Friday, October 30, 2009

Oct 30 - GRANT

Oct 29 - Sanguine Queen and I went to CJ , met with MOSTI and some industry experts. We presented our idea. Oct 30 , an email came into our mailbox - Hoo Hoo , both of us were granted the MDEC government grant :) , HaHaHa..... we were asked to deliver our idea prototype in 9 mths , but we were justifying for 12 mths , 9 mths is $100k , 12 mths is $150k grant, so until now , we don't know how much is our grant yet , we are waiting for the committee to issue us letter of offer and contract signing ......

Our first submission in Sept - failed at stage 1. We resubmitted in mid Oct - all the way thru :)

With this grant , that means I get to taste how it is like to be a technoprenuer. Under 8th or 9th Msia plan, government started this initiative to provide grant incentives to people like us , if we have workable ideas, we apply and get the funding , then develop the prototype in 12 mths or less, after that , we hope to commercialize the product / services - that's too far to dream on now .... today is Oct 30 , give ourselves another 2 mths to play , rest a bit - come 2010 -we are going to be busy with various activities .... I'm happy for this achievement !


Ringgit said...

Clap clap clap!
So panai.
Please prototype on IBM technologies, ya?

MG said...