Saturday, October 21, 2006


15 years ago while I was in States, my elder sister brought me to a rib restaurant. I tasted the tender ribs in various signature sauces - which suit my taste....since then, I've tried to make it a point to visit Tony Roma's. Over in this region, the only TR nearby is in Sgp. Whenever I stopover in Sgp - i would made a point to visit TR, that place is usually long queue leh. Last year July - Docker's Pant, Fish and I had a sumptous dinner at TR, Sacramento .... Hehe, today , TR opens its first outlet at S. Pyramid mall liow - nearby my house , hahaha - I'll check it out during this long holiday ...hoo hoo ! To all my readers from up north, here is another eating place to go while u r here in town, S. Pyramid mall is newly renovated and extended - a new look with lots of new shops, and many parkings too !


不精な猫 said...

I like Tony Romas too! I especially like baby back ribs ... hmm...yummy ^^

However, Sunway Piramid means I might stuck in some serious traffic jams....sigh... i wish they would open near Damansara or Bandar Utama.... :(

Ringgit said...

Hey, have you tried this? I still remember eating TR in Singapore for the first time with Mah Lau and Uncle PM. Tony Roma's was recommended by Uncle PM. He has expensive taste.

I wonder how much it would cost in Malaysia.