Sunday, October 29, 2006

kopi talk .....

For the past few weeks, this friend of mine, kept saying 'ageing and no caffeine' .... aiiii, Bahija took 1 cup of rose coffee yesterday at 3:45 pm, it is now 1:44 am the next day - i think the caffeine still going strong inside me, sien. Since I can't sleep , here we go - I'm goin to 'kopi-talk'. Last time, we frequent mamak stalls for teh tarik, kopi-O, kopi, milo etc etc.
Then mid 90's , came the foreign's franchising and started the era of Coffee Bean, Starbucks, San Francisco Coffee, Gloria Jean, Austin Chase ( so far I have not seen Seatle Best Coffee yet ).
Now , the trend is back to the old time kopitiam ( K ) .... everywhere in the corner, we can easily find some sort of K , eg Old Town K, Kluang K, Uncle's Lim, Uncle Kheng K , Uncle 'whatever' K ( there are many of them ) , my friend recommended Winter's Warmer - another 'in' place in town to taste some interesting flavored coffee or tea, the setting is on English style and the coffee looks nice to drink. I had the rose coffee with rose bud, tasted rossy... For me, I still like the original coffee taste. With so many coffee shops around , it's just 'sad' that I couldn't smell those nice coffee aroma while I was wandering around. Could it be my nose is not sensitive anymore ?? In CA, NY , OR , my nose could tell me there was a coffee shop nearby .... in a cold weather - it's so 'ummph' to be able to hold on to a cup of hot coffee - yum yum

Saturday, October 21, 2006


15 years ago while I was in States, my elder sister brought me to a rib restaurant. I tasted the tender ribs in various signature sauces - which suit my taste....since then, I've tried to make it a point to visit Tony Roma's. Over in this region, the only TR nearby is in Sgp. Whenever I stopover in Sgp - i would made a point to visit TR, that place is usually long queue leh. Last year July - Docker's Pant, Fish and I had a sumptous dinner at TR, Sacramento .... Hehe, today , TR opens its first outlet at S. Pyramid mall liow - nearby my house , hahaha - I'll check it out during this long holiday ...hoo hoo ! To all my readers from up north, here is another eating place to go while u r here in town, S. Pyramid mall is newly renovated and extended - a new look with lots of new shops, and many parkings too !

Friday, October 20, 2006

quiet day ....

Bahija is enjoying the work day now .... work queue is quiet, no one IM me for issues or requests, no netmeetings, no phone calls. I switch on my itunes listening to my fav songs, catching up with my over-dued assignments and chats with friends - hooooo .... so peace of mind , wish more of this 'today' ... wish all of us a safe and pleasant holiday !!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

updates fr Janice ....

Hey hey hey .... to all my readers who know Janice - she's back online ( FINALLY) ... She has finished reading my blogs, already know things happening around me :) tested & proven, she knew i am pretending to like my pda phone, she read about TaiPoh 'wtc' with me. Brief info on her - she has gained her trust at her workplace, she's being appreciated by her students and the parents. Her sense of accomplishments - very high now...seem happy staying, eating, working, playing in TW. She's a bit nervous now as she's driving alone to a big city tomorrow, afraid of getting confused with the road signs and various exits. Hey, 1st time is always slightly challenging - the subsequent ones will be OK - enjoy the journey and the detours which come along the way. Stay tuned , finally she agrees to blog .... hoo hooo , Bahija welcomed Janice to my blog on March 22, 2005 - looking forward to reading her bits and pieces especially her new life in TW :)

birthday gift for mum .....

Tonight, brought mum to a 'dinner and dance'. We enjoyed it so much, as it's a real dinner and dance. Dinner was served first, then we were entertained by various dances such as samba, cha-cha, tango, waltz, quickstep, rumba, swing, rock & roll, foxtrot, hip hop, jive ..... the professional or rather seniors danced so well, body so soft , sexy and nice body movements .... During the open floor sessions, Bahija was so tempted to step onto the dance floor, unfortunately I don't remember the steps , and dare not try ..

When mum was young, before she got married - during her era - the 'in' thing was ballroom dances. She learned some basic waltz and tango, but she let go of this hobby for > 50 + years, as she's busy taking care of her children, being a great mum :) . So Bahija thought this will make a very special birthday gift for her. I think she truly enjoyed watching the performances - could see the smiles on her face .....

Tonight my colleague - Fin did jive dance - super-duper fast and energetic ...she completed 2nd levels , and working on her Gold level latin dances now, great job

Another colleague - nicknamed him Samseng , my first impression of him was that he seem fierce and talked very samseng , rude :) , after knowing him, he's actually ok. It's nice to see the 'un-samseng' side of him, being so 'manly' leading the female partners ....

Oh boy - we are inspired ... no kidding - at the age of 71 , mum said she wants to enroll in the ballroom class .....isn't she 'keng' ? Entah-entah next year - she may be able to perform on the dance floor eh :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

from a friend

我很感动, 朋友对我说 : "Not only coz of those help..but you did change my way of looking at life at times, Thanks a bunch from my heart! Hehehe" --- this makes my day :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

'left hand'

Interesting blog about Feng Shui in Sgp ... This dude earns $$ from blogging, quite interesting... check it out

I like the way he says "It's a pretty impressive concept having Suntec City resemble a left hand. If it were up to me, I would have built a similar "left hand" in Kuching. Except it'll have four short buildings and one tall building in the middle, pointing towards Indonesia saying "OI! Thanks A LOT for giving us the haze, buddy!"

Monday, October 09, 2006

'wtc' with Taipoh ....

Last week Bahija msn-ed with yaya ....then Bahija mentioned that she spent more time keeping in touch with her friends overseas. Suddenly Bahija realized that TaiPoh had left SF and been home for > 1 yr, yet Bahija seldom meet her or talk to her ... and never go movie with her too sad huh, we are so close, yet so far, 'busy' with own life individually. Tonight, I invited her for movie 'World Trade Center' ... it was a good decision. We had great short time catching up with each other ....the movie was about Sept 11, 2001. My first visit to NY was with TaiPoh. We walked to the Ground Zero....I bet TaiPoh misses her life back in States ..she enjoyed the movie. To my readers who know her, she is still the super rajin designer , working late and rushing for projects most of the time :)

40th bday

It's Teddy Bear's 40th birthday ..... may he be 'kuay-kuay'

Sunday, October 08, 2006

synchronicity again ......

Bahija spent 3 hours in the gym with Sanguine ....good workout ! so tired now. The funny things were -

a) Was rushing to the gym, simply picked a T-Shirt, turned out to be the T-Shirt I bought from Egypt
b) Attended belly dancing class
c) It's the Ramadhan fasting time
d) One of the song played during the class kept mentiong 'habibi'

Hah, all these brought me back to my Egyptian night and the party I attended 2 yrs ago. We were dressed in the Egyptian costumes, enjoyed a tradition Egyptian dinner and danced all night ... didn't manage to watch a real sexy belly dance performance, as it was Ramadhan , the culture there was not to reveal the sexy skins :P ( so wasted ). But we were entertained with a covered belly dance ...hahaha ....Bahija went to the dance floor and tried once Habibi commented that I wasn't too bad leh. He was so 'hak hei' - in reality, it's not easy to do belly dancing lah, because Bahija danced so horrible today :(

Thursday, October 05, 2006

thinking of me ....

1. Deboss and Docker's Pant read an article about imposing fine on people who speaks manglish - they read that, straight away thought of me :( , aiyuh - i m that bad hur ?

2. Mama Louisa called me all the way from Winsconsin, she said she baked an apple pie - she remembered me , she went to gym and saw naked women - laughing and thought of me too ....

HAHAHAHA , I am happy to be remembered :) ciao , nite2


Tonight - a special guest attended my cell. Regardless, I memang sudah plan to share my 'pain' or 'shame' with my cell group and ask for prayer siap shared. And special guest was Pastor GS , she came to me and passed me this verse :

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer .... Psalm 19:14

Let me go medidate harder :)

Control Your Emotions

Control Your Emotions - Cain, Why are you angry? - Genesis 4:6
Unless you learn to discipline your emotions you'll lose credibility, alienate others, and miss great opportunities. Your emotions are like a car: properly understood and directed it can take you places; out of control it can destroy you. When God asked Cain, "Why are you angry with your brother?" He was saying: "Listen up, Cain! Your emotions are sending you a message. If you don't get a handle on this you'll create a mess you won't be able to live with. Yes, you'll repent and regret it, but you won't be able to undo it." But Cain wouldn't listen. The situation seemed unfair; he felt unappreciated. He thought his brother's blessing had come at his expense. What emotions were at work here? Jealousy. Resentment. Competitiveness. A sense of victimhood. These unchecked forces caused him to murder his brother Abel and cross a line he couldn't come back from.

Most of us have an inner response mechanism that isn't necessarily controlled by the rational side of our brain. It reacts to people and events, and like a sudden storm rises with strength from within, sometimes overwhelming us. Gordon McDonald writes: "I used to pride myself on the fact that I kept my emotions to myself. I never saw myself as an angry person...Then I got married and my wife informed me that I had plenty of anger after all. While it rarely came out in words it showed itself in full colour in facial expressions (the gift of glare, we called it) I never knew I had. I had work to do. I had emotions that needed to be disciplined." How about you?

Bahija definitely need to work on this :) .....