Saturday, December 02, 2006

26 vs 33

26 ..
  • have dreams - always talk about owning a business or doing something
  • working hard building the career empire, hardworking
  • can OT till wee hours, can work > 15 hrs a day, still awake the next day & energetic
  • start building wealth slowly
  • loves shopping and shop often
  • will follow fashion, try to dress well , looking good
  • active in social life, good in networking
  • indulging nice food at nice restaurants - trying out food at various places
  • go discotheque, can party, dance all night till 5 am - and still looking fresh the next day
  • metabolism high - can eat more food , yet not putting on weigh easily
  • lots of freedom
33 ....
  • treating job as 'just a job' , prefer stable 9 - 5 job
  • can't OT too much , can't sleep late - else sorethroat next day
  • metabolism dropping drastically - eat less, still put on extra pound
  • slowing down in lifestyle - no dreams to own businesses anymore
  • stop spending $$ on clothes , don't shop often anymore
  • wear jeans and Tshirt to work , dressing is simple or 'ching chai'
  • homely
  • not willing to dine at expensive restaurants
  • dislike discotheque - too noisy - too smoky - too crowded
  • own assets ( but they are liabilities at this moment )
  • feel like time passes extremely fast , as commitment keep increasing ....
  • more mature in life

26 vs 33 - that's a huge difference ..... will 'something' work ? i already have doubt ..hehe


点点滴滴 said...

100% agreed!

Kancil said...

Haha! I totally agreed! But I am still willing to spend money in expensive food!

mystic_grey said...

haha my sentiments exactly except the shopping bit :P

mystic_grey said...

whats the "something" ah?
- MG - lazy to login

rotitelur said...

this is called life....

不精な猫 said...

Hmm... I think you are being influenced too much by in-kei that's why 'disconnected' from KL's "normal" life... ^^