Friday, October 30, 2009

Oct 30 - GRANT

Oct 29 - Sanguine Queen and I went to CJ , met with MOSTI and some industry experts. We presented our idea. Oct 30 , an email came into our mailbox - Hoo Hoo , both of us were granted the MDEC government grant :) , HaHaHa..... we were asked to deliver our idea prototype in 9 mths , but we were justifying for 12 mths , 9 mths is $100k , 12 mths is $150k grant, so until now , we don't know how much is our grant yet , we are waiting for the committee to issue us letter of offer and contract signing ......

Our first submission in Sept - failed at stage 1. We resubmitted in mid Oct - all the way thru :)

With this grant , that means I get to taste how it is like to be a technoprenuer. Under 8th or 9th Msia plan, government started this initiative to provide grant incentives to people like us , if we have workable ideas, we apply and get the funding , then develop the prototype in 12 mths or less, after that , we hope to commercialize the product / services - that's too far to dream on now .... today is Oct 30 , give ourselves another 2 mths to play , rest a bit - come 2010 -we are going to be busy with various activities .... I'm happy for this achievement !

Saturday, October 24, 2009

my Sanguine friend

I didn't know what is sanguine , until I met this friend of mine 7.5 years ago was a Monday , I reported to work in In-Kei Cyberjaya....Sanguine Queeen was sitting opposite of me, my cubicle-mate la....She told me the truth , some of them were very funny , I always had many laughs during lunch time or even during working hours. I was a lone-ranger, no teammate in CJ , alone by himself. Luckily Sanguine Queen took good care of me, ajak me for lunches, else life could be damm boring then :) ..... I always remembered one good comment she told me, friday was 2 hours lunch time, so we usually went for better food. Back then, I always joined her big group, drove farther from office for yummy food. It's round table with 10 or more people....when food came - everyone digged in. I was a bit slow , this Sanguine Queen shouted very loud to me , "Bahija, you must fight grab the food faster , if not , you won't have anything to eat ....this A group people all very hungry and big eater , quick fight - faster " .... I was like shocked , big eyes and let go of the 'see see man man' style - fight for food :) hahaha... I hope I didn't pick up the 'rush food fighting' behaviour over the years.

Sanguine Queen is a direct person, she is very capable and smart. I leart many things from her. Both of us shared some common 'pains' together, so we kind of click well together..... Oct 24 - is one of the best moment for her.... I am so glad that she got engaged :) , finally she found her soulmate and entering into her next chapter of life soon ....

Wishing her the best , and may we continue to have many more laughs and fun moments .....