Sunday, December 31, 2006

my 2006 ...


  • Gave a big blessing - which was a sacrifice to my bank account, however, giving with the right mind - is truly different :)
  • Bahija was 1 year old
  • Mum did her right eye cataract procedure, Bahija's boss is very supportive, he allowed me to work from home 7 days to take care of mum
  • received a very special blessing :)


  • Celebrated CNY quietly and peacefully in KL
  • was a house-maid - cooked, cleaned - did everything that mum was doing ( she's on MC ) - tiring job


  • Went up north - my whole department was here for meeting, met folks from Costa Rica & US
  • Received my focal at a hotel conference room - the experience was scary - the room was way too huge, and toooooo cold , too quiet - luckily not a bad review , didn't get into the IR thingy ......ouuiii


  • Celebrated my 10th yr anniversary :) - rewarded myself with Cambodia trip
  • Received key and busy getting the rest of the things done


  • Dad's 10th yr anniversary
  • Attended Monica's wedding - my dinner table was no 8, very close to her VIP table and in front of the i-kei's CEO and senior managers - that shows that she treasure her friendship :)
  • Watched Grease musical at KL Convention Center


  • Learned and made dumpling ( 'bak-chang') - my hands very sakit
  • Mini vacation at Datai Langkawi
  • First time diving - intro fun dive
  • 06-06-06 , 6 am - knocked my sweety car at the carpark poles ( at that time - the whole carpark was empty - too many choices screw up my eye-sight and judgement )
  • Vacation with mummy - visited Hong Kong, China Yunnan Province ( Kunming, Dali, LiJiang, Shangri-La ) , hiked to the highest Snow mountain peak with mum - she's really amazing


  • Completed patching up my house with all the little things , a project dragged for 3 yrs
  • In-kei - redeploymnet news started , sad to say 'good bye'


  • Emily & Benji home for 2 weeks - we had good quality family time together
  • Family vacation in Bangkok
  • Mum did her second eye cataract surgery - Bahija again turned into housemaid.


  • Irrational purchase - extremely expensive, burned a big hole in my pocket - bought a dopod pda phone :(
  • Accident - a big truck hit my sweety - shocking experience, but glad that 'we' were ok


  • At work - redeployment news again ....
  • Family vacation at Frasier Hill
  • A work request which was pending for > 1 yr, finally saw some lights , approval granted to purchase additional SAN spaces for database backup
  • Mum vacationed in India Golden Triangle - again, Bahija had the privilege to work from home babysitting Teddy Bear


  • Bid farewell to friends and colleagues who received separation packages
  • My niece Jennifer got all As in her UPSR
  • Makan Toni Roma's , spent a very special night helping Ringgit to source for diamond ring
  • Tinted my sweety car - I loved it so much
  • Busy with children church - helped to transition the 12 yrs old kids to Youth cells
  • Teddy Bear admitted to hospital for 3 days - horrible experience to sleep overnight at the hospital


  • Participated in Vacation Bible School - helped to take care 6 - 9 years old kiddos. Cannot tahan the 'noise pollution'
  • Hosted boss during his PG and KL trip. Attended Fish's wedding
  • Visited KM plant ( 1st time) - Bahija like the surrounding green environment, the buildings are nicer and neat
  • Vacation at Hanoi, Vietnam - 'forced' mum to experience her first kayaking - Bahija sakit tangan kayaking her :) - she only sat and enjoyed the view and breeze , while I worked extremely hard to kayak
  • Celebrated my special day - Bahija is so joyful and blessed for all the wishes and gifts and kind thoughts - from all around the regions
  • Christmas - this year was different than other years - Christmas to me is more meaningful - with 'isi'
  • Dec 28 - my eldest niece Josephine got 8As in her PMR
  • Dec 31 morning - good message from Pastor - I was nodding my head from the beginning to the end --> 'The Secret of Blessed Life' - walk the path 'intentionally' :)
  • Dec 31 evening - going dinner with Sanguine and gang .... but I'll skip countdown this year - got to come back and prepare my personal mission statements :)

It's been a busy year for me, learning and growing my spiritual life, juggling between work & family commitment, plus taking slightly more vacations this year. It's wonderful to have a supportive manager - I'm just glad I'll end 2006 with a big SMILE. I'm very grateful for all the 'sweet and sour' moments .... may I be better next year

To my readers, Happy Blessed 2007 .....

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas ....

Ringgit reminded me that this is my 2nd Christmas - the one which I don't celebrate commercially, but with faith....Christmas is not about buying and getting gifts, it's not about party, food or's Jesus birthday, Christmas is all about Him... what can we do to please Him ... Gift of Praise, Gift of You, Gift of Forgiveness, Gift of Giving, Gift of Commitment, Gift of Faith. Happy Birthday Father. Bahija is so happy. Tonight everyone gathered at my house, we had turkey with cranberry sauce & brown sauce, mashed potatoes, salads, steamed vegetables, organic brown rice fried meehun, non sweet longan drinks - very healthy, ice cream, and cheesecake made by my little 14 yrs old niece ( she's good). We played games and exchange gifts. Tonight was special , coz I invited everyone to stand still while I said my grace and prayers :) - things fell into place beautifully. During gift exchange, we played a game to rotate the gifts .... magically, most of the gifts landed on the right hands , meant for the right owners :) HeHeHe - wonderful evening ......... May all my readers have a blessed Christmas, and welcoming the fruitful new year :)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Today was another busy day, accomplished many things. Plus today is special, Bahija received many many many wishes from friends all over the world , some were truly a surprise for me loh - hehe..... those who are reading this - TQ So Much , from the bottom of my heart .... the youngest call I received was from a 3 years old Little Barbie , it's so sweet, so cute listened to her talking to me. My buddies bought me a good dinner at TGIF, had a great fun time with them. I'm so fortunate, and so blessed with everything, everyone around me. On top of this , yesterday - one of my prayer was answered ( after mths of praying ) - I want to think that it's a gift from Father .....hoo hoo

some of the precious tangible gifts received so far ......

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

a promotion ....

Mid Sept - I was invited or asked to spend some time or help in the children church. I did. Started as a guest, then a helper. Tonight - i was asked to attend a planning meeting. So went lar - entah during the meeting, Bahija realized that she was promoted from a helper to an assistant teacher liow lah - dahsyat nya ...... how I feel ? hmmm, 'commitment' , 'dicipline', 'dedication' .... It's positive to be given more responsibilities, but then - I seriously don't qualify for this , as I'm not an obediant servant lah .... 左右为难

Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm back .....

Hi , Bahija is back again :) .... been away for a while ...Dec 4 -5 - volunteered as assistant teacher in my church Vacation Bible School ( VBS ). Wow - super duper tired to jaga 100 plus 6 to 12 yrs old kids , from 9 am to 5 pm.... by 2 pm - I had severe headacne , reached home by 5:30 - took panadol and zzzzzzzz - what an experience to taste the noise pollution :) - nightmare actually - hahaha

Then I'm off to Penang with Dee - spent quality time with Docker's Pant and Dee, visited Kulim too ( not bad wor - buildings surrounded with lots of greens ) ... Then following week - took my 2006 last vacation in Vietnam. I'll find some time to blog or post some photos.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

26 vs 33

26 ..
  • have dreams - always talk about owning a business or doing something
  • working hard building the career empire, hardworking
  • can OT till wee hours, can work > 15 hrs a day, still awake the next day & energetic
  • start building wealth slowly
  • loves shopping and shop often
  • will follow fashion, try to dress well , looking good
  • active in social life, good in networking
  • indulging nice food at nice restaurants - trying out food at various places
  • go discotheque, can party, dance all night till 5 am - and still looking fresh the next day
  • metabolism high - can eat more food , yet not putting on weigh easily
  • lots of freedom
33 ....
  • treating job as 'just a job' , prefer stable 9 - 5 job
  • can't OT too much , can't sleep late - else sorethroat next day
  • metabolism dropping drastically - eat less, still put on extra pound
  • slowing down in lifestyle - no dreams to own businesses anymore
  • stop spending $$ on clothes , don't shop often anymore
  • wear jeans and Tshirt to work , dressing is simple or 'ching chai'
  • homely
  • not willing to dine at expensive restaurants
  • dislike discotheque - too noisy - too smoky - too crowded
  • own assets ( but they are liabilities at this moment )
  • feel like time passes extremely fast , as commitment keep increasing ....
  • more mature in life

26 vs 33 - that's a huge difference ..... will 'something' work ? i already have doubt ..hehe