer may still works, vice versa or both - hee, I'll take the risk and give it a try...I welcomed her to my house today Aug 6, 2007 ..... let see how long it can last eh :)


Anti-Ringgit said...

Sound like you can even take a shower inside the Robo!

rotitelur said...

Let me know if it is good, next time I get that. I have 2, one stack on top of the other.